Saturday, November 30, 2013

Last Day of NOV?

Wow, time just keeps flying on.  Not sure where I left off, on here, after DD told me I had 2 blogs going,,,, and have no idea how that happened.  This one seems to be the right one.

My son and fiancée did get back late last Monday.  I still haven't had the chance to talk to him, but did find out they had a 4 hour delay going out there.

I got the Firecrackers made for TG, and then after finding a 10lb bag of good looking potatoes, and knowing I will have to eat a LOT of them, I made what I thot was a great big mess of mashed potatoes that morning.  Like my bro B said,  they shrunk, and what I thot was a great big mess, turned out to be a medium one,,,lol.  Turned out, there were 3 big bowls of them.  lololol.  My nephew had 3 different piles of potatoes on his plate, with just some turkey white meat.  All he ate.  And part of the reason I made them to start with.  There were 2  big turkeys, one roasted, one smoked.  A huge ham.  And all the sides you could possibly think of.  Never did hear the head count, but lots of us. 

I came home,, lol, 1/2 a block, and took a nap, then went back and played poker for hours.  When we started, I won the first hand, and kept on for a long time.  BUT,, I knew things would change, and it did.  After all that time, I was probably up 5-7 dollars.  We play nickel, dime, quarter.  Mostly quarter, lol.  Games are dealer's choice, so there's lots of different ones.  From 5 card draw, to mine,,low hole wild  shuck 5 and 6.  Dealt as 7 card stud.  Last card is down and can ruin you. 

There was enough food for all of us to snack again for supper.  Heck, I was still so full (and I didn't even eat much) from dinner, I just finished my lunch plate, with a little added on.  Had just one piece of choc. pie,,all the sweet I had.  Unless you count the yams that were soooo gooood.  lolol.

I've already decided that i'm making my cabbage casserole for Xmas.   It makes a lot and will give us a different choice.  I started doing this years ago, with a brisket.  Then pot roasts,,,lol.  This came from my life long friend.  I'm gonna put the recipe on here for anybody that wants it.

Cut up, cook whatever amount of cabbage with butter, from 1/2 to whole one.,,,Cook about 12 minutes, still crunchy and green.
While cooking that, also in a fry pan, cook cut up potatoes with onion, in a skillet with a little oil, low heat, and lid.  I use quite a lot of each.
Add smoked (from ring) of sausage, cut into bite size, to potatoes just before they get done, just to heat it.
Drain cabbage, add all the rest. 
That's it!  Easy, huh?

B said,,, I hate cabbage,, lol, but, I will taste it.  Will let yall know how that turns out..

Weatherman said up in the 80s again, by Wed... then another blast.

All I've got, so yall tc, and


Sunday, November 24, 2013

What to Cook?

Ok, DD, you made me think of this.  Since I really don't like turkey,,,i started doing something different years ago.  The first time was doing a big brisket on my electric smoker,,,YUMMMM.  Mouth watering melt in your mouth good to the last drop, brisket.  lol.  Had an aunt and uncle here that year, and they were going back and buying a Mr Smoker, (electric) too.  The reason I keep mentioning electric, is,,,, you put your whatever on, plug it in, leave it til it's done.  No tending.  You put things in the water pan for the flavors, like Italian dressing for poultry, bar-b-q sauce for beef,,,etc.  You add soaked wood chips on the little cover over the burner, I always used mesquite.  This was Thanksgiving, way back.  Over the years, I cooked those, or turkeys, and when we used to have them, capons.  Now, a smoked turkey is GREAT.  And, DD, it doesn't taste like chicken,,,lololol,,, it tastes like ham.  Sorta.

Then a few years ago, I started cooking my famous roast.  I cook them waterless, on top of my stove, in their own juices, with a lot of seasonings.  After the meat gets done, I put it into a huge roast pan, add all the veges, put in the oven til they get done.  The cheapest cut is the best, has all the marbling to cook out.  My brother does them now.  The taste is totally different.

Now, i'm starving... lol.

No freezing stuff here yet, but the forecast is for later today thru tomorrow.  Keep wondering if my son will be able to get back from Vegas tomorrow. 

Ok that's it for today, yall tc, and


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Still Same Way

Still 36*,,, and I moved my reminder for Family Feud, and yeah, forgot to watch it.  Did any of yall?  If so, did they win anything?

I can blame it on my Sis, she called about that time,,,lol.

I've had a locked up muscle on the upper left leg, on the side, and can barely move.  Been that way all day.  Had this happen about a week ago.  Gonna get in my chair, kick back and nap.  That will end it I think.  Taking aleