Monday, December 30, 2013

Soooo Tired

Woke up at 3, did my bathroom thing, went back to bed, and could NOT go back to sleep.... I was cold, I was hungry,,,,.  Finally got up at 4:30, got the heat going in the front of the house, made coffee, and stayed up til about 6;30.  Went back to bed, still cold, but I had left the electric blanket on, and still couldn't get back to sleep.  Got up at 7:30 and here I am. 

Was trying to nap in my chair when my bro and a handy showed up.  (his son),,, and it didn't take them but a couple of minutes to hook my ice maker back up with a new coupler and fittings.  When the boys moved the refrigerator back last week, the end broke on the line filter, so I told them to just take it off, was too old anyway. 

B's getting ready to leave for the Alamo game, and he's antsy.  His other son gave him 2 tickets for the game for Christmas, and he asked him to go.  So, they're both going.  He's picking T up in San Marcus when he gets off work, and going on from there.  He said 2 or so and that will give them time to do the rest.  Games at 5;30.  They will LOVE it!!

My right wrist is getting to where it hurts most of the time, so I called the Doc for that.  Can't see me til next week,,,on Thursday.  It's been several months since he injected it and that had worked so good.

I get my flu shot in the fall, as soon as they get here.  So far, no flu.  Way back, years ago, I had something that I was so sick I couldn't even get up and go to the doc.  Days later, when I could, he said, well, you've toughed you way thru it already, but he still gave me a round of antibiotics.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Almost, a New Year

Just read DD, saying he needs a break.   Gosh. I got there a few months ago.  But he has the flu, and thank God he's getting better.  Keep hearing swine flu is around down there.

It was kinda funny, when I went to the pain doc.  Came out into the lobby, and these 4 or 5 people were sitting there with masks on... I must have looked at them some way, because one lady volunteered that they were wearing them because of being there.  I just said, oh,, and went on but wondered,,,don't they go into groceries, stores, etc?  Maybe they wear them in those places too..  I just do a good hand washing.  And oh yeah.  Now they say all those antibacterial soaps are useless, and maybe even harmful.  I quit using those several years ago.  A good hand washing with any soap for 15 seconds is good enough.

After those shots on Thursday, I had NO PAIN, by that nite.  But, when I stretched to put my socks on Friday morning, I pulled the part of my upper leg where I had had the pain the worst, and now that was like I made it sore.  Today is the 3rd day, and it's doing really good.  Sitting here in this chair gets to bothering it, and I'm hoping that goes away.

I cooked some more of that chicken yesterday.  The one with the potatoes.  It's called lemon, garlic chicken.  It's so easy.. I use legs, my favorite.


(Gluten free. Low Carb, Diabetic Friendly and so simple to make)

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6 tablespoons olive oil
2 lemons, 1 thinly sliced, 1 juiced
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
3/4 pound trimmed green beans
8 small red potatoes, quartered
4 chicken breasts

Preheat oven to 400°F ( 180). Coat a large baking dish or cast-iron skillet with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil. Arrange the lemon slices in a single layer in the bottom of the dish or skillet.

In a large bowl, combine the remaining oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper; add the chicken, green beans and potatoes and toss to coat. Pour this mix into the pan and spread around evenly.

Roast for 50 minutes or until cooked through. Serve warm.

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I just use lemon juice, garlic powder, and regular potatoes, but the seasonings aren't to be beat.  I also didn't put in the green beans yesterday.
I have to make things that are quick, can't stand long, so this will be a regular.  I did 6 legs, with 4 potatoes, in a purex bowl in my toaster oven.  Had to cook a bit longer, but,,, worth it.
The handies came over Friday and pulled my refrigerator out (has wheels) and vacuumed the fan area, (filter) behind it.  In the process of rolling it back, it broke off an end of a filter that plugged into my copper line to the ice maker.  I just turned off the ice maker, til they can get whatever it is, to fix it.  Need that filter off anyway.  Was never able to find the refills for it.  I'm surprised water would still go thru it.  They were supposed to be back yesterday, but had to help some movers,,,lol,,,told you, they're the handies...
Yall tc, and

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Got my cabbage casserole made, tasted, and it's good.  Wasn't sure it was gonna fit into my largest dutch oven, but it did.,,, Well, after I took out a large butter container for an old friend.  I made it one time, years ago, and took it to the spread at the local bar, and he LOVED it.  Have to do this,,,lol.

Still haven't heard from a soul.  Hope I can find someone to help me carry this to Bill, and the big pan, in the house.  Bet I can.

I know after dinner, i'll be home napping.  Kept waking up last nite, dreaming. 

Yall have a GREAT DAY!

Monday, December 23, 2013

WHERE'S DD????????

6 days!!!! DD, WHERE ARE YOU??????

Play With House Insurance

The lady at the insurance agency played around with mine, got it down over 200.00.  I told her, that'll work!  The house was left at replacement, but the hhgoods were not, which made a lot of difference.  Then the deductible was changed to 2%.  Don't remember what else, maybe the outside stuff changed too.  And the personal stuff.

If you love cabbage, you are going to freak out about how good this is! This is a simple side dish worthy of a dinner party and couldn’t be easier to make. Four ingredients, a couple of minutes to... prepare and toss in the oven for an hour.

1 (approx 2lb) head of organic green cabbage, cut into 1″ thick slices
1.5 tablespoons olive oil
2 to 3 large garlic cloves, smashed
kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper
spray olive oil OR non-stick cooking spray

1. Preheat oven to 400F and spray a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray. Pull outer leaf off cabbage (it’s usually dirty and nasty looking), cut cabbage from top to bottom (bottom being root) into 1″ thick slices.

2. Rub both sides of cabbage with smashed garlic.

3. Use a pastry brush to evenly spread the olive oil over both sides of the cabbage slices.

4. Finally, sprinkle each side with a bit of kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

5. Roast on the middle rack for 30 minutes. Carefully flip the cabbage steaks and roast for an additional 30 minutes until edges are brown and crispy. Serve hot and Enjoy!

Stole that from FB,,, lol, and I have it cooking now.  I do love cabbage.  It's about time to turn it over.  Smelling good.   Might get done in time for my lunch, biscuits and gravy. 

I just have NOOOOO Christmas spirit,,,, these are just days to me.  I have to keep reminding myself that it's Wed.  Gonna cook the potatoes tomorrow, then all i'll have to do Wed. morning, is cook the cabbage, (12 mins) and put it all together.  My bro B has his 20 year old son, and a friend of his, living with them.  I call them the "Handies" lol... It's great to have them when you need stuff done.  Like, there'll be one of them to carry my huge hot pot in.

Thot about the date last nite, then thot,,, NOT gonna put up my little tree now!  It's really pretty, a small fiber optic one. 

You know, the last time my leg, hip area were giving me so much trouble, I had that injection put into my hip joint.  Maybe that's what I need now, not the spine stuff.  It sure made a world of difference.  I've asked my son twice, if he will go with me Thursday, and he won't commit, soooo,,, won't ask him any more!  You help your kids always, whenever they need it, but,,, And maybe it's just mine.  My g/dotter does, so maybe i'll ask her.  IF NOTHING ELSE, I'LL GO BY MYSELF!!!  If he does something and I can't drive, i'll call someone to come get me.

Well, hope someone besides me, likes cabbage,,lol.  Yall tc, and


Friday, December 20, 2013

Hey, It's Christmas Time

Got my gifts wrapped, and yeah, the ones I had ordered finally showed up.  I still need to find name tags, altho I know which ones are which.

My Doc called yesterday, about my tests.  Mammogram was normal, but trouble with the nerves in my lower spine.  I'm seeing that pain management doc on the 26th, so I'm not doing anything til then.  She said I needed to see a spine doc, lol.  I DO know one,  but San Antonio is so far, gonna find out if there's one closer.  The report is kinda strange, tho.  She said it showed the left as the worst, and I don't have pain there, it's on the right.  Told my son, I might have to have his kind of surgery.  Here it was, me thinking hip replacement, and now it's spine.  With all I'm taking, just a 1/2 hydrocodone is all I need.  lol, took a whole one, and was down for 3 hours, the first time.

When I was leaving the house yesterday, I saw something strange.  There were 2 natural light beer cans out by my storage shed!  One on the side, and one behind.  No one walks on the road out here, it's a dead end.  So just how did those get there?  Weren't there the day before, and no one has been here.

Never heard so many ambulance calls for difficulty breathing as I've been hearing lately.  Seems almost all of them are for that.  Another one just happened.

Got my renewal for house insurance, and OMG, it's more than I'm gonna pay.   I'm calling around, telling them I want something about 1/2 of that.  Considered just not having any, but don't know if I can do that or not.  All these years of paying it, and all I've had done is the roof.

Finally got my computer cleaned up.  Took days.  2 restores.  But, it's working great now.  Thot I had a virus or something, and maybe I did, but it's gone now.  All the stuff I did, it should be, lol.

My cable has been off since before I got up, and still is.  Kinda funny, it's so quiet without the tv on.

Well, enough of this nothing, yall tc, and


Monday, December 16, 2013

Beautiful Weather

Yeah, having such beautiful weather, can't believe it's Dec.  Well, way back I remember almost going swimming during the holidays, was so warm.

I so hated to hear about  Butterbean being killed in a wreck, this close to Christmas.  Just makes it harder.  To all his family and friends, my heartfelt prayers and sympathy are with you.  There's a link on RVSue telling about it.

I got my 2 appointments done this morning, a CT scan, and the dreaded mammogram.  Didn't mind that scan at all, took about a minute.  I looked up the difference in those and the MRIs, yesterday online.  I've already said I will never do another MRI, unless they put me to sleep.  The CTs, no problem.

I ordered my Christmas gifts online, on the 5th, and still haven't gotten them!!!  The bad weather between here and there affected all travel.  I did the tracking yesterday, and they are in Houston, so probably will show up today.  Just buying for my 3.  Not putting up my tree either.  AND, cooking a cabbage casserole,,,hahahaha,,, Sound anything like Christmas?

We have it at bro Bs, have to watch for rattlesnakes,,,lol.  Like, one time, here a bunch of us are, in the breezeway after lunch, and he said,,o yeah, my biggest one got out last nite!!!  I immediately froze, and looked around.  Like everybody else did.  He had brought in about 16 a week or so, ago.  Big ones, too.  The cold that day wasn't even slowing them down.  Probably has more now.

His wife started a family thing on facebook, and it's addictive!   She, or someone else, will post a question to our group, and OMG, some of the answers will make you laugh your azz off.  It really gets on a roll. 

Had to cook my chicken a little longer after doing it in my countertop convection oven.  Not sure why it didn't cook below the surface, but the potatoes and chicken down under, didn't get done.  Already did the potatoes in the microwave, doing the chicken now, in my toaster oven.  There was too much to use the toaster oven, and my large one needs a gasket.

Yall tc, and



Sunday, December 8, 2013

a "True" Fishing Yarn

Since there is a river running right thru the middle of town, it's always been easy to go fishing.  There's a dam just before the bridge, and that was a good place to go, just below it.  Went down there one day, sitting on the rocks on the side, and there were 4 or 5 men sitting in chairs on the dam.  I preferred the side, so,,, baited up with worms I think, cast out and wham,,,had something.  Worked with that line, all the men watching,,and pulled out a small gar.  Somehow my hook got him, cause most of the time, you lost them.  Now, all the men were staring, kinda laughing, wanting to see what I did with it. I just opened my tackle box, got my needle nosed pliers out, pulled my hook out and tossed that gar behind me, rebaited and waited for the next bite.  Found out later that gar were super good eating, well, that back strip.  Needed to be bigger than that one, tho.

Was going fishing in our river from age 6, when we moved here from up close to Paris, TX.  Also, had to bait your own hook, clean your own fish.  So handling fish was never any problem for me.

There's a lot of good memories there.  My Dad would call, say,,, let's go fishing,,and off we'd go.  We never caught much of anything, but still loved it.  Mom, the small kids, and I, went out to a stocked tank one time, and when we left Dad made the comment he'd clean everything we caught,,,kinda laughing.  We quit after we had caught so many, while we could still pay for them,,,lol.  Well, Dad kept his word,,,,while WE got to laugh. Lost my wedding ring that day, and went back 2 or 3 times, looking, and never found it.  Took a metal detector once.  I think it went into the pond, and a fish ate it, and we did look good in the ones we brought home.  It had gotten loose after I had lost some weight, and would fall off sometimes.

When we moved to a house at the edge of the city limits, 1/2 block from the river, he brought my son a rooster and 3 hens.  There was a pen behind the garage already.  I or the kids, fed them thru a window of the garage, onto a big piece of plywood laying there.  My Dad volunteered to dig the worms to go fishing, one day, so here he went, into that chicken pen.  I lifted the plywood, and watched him make a dig with a spade fork.  lolololol..... He picked worms out of the dig til he was worn out, had to sit down and rest,,,before he did the next dig.  lolololol.... Same thing.  By that time that coffee can was 1/2 full of worms!!  Now, that's a TRUE worm story.  lmaooo.

Still miss him.  By the time the above was going on, he had had 3 heart attacks, and was on disability.  Our kids, theirs and mine, were in school, and I didn't work full time.  We had a lot of time together.  Yeah, I was a Daddy's girl.

We are now just above freezing, since late Friday.  And I need to get up, shower, and do a load a laundry.

Soo, yall tc, and


Thursday, December 5, 2013

the Blast

What can I say?  It got here, and tomorrow will be our bad day, maybe sleet, snow, or stuff.

Went to my Doc yesterday, found out my blood sugar is great.  Sooo, it is the meter or strips not working right.  She also is setting up a cat scan, and a mammogram.  The cat scan is to see what I need for either the hip or the nerve.  It's gotten bad again.  After the scan, I'm going to a pain management doc for help.   She told me the cat scan is lots shorter than an MRI.  I told her, no more of THOSE.

I got quite a bit done yesterday too.  Like, vacuuming, changed my sheets, put a cover over the little ac in this room.  lol, That's a lot for me.  I also took a hydrocodone too.  Will also, before that cat scan.  She told me to add another gabapentin for the nerve pain.

Looking at all that snow on the news.  Sure is beautiful,,,but, sure don't want it here.

Yall stay warm, tc, and


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Last Day of NOV?

Wow, time just keeps flying on.  Not sure where I left off, on here, after DD told me I had 2 blogs going,,,, and have no idea how that happened.  This one seems to be the right one.

My son and fiancée did get back late last Monday.  I still haven't had the chance to talk to him, but did find out they had a 4 hour delay going out there.

I got the Firecrackers made for TG, and then after finding a 10lb bag of good looking potatoes, and knowing I will have to eat a LOT of them, I made what I thot was a great big mess of mashed potatoes that morning.  Like my bro B said,  they shrunk, and what I thot was a great big mess, turned out to be a medium one,,,lol.  Turned out, there were 3 big bowls of them.  lololol.  My nephew had 3 different piles of potatoes on his plate, with just some turkey white meat.  All he ate.  And part of the reason I made them to start with.  There were 2  big turkeys, one roasted, one smoked.  A huge ham.  And all the sides you could possibly think of.  Never did hear the head count, but lots of us. 

I came home,, lol, 1/2 a block, and took a nap, then went back and played poker for hours.  When we started, I won the first hand, and kept on for a long time.  BUT,, I knew things would change, and it did.  After all that time, I was probably up 5-7 dollars.  We play nickel, dime, quarter.  Mostly quarter, lol.  Games are dealer's choice, so there's lots of different ones.  From 5 card draw, to mine,,low hole wild  shuck 5 and 6.  Dealt as 7 card stud.  Last card is down and can ruin you. 

There was enough food for all of us to snack again for supper.  Heck, I was still so full (and I didn't even eat much) from dinner, I just finished my lunch plate, with a little added on.  Had just one piece of choc. pie,,all the sweet I had.  Unless you count the yams that were soooo gooood.  lolol.

I've already decided that i'm making my cabbage casserole for Xmas.   It makes a lot and will give us a different choice.  I started doing this years ago, with a brisket.  Then pot roasts,,,lol.  This came from my life long friend.  I'm gonna put the recipe on here for anybody that wants it.

Cut up, cook whatever amount of cabbage with butter, from 1/2 to whole one.,,,Cook about 12 minutes, still crunchy and green.
While cooking that, also in a fry pan, cook cut up potatoes with onion, in a skillet with a little oil, low heat, and lid.  I use quite a lot of each.
Add smoked (from ring) of sausage, cut into bite size, to potatoes just before they get done, just to heat it.
Drain cabbage, add all the rest. 
That's it!  Easy, huh?

B said,,, I hate cabbage,, lol, but, I will taste it.  Will let yall know how that turns out..

Weatherman said up in the 80s again, by Wed... then another blast.

All I've got, so yall tc, and


Sunday, November 24, 2013

What to Cook?

Ok, DD, you made me think of this.  Since I really don't like turkey,,,i started doing something different years ago.  The first time was doing a big brisket on my electric smoker,,,YUMMMM.  Mouth watering melt in your mouth good to the last drop, brisket.  lol.  Had an aunt and uncle here that year, and they were going back and buying a Mr Smoker, (electric) too.  The reason I keep mentioning electric, is,,,, you put your whatever on, plug it in, leave it til it's done.  No tending.  You put things in the water pan for the flavors, like Italian dressing for poultry, bar-b-q sauce for beef,,,etc.  You add soaked wood chips on the little cover over the burner, I always used mesquite.  This was Thanksgiving, way back.  Over the years, I cooked those, or turkeys, and when we used to have them, capons.  Now, a smoked turkey is GREAT.  And, DD, it doesn't taste like chicken,,,lololol,,, it tastes like ham.  Sorta.

Then a few years ago, I started cooking my famous roast.  I cook them waterless, on top of my stove, in their own juices, with a lot of seasonings.  After the meat gets done, I put it into a huge roast pan, add all the veges, put in the oven til they get done.  The cheapest cut is the best, has all the marbling to cook out.  My brother does them now.  The taste is totally different.

Now, i'm starving... lol.

No freezing stuff here yet, but the forecast is for later today thru tomorrow.  Keep wondering if my son will be able to get back from Vegas tomorrow. 

Ok that's it for today, yall tc, and


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Still Same Way

Still 36*,,, and I moved my reminder for Family Feud, and yeah, forgot to watch it.  Did any of yall?  If so, did they win anything?

I can blame it on my Sis, she called about that time,,,lol.

I've had a locked up muscle on the upper left leg, on the side, and can barely move.  Been that way all day.  Had this happen about a week ago.  Gonna get in my chair, kick back and nap.  That will end it I think.  Taking aleve, 2 and 2, what do I take for pain?  Bad as I hate them, i'll take a hydrocodone next time.  It almost makes me fall, and I have to lean over to walk.  Can't straighten it out.

I bought ritz crackers a couple of days ago, and all they had were in a smaller box.  Don't know when ritz did that!  Now I have to measure each roll, and see how many to add to make the right length.  I think it will take 5 of these shorter ones.

Jude's doing the same thing today, in and out.  I think I heard him running on the roof a bit ago.  lol, He's feeling frisky.  I explained to him, not gonna keep doing that, he's gonna have to stay out.

Ok,,, nap time, so yall tc, and


Friday, November 22, 2013

Got to be Winter,

Yep,  36*, and i'm sitting here at my dining table, on my laptop, listening to Leonard Cohen, and watching the nasty weather out my storm door.  Been raining off and on, no sleet yet, but ,,, maybe later.   Son and fiancée leaving at 1 pm from Austin, going to Vegas.  Didn't even ask me to join them,,,hahahaha

Didn't sleep much last nite, got up one time, 2 am,, and read for a while.  Finally ate a snack and slept off and on after that, til 7;30.  O well, can nap any time.

I finally had to unfriend a couple of people on FB.  Every day had invites for games, which I do not do on FB.  Besides, not sure I even know them.  What's with having hundreds of friends on there?  Beats me.  We are having a blast, with all the family members, answering questions.  Like,, worst hair do.  what did you get in trouble for as a kid,,,favorite stuff., etc.

I think I finally figured out how to use the T9 for texting,,, but I think I have to set it every time.  lol,,, which is not good.  Love the keyboard tho.  Lots better.
Checked my new meter against my old one for testing blood sugar,,,it's giving wrong results.  They didn't send test fluid, so I think after off and on all morning yesterday, they will.  Guess I need to call,,,AAAAGAINNNN.  It's a new style meter, called redi-code.  Testing about 20 above old one.

Jude just came back in,,,silly cat.  Tried to get him to stay in  Wet and cold,,,and he left a place in front of a warm fire???,,,

A family from here is going to be on Family Feud today.  Got a reminder in front of me,,,so I won't forget.  It's the McDonald family.

I drove thru the park a few days ago, and saw ONE pelican.  I'm sure there's more but just that one was there at that time.

Ok, outa here,,,and watch out DD,,,you're gonna get it too,,,,all this nasty stuff.,,,lol.

Yall tc, and


Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, Monday

Not much going on, why I haven't done a post lately.  And even now, nothing to write about.

My blood sugar has been testing about 20-25 points higher for a while, think maybe the stress I was under caused it.  I have increased my med, but maybe I need to go a bit more.  Gonna give it a little more time.  I was originally prescribed 2000 mg a day of the methformin, but on my own, decreased it down to 1000, and was ok for a long time.  Gone back up to 1500 to see if that will work.  lol,,,great news huh?

My SIL started a family thing on facebook and it's really fun.  She asks questions for us to answer, like,,,what was your favorite toy, favorite book, movie, etc.  We are having a good time with it.  So many of us.

Got my new phone Sat, got it charged and Sunday got everything transferred, minutes, days, number.  It has the slide out keyboard and I think i'll love it.  Still trying  to figure out if I want T9 or abc.  Anybody help me on this?  Both? lol.  Now I can text.  Other one was YEARS old. 

NET10 - Samsung 404G No-Contract Mobile Phone -
Update on my son, doing great, getting around good, increasing walking distance all the time.  Plans on going to Vegas over Thanksgiving with fiancée and her sister, BIL.  The last 2 holes in him have finally quit draining, a nurse has been going by and dressing them twice a week.  One was in his side, from chest area, not sure about the other one.  Therapist twice a week, too. 
That's it folks, tc and

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blizzard? No,,,,, Cold? Yeah!

When I got up at 8, the wind was blowing out of the N already.  The house wasn't cold yet, so turning on some heat has kept it warm all morning. 

Trying to remember it's Tuesday,,, trash day.  I do it that way, cause i'm never up early enough on Wed. to get it out in time.  One big bag is all I have, most weeks.  That's those big black yard bags.  The ones for house are too small for my trash can.  I like the big ones better.

Darn it, went to the store yesterday, and didn't get milk.  NOW, gotta go back.  Need eggs too.  O well, I can blow in, blow out,,,lol.

My dotter gave me flowers for my birthday,,,last Friday.  The roses are already gone.  They were bronze, and even had the smell.  BUT,,, lasted just those few days.  The others (not roses)  are ok, so I still have some.

DD, i'm expecting some pics of that swamp of yours,,,lol.  Love that thing.  My camera is always in the wrong place,,like right now, it's in the car, and i'm not going out to get it.

Yall tc, and


Monday, November 11, 2013

Hmm, Been Awhile

Time gets away,,, can't believe it's been so long since I've posted anything.  And, nothing going on anyway.

Heard on my scanner last nite, a high speed chase going on, starting in Burnet Co, and almost making it into town here.  About 5 miles out, he rolled it, had a cut on his forehead.  He had stolen the car and left a murder scene.  We DO have a little excitement sometimes. 

Keep hearing about that COLD coming tomorrow.  Heck, I'm ready.  Got a good book, warm fire, food.  What else can I need?  O yeah, warm clothes,,,lol.

My dotter and son came over yesterday, my birthday.  She brought me some of her homemade chili that I had for supper.  Gonna put the rest in the freezer,,,lol.  She had put several things on top, like cheese, sour cream, onions, and I added too much of those onions!  Sure was good eating at the time, but i'll know better next time, to leave most of those onions out. 

My son is doing good, just needs time to build himself back up.  And lots of rest.  He thinks that was leaking back several months ago, and I think so too.  The signs were there, just no one ever thot about the esophagus rupturing.  Not even the docs.

Hmm,, nothing else coming to me, so yall tc, and


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Taking a Weekend Off

Since my son is doing so well, and his fiancée is going to be there all weekend, I stayed home.  I did get a pot of bean soup made a couple of days ago, and cornbread.  Good eating!  Well, I have to have onion with it too,,,lol.

Left to go to the grocery yesterday, and wow, just went on by.  I don't think there was a parking spot left.  That's when I realized,,,day before deer season!  Stations full, traffic thick everywhere, the usual.  I went to my brother's for a bit, then by the time I went back by the store, I could get in.  Just needed a few things, like ONION, for one,,,lol.  Little frozen pizza for supper.  Beat that Taco Bell thing I was headed for. 

I finished a book today too.  I'll drop it off at the library later.  I'm still reading David Baldacci, some of the best books I've ever read.  AND, he has written a lot.  I take one to the hospital with me, and read a lot there.  My dotter has the best idea,,,puzzles.  We could leave them on a table in the lobby and no one bothered them.  I had to laugh, when we got to rehab, someone else had done the same thing.

Somewhere back, I had to put a battery on my car.  It hesitated a couple of times when I was starting it.  That's enough for me.  It was just 2 years old, and he is going to check that out.  Free replacement under 18 months.  HA.  My utility was way down, almost enough to pay for the battery.

I've been setting a few clocks today.  Just to remember.  Main one, the coffee pot timer.

Well, yall tc, and


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rehab Time

Yep, he was transferred to rehab late yesterday.  I called just a bit ago, and he wasn't too happy, they didn't have his diet info yet.  I'm not going there today, he's doing really good, and it's supposed to be bad storms late today.  I'll plan on going tomorrow.  Not sure who will go today.  Also not sure how long he'll be there, he's still so weak.

I was just sitting here about 15 minutes ago, and don't know how, but this baby tarantula spider just squeezed into the corner of my door!  This is a steel door set into a steel frame!  Did NOT know there was any space there.  I put it outside with my bug catcher, didn't want to hurt it.  One time I saw one about a block from my house, stopped, caught it and put it in a cup and took it back to the house and put it in the breezeway.  It stayed around a long time, lots of stuff to eat.

Well, that's it,,so yall tc, and


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Doing Great!

He's still in ICU today but hasn't seen the doc yet.  Had had scrambled eggs for breakfast, and done physical exercise sitting up ,,, when I talked to him a bit ago.

As for me, i'm taking the day off, and resting.  Didn't wake up til nearly 8:30, and I know I will nap today too.  Even tho you just sit,, when you're there, it still wears you out.  I think it's not having my chair,,,lol.

Can't talk about anything else because that's been my life for OMG,,, 2 weeks today! 

Yall tc, and


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lot of Time Gone

Gosh, not sure when I posted last.  On the 8th, I took my son to San Antonio for some injections in his spine.  We got back about 2 PM and he wasn't feeling good and headed on home.  Right after 8 his fiancée called and told me he was in the ER....About 3 hours later, they flew him to Round Rock ER still not sure what was wrong.  He did have double pneumonia, but his chest cavity was full of air or something.  They didn't find the 1 1/2" tear in his esophagus for 2 days, and finally did surgery from 10-2PM Thurs. nite.  All that horrible stuff had leaked out into his chest, and also into his lungs.  He has barely made it, but is definitely getting better every day.  He's still in ICU, but came off the breathing machine totally Wed. or Thurs.  (I'm kinda lost in time).   I'm staying home today to get some rest, his Dad is there and his fiancée will be too.  He pulled the tube out of his nose during the nite, but they left it and will do a test to see if things are going down right, now.

That's all I can do about the last 11 days.  Been at the hospital most of the time, and had taken my tablet but wasn't using it so I left it home.  Our dotter brought jigsaw puzzles, and that was the perfect way to pass the time.   I've ridden with his Dad, and was leaving home about 7:30, getting back about 10.  I'm doing a load of laundry, need to go to the grocery, and that's ALL i'm gonna do.  Kick my feet up in my chair, nap, and stare at the walls,,,lol.

Yall tc, and


Monday, October 7, 2013

Class on Doodlebugs,,,

Here it is


Just for you LottaJoy.  They go backwards, always. 

This is what they turn into.  A dragon-looking thing.  Pretty neat, huh?  I didn't know that til I got my young son a little book on insects.  The doodlebug is the larvae.

Thank you for being interested too, and let us know if you do call them something else.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Still Here


This looks like one of those ant hills in Africa, only in miniature, about 3” high.  I know they build up before a rain, but NEVER saw one like this.  Couldn’t get low enough to show the height good.

Doodle bugs still there, and more little ones.IMG_0095IMG_0096

They’re NOT gonna run me off!  lolol.  I need to shake their pebbles off, but,,,darn, can’t do it.

Yall tc, and


Monday, September 30, 2013

After the Flood

The 1/2" of rain Saturday blew under my carport enough to level out their homes,,,,,these pics are from Sunday, after the major rebuild.    Had to show you the after ones too.  Wish I had taken some showing the flood and how it leveled them out. 

Yall tc, and


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hard Work,,,,

This little doodlebug has worked really hard.  I put this mat down a few days ago, and he just found it irresistible,,, lol
 See those huge boulders he threw out?   Glad it's not my size,,,lol

My floor mat in my car kept getting overloaded with this gravel, soo,,,when I saw this mat on sale at Alco, I thot it would cure the problem.    It's heavy and won't blow away also.  AND, I won't mess up the little homes they make,,, love it.

I'm waiting for all this heavy rain we're supposed to get today, tonite, and tomorrow,,,It's dark in the West but not sure if  that's all of it.  I think it's coming down from the NW.  Need to look I guess.  I went to the store and got milk and my ice cream, so i'm sure ready for rain.  That last we got just raised Lake Buchanan a couple of inches. It needs 25 feet,,,not a good thing.  It will take hurricanes dumping water on top of us for a few days, to make a difference.  This hurricane season has been so weird.  DD,, not wishing you any tho.

That ol sciatic nerve has been acting up for a few days, and i'm not sure if it's because I cut down on the Aleve.  It's NOT my hip thank God.  Ok, no more of that.

I called to make an appointment to get my eyes checked, and told em I was a little late,,,,hahahaha,, she said,,like 2 years!  Well, any way, I did it, and,,, no change!  There was this place down the road at Bee Cave, 70% off for my age (cause i'm 71)  so my g/dotter drove me down there, and I couldn't find any I really liked, and the prices were so high it was unreal.  Visionworks.  Even with my 70% off, they still cost just under 200.00.  I didn't know they charged for each lens,,,,and they were just over 200.00 each,  plus those hi-priced frames.   Well, after all that, I found out they couldn't make them in an hour!!! 

These are the ONLY ones I liked, out of all they had, and wasn't sure about the way the lens are held in place, but after I finally got them by UPS, (took 8 days) i'm kinda getting used to it.  They do need just a little adjustment, mainly to hold them a little higher up, but I wanted the rimless, so I have to put up with the attaching ways.  (Don't care for that leopard print at all, but it's just a little, and if I had hair over my ears, you couldn't see that.
Anything else I need to catch up on?,,,,,Not that I can think of.  My son's Medicare started on 9-1, and we had done another Medicaid app, and he was turned down because his check was 42.00 more than allowed.  So,, had to start looking for what to do for that 20%, and with him under 65, all he could get was Medicare Advantage,,,Whew.  Not to get into that, found out there's not a whole lot of choice, but one, Humana, was 59.00 a month, the other free so got THAT done in time for it to start 10-1.  Not sure if any of them will be much good, but definitely the free one is better than nothing. 
Was nearly some excitement here, heard a vehicle versus building at the Dollar General, but turned out it was in Kingsland, not here.  Maybe 2 injured, then nothing else.  There's a man that posts all that stuff on Facebook, so guess i'll look.
Yall tc, and

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Do You Do This, BB?

After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Target.

Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women - she loves to browse, so I had to learn to while away my time.

Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter from the local Target:

Dear Mrs. Harris,
Over the past six months, your husband has caused quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and have been forced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against your husband, Mr. Harris, are listed below and are documented by  our video surveillance cameras:

1. June 15: He took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in other people's carts when they weren't looking.

2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals.

3. July 7: He made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the women's restroom.

4. July 19: Walked up to an employee and told her in an official voice, 'Code 3 in Housewares. Get on it right away'. This caused the employee to leave her assigned station and receive a reprimand from her Supervisor that in turn resulted with a union grievance,  causing management to lose time and costing the company money.

5. August 4: Went to the Service Desk and tried to put a bag of M&Ms on layaway.

6. August 14: Moved a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

7. August 15: Set up a tent in the camping department and told the children shoppers he'd invite them in if they would bring pillows and blankets from the bedding department to which twenty children obliged.

8. August 23: When a clerk asked if they could help him he began crying and screamed, 'Why can't you people just leave me alone?' EMTs were called.

9.. September 4: Looked right into the security camera and used it as a mirror while he picked his nose.

10. September 10: While handling guns in the hunting department, he asked the clerk where the antidepressants were.

11. October 3: Darted around the store suspiciously while loudly humming the ' Mission Impossible' theme.

12. October 6: In the auto department, he practiced his 'Madonna look' by using different sizes of funnels.

13. October 18: Hid in a clothing rack and when people browsed through, yelled 'PICK ME! PICK ME!'

14. October 21: When an announcement came over the loud speaker, he assumed a fetal position and screamed 'OH NO! IT'S THOSE VOICES AGAIN!'

And last, but not least:

15. October 23: Went into a fitting room, shut the door, waited awhile, then yelled very loudly, 'Hey! There's no toilet paper in here.' One of the clerks passed out.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Just a Little Update

Just checking in,,,gosh can't believe it's been about a month,,,nice vacation.

I'm so glad tv is getting something on again.  IE, the new shows, etc.  Overlapping ones now.  Like tonite, X-Factor, and the finale of AGT.  Just gonna watch the second half of that, after all, they won't announce the winner til the very end.

I had my eyes checked,,,told them I knew I was late,,,lolol.  They said,, try 2 years...Then I find out they haven't changed.  Got an update prescription anyway, because a place in Bee Caves, (closest to me) would give me 70% off a whole pair.  I've hated the ones i'm wearing since the day I got them.  G/dotter drove me there, about 60 miles down 71, and found out they had to send it off, would take a week!! Not an hour!  Told em just to mail them to me.  I'm NEVER having them dilated again,,,ever.  It took all day from 10AM,,,to come back close to normal.  And I don't think they've done it yet!  That was the day before, tho.

That's joining that stress test,,,the "not gonna do's" anymore.

My hip is fine, still, and that sciatic nerve is good.  My doc told me to double my gabapentin, for my neuropathy, and it's worked.  I quit the therapy after I asked if it would help get over all that and she told me no, but it would help prevent it in the future.  That wasn't enough for the pain it caused by just irritating the hip and nerve.  Now I found this little remedy I had cut out of the paper, saying eat 9 golden raisans , soaked in gin, every day for arthritis,,,,lol.  Won't hurt to try,,,huh?

Keep forgetting to get my flu shot,,,,think i'll just do it right now, and get a bottle of gin too. 

I'm still keeping up with the blogs, and sometimes I miss a day or so.  Don't blame you for wanting time off, BB, and i'm still not going to do a daily for now, but will check in every once in a while. 
It's a shame TX didn't get that run off from CO and NM,,,we need it so bad.  Only the Rio Grande.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Tablet

My bro B was in Walmart one day and saw a tablet for   99.00, bought it, and  we all  were amazed at all it  could do..  I  looked online and researched a lot of   them  and bought the DoublePower 9" one with  keyboard  for 89.99, free shipping, at Walmart.  I'm still finding things it does..  Unreal..  Touch screen or talk (voice activated),   I'm on it now.  LOVE   IT!

Well,  that's all my news, loving the  rain we've had and the cooler temps.  Yall tc, an HAGD..

PS:  Back on laptop, easier to type.  Had to tell you about my bro,,buying the tablet.  His g'dotter, 5 yo, was really good on it, and just loved to play on it.  Wellllll,,,, bro's mother in law's bd came up and she was leaving on a long trip, and wishing she had a way to entertain herself while she was gone, soooo,,, he gave her the tablet,,,telling little Liz he would get another one ASAP! while she cried her eyes out,,, HA!  They were out over and over, the salesman saying they were even out at the warehouse.  I looked online and it showed them in stock, and in the meantime so did SIL.  She ordered one, messed the order up, reordered, and the day mine came in, so did that one.  I'm not sure but I think mine might do more.  Really not much it can't do.
Ok,,,that's it for real...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kinda Sick of it All

Yeah, nothing to blog about, who wants to keep hearing about my hip problem? 

Too darned hot to get out,,,who  wants to keep hearing about that? 

I will say I made it to the Doc yesterday, and every way I sat it irritated my hip, so it hurt the rest of the day.  I was released back to the other Doc, since it is my hip.  He told me I could have one more injection, but after that would have to be a replacement. 

Maybe i'll be back one day, but right now i'm just tired of doing this.  I do still enjoy the ones I read tho.  Maybe something will change, who knows.

So yall tc, and


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working Moms

Just read DDs blog, and had to put my 2cents in. 

I think I've told everyone that we married, at a really young age, me, 16, hubby, 17.  And I went back to school in the fall for my senior year,,,graduated 5 months pregnant.  (Lots of couples at the time were doing this.)  Can't imagine it now.

About a year after my dotter was born, I was offered a job in the school superintendent's office and turned it down.  (My Mom thot that was horrible!!)  But, I wanted to stay home with my kids.  Just one at the time, but,,,lol, more came along.  In fact, 3 sons.  When my youngest started school I started looking for a job, but here in this small town not much to offer.  I started doing volunteer work at the library and,,,got offered another job.  lol... By a new CPA and his wife.  He's the one that taught me the bookkeeping I used for a lot of years.  It was part time, and worked really well.

It wasn't so bad for me, because Mom or Dad kept the kids if I needed it, and I did the same for her....Yeah, the last 2 of ours were just months apart.  The kids sure didn't  The first time that happened, the 2 were, and still are, the best of friends.  But,,,let me tell you, the last 2 hated each other from the git-go.  4 months apart.  They could just look at each other and start screaming,  my sis would start it, but then my son would join in.

Had to keep her when she was 6 months old,,,for a week when Mom had thyroid surgery.  Son was 2 months.  OMG... Don't know how anybody handles twins. 

All in all tho, it was a lot of fun with the kids like that.  No one knew whose were whose either.  There was also a sister a couple of years older than these 4.

I kinda think mine wanted me to work, so they could stay at Granma's.....

One of my brothers, 4 years younger than me,,,got into drugs when he had joined the Navy, so all these younger ones grew up seeing first hand what they did to people, and never touched them.  He ended up being burned to death in his late 40s,,,over that. 

Why are Sundays such long days?  Doesn't make sense, not any different than any other, now.

Well, yall tc, and


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Did Add on Yesterday

Just in case you missed it, I added on to my post yesterday, had to after reading about DDs dogs.

Might be starting some therapy for my hip, talked to him yesterday, and he can change it for the hip, not the spine.  He's supposed to call today.  I think I need it because of the way I had to get around for a couple of months. 

I slept good last night, don't know what happened the night before.

Anyway, thx DD, for the good memories.

Yall tc, and


Monday, July 22, 2013

Think I Feel Like BB

No sleep all night, could not get comfortable any way I tried,  feet blazing with the neuropathy, leg telling me I still have the bad hip,,,just a horrible night.  Tried to nap this morning, and nope,  same thing.

My mower man got the yard all done, and probably won't need it again for weeks, since it's gonna be so hot.

I felt real good about how well I was doing yesterday, so I might have overdone it.  Went to Alco and the grocery store, using the electric carts.  Have to do that right now.  Barely can make it from my car to them.... But I know I need to exercise as much as possible.

I watched a movie last night,,,news, huh,,, about climbing a hill and coming down a mountain,,,lol,,, had to see it to know what that meant.  Set during WW1.  Not too bad.

Well, too darned tired to think, so yall tc, and


Later,,after reading DDs blog....

Not too many years ago, when I was still breeding and selling purebred Siamese, my female had 6 kittens.  I was in my bedroom, reading, and she came in and sat down by my closet door.  In a few minutes, she looked at that door, didn't latch, then started calling her babies.  They all came running and then she proceeded to show them how to reach under that door and pull it open.  That was planning.

Watched a show on tv about that same time, had a cat shrink telling you how to keep them from scratching on the furniture... Said blow up little balloons, pin them to the arms, etc, and when they popped, it would scare the cats so bad, they wouldn't do that any more,,,HA!!!  I went to the store, got the balloons, pinned them all over a chair and sofa, then stood back, because they had been watching to see wth I was doing.  My male walked over to one, reached up and of course, popped it.  I could see his brain thinking,,hmmmm ,,, how about that... let's try that again!  Which he did.  Then the female got in on it too.  Didn't take them long to figure out to reach under there carefully, pull the balloon, pin and all, off, then box it around the room, no claws... O what fun!!!  I had busted balloons with pins everywhere.  Didn't know how to tell that smart guy he just never had Siamese!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm Still Here

My g/dotter drove me to F'burg yesterday, I got the injection and,,, I THINK IT'S GONNA WORK!
They deadened the whole path from the skin down, but at times I did feel the effects of the med going in.  AND, it was the places that have been hurting.  Just took a few minutes after the prep, then they stand the table up and I walk off it,,,lol.  They said it would take about 72 hours, but it's already better.  Now,,,if my shoulder was fixed,,,hahahahaha.  The way I had to lay, on my back, made my shoulder with the bursitis really hurt.  (they went in from the front groin area!). 

We made a stop at HEB after we left the hospital, and I used an electric cart, took my time and browsed for quite a while.  Got lots of great stuff to eat.  One,,,jerked pork, already cooked.  Got the slaw too, just forgot the buns....hahahahaha.  Some lemon pepper leg quarters to cook with my convection oven.  Some stuffed pork chops,,,making anybody hungry yet?  I haven't been able to shop in months, at a good place, so I stocked up.  These were all things I can just stick in the oven or already cooked.  A small bag of potatoes, i'm good to go.  Chunk some up, oil and season em, bake em,,,yummmm.  Boil with an onion, another yummmm. 

Can't keep that up, making me hungry and I just ate.

My g/dotter asked me how I could eat all that junk,,,lol.  O,,, yeah,, I had just put 1/2 doz donuts in the buggy.... Sometimes you HAVE to fulfill that craving.  Yep, had one yesterday.

That's the update,, yall tc, and


Monday, July 15, 2013

High of 73* Today???

Yep, that's what it is right now, almost 4 pm.  And, we've had almost 3" of rain, and maybe more coming.  This might beat the one I remember on the last week end before school started, a front making it really chilly.  WOW, it's JULY!! folks,,,

Right after lunch I got a call, saying the man that put the gate up across the street, cutting off access to the river, was found dead in a house in Austin Sunday morning.  She thot they owned the house too, and he had to have been alone.  He was a huge man, alcoholic, and red in the face all the time, never looked healthy.  But what makes me so sad, that's the last of the kids this lady had,,, having lost the other 2 before.  Played bridge with her in the past, and even tho she's in her 80s, she is still sharp and energetic.  Still does volunteer work at the library I think.

I'm gonna try to go clean the floor board out where my son's shoes left all the stickers last Friday.  If I can find HIM,,, HE will do it!  Hate those things.  They showed up here a few years ago, now they are everywhere, grow close to the ground, look like clover burrs, but NOT.  They turn into zillions of v shaped stickers and will fill up most shoe's soles.  Your carpets will get full of them.

Nothing on tv, again.... but I did find 2 movies to record today.  Was running out of those too. 

Well, that's it,,,so yall tc, an


Friday, July 12, 2013

Hot Enough?

I guess it's not so bad, having to stay in, not being able to go anywhere with the dog days here.

I made it to F'burg this morning, and going back Tues for a steroid injection into my hip.  They were overloaded and couldn't do it today, had to make the appointment.  The doc thinks it's my hip, and told me if the shot doesn't work, I will HAVE to have that MRI.  So yall cross everything, need that shot to work.

My nurse came by and got me signed up for the therapy and then he came by yesterday.  But he was really late, 5:30, and I had this doc appointment today, that I asked him to wait til we knew more, and he agreed.  I called when I got back and now waiting on him to call me. 

So, that's it,,,nothing done yet, still hurting, having to take those pain pills, and don't know what it will take to get past this.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Phones out for Days

Wow, our phone service went out on Tuesday nite, and just got back yesterday about 1 PM.  It's Verizon here, and a tech called this morning asking if my number was correct, so they're matching numbers with correct names now.... He said it was some kind of software crash, and they were STILL working on it, had been since Tuesday nite, 24 hours a day.  I also asked if there was going to be some kind of compensation, and he said call in about that.  I used all my cell phone minutes, even having to call 800 numbers, and had to buy more.  All this side of town, N of the river, were out.  THANK GOD, my internet stayed on.  Takes 2 wires for phone, just 1 for internet,,,,in connection... was told that before.  It's kinda horrifying how much we are dependent on these things now. 

I'm no better nor worse,,, just getting by until I know what's gonna be done, and not even sure the doc will be able to tell me that on Friday.  I DO have high hopes of maybe getting a shot in there to help, but he might have to wait and see an MRI report.  The other doc, did fix my wrist with the injections, and there is no pain there now.  He just doesn't do spines.  As far as the therapy, between the phones out (doc's offices here) and my doc not in the office until Wednesdays, a holiday, last week was a lost cause.

Our forecast has a chance of rain, 30%, tomorrow.  I'm keeping my hopes up.  Not able to get out and water anything.  Don't care about the weeds, but my trees are precious,,,have to have all the shade I can.  In case you don't know, it's Texas.  That means the weather makes liars out of forecasters,,,lol.

Think i'm gonna doze for a while,,,lol, nothing else to do.  Did get a load of laundry mostly done,,gonna put in the dryer now.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nothing New

Nothing has happened since last Friday.  Thot I could call my doc here this morning, and the phones are out,,,was told they would be fixed by TOMORROW! 11 AM.  Even 911 service is out.  All this part of town and I don't know how much more.  So my cell isn't helping in this situation.  The doc's offices are out too.  I check every once in a while, see if maybe it's back. 

I figured out a way to help me sleep.  That's by bending my knees and laying on either side.  Somehow that relieves the pinched spot in my spine.  Gonna try not to take that pain pill today.  Might have to just sit all day tho.  I was so hoping I could get that therapist here today.

I've looked all this up on the internet, but don't want to do something wrong. 

My son went to the library yesterday and picked me up 2 books, and took my utility bill to pay.  My sis came and cleaned my house and changed my bedding.  She's the clean freak, lol.  Washes her walls all the time!  She said she had had a mouse get into her pantry, and had to throw out all that food stuff.  Ended up trapping 3!  Hope she got em all.  She even cleaned my ceiling fan and omg, it needed it. 

Ok, gonna try to cut my hair and shower,,,so yall tc, and


Friday, June 28, 2013

Not Good

No easy fix for me.  I'm to see Js spine doc,,,lol.   In 2 weeks.  I was so hoping I could get something done today.  He did tell me it's not bursitis, and thinks it's in the lower spine, why I have to see the spine doc.  Meanwhile, i'm going to get therapy, and maybe that will help some, until we know exactly what I have to do.

I woke up last nite just before 3, hurting, and could never get into a position where I didn't, after that.  I finally went to my chair, kicked back, and dozed for another hour.

We got back about 1;30, so I had a nap.  lol, need another one.

TV sucks!! At this time of year.  I haven't even found  any movies to record.  Watched one last nite even tho after a couple of minutes, knew I had seen it before.  Then, most of the ones I've recorded, I've seen too.

Well, yall tc, and


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hard Day's Nite

I have an appointment to see the same Doc I saw with my wrist,,,on Friday at 11AM.  J is gonna drive me.  I'm about ready just to be put to sleep..

His new office is out on E 71 about 30 miles, and he uses that instead of an office here.  I just didn't like that other one, and this one did fix my wrist great.

I woke up about 5 this morning, and couldn't get into any position that didn't hurt.  I finally got up and got into my chair, kicked back and slept til 8. 

After that big fire, and they're still getting calls to put out hot spots on it,,,there was another one the next day, not quite as bad tho.  Then, one out close to  my g/dotter's house and they're gone.  No structures were burned, tho.

When I was in the 3rd grade, our house burned, and that leaves you always worried when you hear the call for the fire dept.  The house was burned up in the attic, and people passing by, stopped and took everything out, so we didn't lose anything, but still.  Well lost a place to live.  We were renting so we had to find another place.  I use all precautions and always have.  One time, we were eating supper, and the fire alarm started beeping.  I wasn't cooking, so I got up to look around, and when I opened my youngest son's bedroom door, OMG!  A huge box was flaming right by the window curtains.  You talk about everybody running!  Hubby filled a pan and threw water on it, J grabbed a big towel, wet it, and threw it over the fire.  And that's what put it out.  It scared my son so bad, he wouldn't even sleep in that room for days.  I still don't know how it did it.  He had a candle burning, setting in a metal pan on top of the box, and somehow, the wick got out and caught the box on fire.  Yeah, I keep smoke alarms.  We had insurance that paid for the little bit of damage.

Nap time, so yall tc, and


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Got the Patches

They are Lidoderm, and maybe they are helping a little.  I need to get them in the right place, and not sure where that is.  They are like, 3x5, so they cover a large area.  Nearly took the skin off, taking it off after the 12 hours,,,lololol.  12 on, 12 off. 

There's a grass fire out W of town, and I just don't know how the volunteer firemen dress in those suits and do this.  Bro G retired a couple of yeas ago and he sure hated those uniforms.   (from that).

I need to go to the grocery store, but,,,, right now I need a nap worse.  Also need to fill up my car, do that when it gets down to 1/2.  Don't know why, just do.  I guess I like to get in it and go, without having to put gas in to do it.

Well, that grass fire just got bigger, they're calling for more help.  Won't be going out that way when I get out later.

I've been watching for movies to record, and there just hasn't been any.  And the ones I've been watching, I've seen before, not recognizing the name when I record them.  It's like books, never remember the name, and rarely the Arthur.  I put a tiny mark in the front cover so I can see.

Gonna try to get a nap, so yall tc, and


Friday, June 21, 2013


Woke up during the nite and in pain again!  Guess I moved wrong and now I have a set back.    Sitting here right now with an ice pack.   This is the same as a torn muscle, with set backs and everything.  I've gotten by with just one pain pill a day, but now,,,who knows?  lol.

I was feeling so much better yesterday I even got in my car, almost pain free doing that, and went to the Sonic for a strawberry shake,,, didn't know they were 1/2 price.  Was the 20th the start of summer?,,and when is the summer solstice?  Today or tomorrow?  It doesn't show on my calendar.

Hunter Hayes was on the Voice this week, but way back, lol, he's all of 20 now,,,,he was on Youtube with Hank Williams Jr.  AMAZING!!  Look it up.  Knew right then that kid was going places.  And i'm so glad he has.  (Watching him on Today now)

Thinking about all this hot weather where the weather forecast is the same, no need to watch, I use this method.  Since weeks seem lots shorter than months, I think of it as 9 more weeks til it will cool off.   Weeks fly by for me, so,,,gosh, before I know it, it's almost Sept.  And yeah, it's still hot, but like I told B, my bro, there's a good chance of a cold front.  One year way back, and the only reason I remember it, is on the last day the swimming pool was open a norther had blown in, bringing the temps down to the 60s, and the kids just HAD to go to the pool.   hahahahah,,, they were the only ones and the life guard was walking around with a wrap on.  They had to stay in the water because their teeth chattered when they got out.  They didn't last long that day.  lolololol.  So that's why I look forward to Sept.  There's a chance.

Meantime, I really don't mind staying in and cool.  Still have a good book, my games, and lots to do.  So yall tc, and


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Still Waiting,,

On my doc's call, that I thot I would get this morning.  Since she missed a day, yesterday, she's having to do makeup. 

All the years I worked in offices, no one else could do my work.  It was there waiting til I got back.  I never took more than 3 days vacation at a time, and included a weekend.   That was one reason why.  The last office job I had, I worked 4 1/2 days, putting in 40 hours.  I was on salary, but still.

My son (after I called him) came by and got my list and went to the store for me.  I haven't been out of the house since last Fri or Sat.  Not that i'm missing anything and it's so darn hot anyway.  He picked up a rotisserie chicken for me and mercy, was it good.  I had a big container of potato salad to go with it.  Made me feel like I actually had a good meal.  I keep French bread in the freezer, sliced, so just stick a couple of pieces in my toaster oven, good to go.

I'm getting those darned black beetles back in the house again.  Woke up a few nites ago, felt something crawling on my arm, and yep, that was it.   Wish there was some way to keep them out of my house.  I've tried spraying around inside and outside the walls, but here they come. 

See yall later, tc, and


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Same ol, same ol

Wooohooo, my sis came by and cut my toe nails, andddd,,,, is picking up a couple of things for me at the $ store.  She was going anyway.

Now, if I can just get thru the shower, ,,, lol.  Been kinda nauseated all day.  Trying to let that settle, if it ever does.  When I take that pain pill, like I did at 6 am, gonna do it with milk.  Maybe that will work.

I wasn't surprised when the country girl won the Voice, not even disappointed.  I recorded So You Think You Can Dance, so I do have something for tonite.  They are now down to the top 20.  Yep, I still love music and dance.  And always will.

I know it's not much, but all I have, so yall tc, and


Monday, June 17, 2013

Still Hanging On

My sis said she'd come by and cut my toe nails,,,yeah, can't even do that.  She doesn't do it for a living, but she is a beautician.  She has dystonia in her arm, hand and way back when she was going to school for this, is when the dystonia showed up.  Took 7 doctors over time to diagnose it, it was so rare.  She even had a trake? (the breathing tube) for a few years, but a doc in Houston put her on a medication that controls it, and took the tube out.  It froze up the muscles from her hand into her neck, and made her not able to breathe.  Anyway,,,, that was the reason.  Now,,,where was I? lol.  She's the one the same age as my son.

Way back, when I first became single,,, I started going out with her, a friend of hers, and my dotter.  A new club opened just 15 miles away, and gosh, we had a blast.  That's when my 10 year old niece taught me the cotton eyed jo and shautice?  Now,,i could do alllll the other, but give me rock any time. 

Not sure if the Voice is ending this week or next.  Would hate to have to pick who's gonna win.. I sure do like Michelle and have since the beginning.  But,,,

Well, nothing going on that I know of, so yall tc, and


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Still No Good

I was doing so good, then late yesterday I just stepped wrong, and now i'm back to not being able to move much.  I really need to go to the grocery store, but just don't know how.  Not even sure I could get into my car today.  The problem is I can't lift my right leg without bringing on that terrible pain.  I'm getting to the point,,,that whatever it takes, fix it.

There's no way I could possibly get on that table for an MRI, tho.  And it's so narrow, it scares me.  I still think it's in the muscle, not the hip, and both doctors said they thot  it was bursitis.  BUT,,,what to do???  Any ideas?

Just wanted to give an update, such as it is....Yall tc, and


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lost in the Future,,,,

That's what I feel like anyway.  I just called my dotter and asked if she would come by and put my trash out when she gets off work.  DARN, I hate to do that.  There's just no way I can walk even that much today.  AND I am a slight bit better.  It's 6 days now.  After hurting so bad for days, weeks, etc, I would almost say do anything to fix it.

J went to the store for me yesterday, I was out of milk, frozen dinners, and that good potato salad.  I didn't know, and neither did he, that he would be in San Antonio by 8 AM today.  When I called about 11 to ask how he was, he said fine now,,,then told me he was just leaving SA.  I said,,"WHAT?"  lol.  He got 5 trigger point injections, and 2 of the others and he can't get except there.  The doc won't do those in F'burg.  Hopefully, that will last a few months.

I've been feeling so bad, I hadn't realized how long I had not blogged.  I do when I can, or feel like I might have something to say.

O gosh, BB, The Voice kicks off another one tonite,,,Now who will it be????  Mercy!!  I guess it just gets to the point that it doesn't matter cause they're all so good.  I can't even decide which one, myself.  It was Michelle, but,,,,,what about Sasha, and the brothers?  See? 

I guess it's the right time to be staying in,,,what with the weather.  I do lots of games on here, and found some good jigsaws,,,lol.

Yall tc, and


PS,,, o yeah, saw on the news about those giant mosquitoes!!!  20 times bigger than these we have now!  Look out now, they could really carry you away.

Friday, June 7, 2013


Had to tell you about my experience with that horrible thing,,,Went to bed one night and started spinning, grabbed on thinking I was going to fall off the bed.  When I could sit back up, it quit,,,but,, every time I tried to lay back down, the spinning started again,,,,WELL, that's not gonna work!  Since I seemed ok sitting up, I drove to the hospital ER, to see what was happening.

The doc did some testing, etc, and decided it was vertigo.  Did you know that could be signs of a stroke?  I didn't.  They gave me medicine for sea sickness, and a prescription for it too.  I had some at home, and for the life of me, I can't think how in the world I ever came up with it.  The spinning never came back, and that was 2-3 years ago, DD. 

You surely wouldn't drive feeling that way.  I did call J and tell him what I was doing, and he showed up at the ER later.  It seemed kinda strange, with it hitting me when I laid down!  NOT when I was up.  And no, DD, nothing caused it that I know of.  If so, I don't remember,,,lol.  I'm taking that cholesterol drug again, memory's not good now.  Guess you can research, huh?  Just wanted to let you know.

Got my plumber here unstopping my sewer line.  I called him yesterday, when I saw and heard the warnings, and he was coming about 3PM BUT (now this is unbelievable) he called back and said he got tied up and would come this AM, which he did!...  How many plumbers do you know that will do that?

Of course, he will charge like all the rest,,,lol. 

My leg/hip pain has come back a little, but not too bad.  I might have moved and caused it before I woke up.  I'm real careful when i'm awake.  Sure glad I told J I couldn't take him to the doc today.
He said something about using heat today, along with the ice pack, but I need to ask him how to rotate that.  I'm sitting on the ice pack now, and do during the day.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good News

Saw the doc about my hip/leg? and he thinks it's bursitis also, and gave me a shot too.  I told him the other one had done that, but he said he was going deeper, so we'll see.  I was soooo glad it doesn't seem to be the hip!  I was already planning what to do when I had the replacement,,,lololol.

J went with me, and has gone to get his ice packs for me.  I'll need them for about 3 days, he said.  I started taking 2 tramadol too, not just one.  If that doesn't work, i'll call the doc back and get some vicodin.  (Not telling my son,,,)

I've been getting up with nausea every morning,,,i know, morning sickness,,, and I have no idea why.  I don't take any pills til I eat, now, hoping that will fix the problem.

OKKKK no more!!!  Enough about sick, hurt, etc....

The Voice came on last nite to show who was eliminated, and,,,the cable was out for some of my channels,,,and yeah, that was one of them...I have a small tv in the room with my desk top hooked to my antenna, sooo, that's where I watched it.  They are still off today.  Sorry cable,,,always has been.

I don't know what happened to my recorder. I went to it to watch So You Think You Can Dance later, and it wasn't on it.  I know I set it, but don't know anything else.  I think I did the date wrong.

Hate to do a post that is all about stuff like this, so ,,,, be back when I can do better.  Yall tc, and


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Here We Are,,Again

Guess I didn't tell yall about my lunch yesterday, at church.  Had cornbread and beans!  YUMMM.  That was my youngest son's favorite thing.  Then, for dessert, there was a lemon ice cream pie, and a chocolate ice cream cake!  MERCY!  And I wasn't hungry,,,but I did have a little of all of it.  We always laughed about Dad,,,(not supposed to eat sweets) saying,,i'm just getting a little bit of it, and by the time he did that with all the desserts, he had a big plate full.  I had never eaten a pie nor a cake like those.  They were so different.

Gosh with the temperature at 91 and sticky, I have no urge to go outside.  Maybe later.

Went by Js house yesterday and his Dad was there so I stopped to see what they were doing,,lol.  J had taken out some wall plugs and couldn't put the new ones back on and make them work.  He had spent a couple of hours on just those 2, and nothing made any sense, so he had taken time off to clear his mind, see if something would pop up.  Well,  the same thing was going on with his dad trying to do it too.  There's no way I can explain it, so won't even try, but they finally got em working, and sorta put back,, they didn't quite fit back in that old box.... The meter would show no voltage, then touch something with one prong, and it would make all kinds of sparks,,,lol. 

My bro G just came by, so,, gonna get outa here, yall tc, and


Friday, May 31, 2013

Time to Catch Up

Since I still could barely get around, I went back to see my doc Wed.  That shot she had put in the muscle didn't do anything, so this time she xrayed it, and I found out it's arthritis.  How can it feel like the muscles are hurting when it's the joint?  I'm seeing a specialist next Wed. and in the meantime i'm taking aleve and tramadol.  With those I can walk a little better, at least.  And yeah, a replacement will be in the future, but hopefully not for a long while.  J showed up when I was still in the xray room, and looked at them like a professional,,,,lol.  (He's still doing super)

With that hurting so bad, I haven't done anything that wasn't absolutely necessary.  I did make it to the library yesterday, can't run out of books to read.  I'm still reading David Balacci, and soooo glad he has written so many.  Finished all the ones with Oliver Stone in them, so into the others now.

Kinda thinking about going to the lunch at church, even tho i'm not hungry.  Been eating my waffles, then supper, and not hungry in between.  J brought me a big bowl of spaghetti that I've been eating on for 2 days,,,best I ever had.  And I make great spaghetti,,,lol.  He said he had found a new sauce at HEB, and was keeping the jar so he wouldn't forget.

BB, I don't know how you play golf with your hip and leg hurting.   My fast pitch softball did this to me.  That has about that same twist.  O well, i'm old, gotta expect bad things.

Need to get my shower done if i'm going to lunch, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What a "Memorial" Weekend!

My bro B had a cook out Saturday, and I even stayed way past my bed time,,,,everybody was telling all these hilarious stories, and I laughed so much, it's a wonder i'm not sore.

Then Sunday, g/dotter cooked all this good stuff, and it was such a good time. 

Hey, I recorded and watched Magic Mike! lol.  Not sure what to say, lots of stripping/dancing,,,but,,,not much else to it.  Really don't think you guys would like it,,,lololol.

I still haven't decided if i'm going up to the church for lunch or not.  Have an hour to do that.  Not hungry, but like to visit with the others there.  Mostly ones I grew up with.

Gotta remember to get my trash out today,,,,it's TUESDAY,,, holidays always mess me up.  It has something in it that sure doesn't smell good.  Gotta go.

Gosh, I think I have a sleeping disease.  That's about all I did yesterday.  Then slept good last nite.  Got a call and I thot it was after 8, but,,,wasn't... Was 7.  It was an automated emergency response the city put in a couple of months ago,,,saying don't use the water on the south side of town, because of a leak.  I live on the north, so i'm ok.  Glad to know it works.  I use a filter for drinking, cooking water any way.

Ok, enough time on this, so yall tc, and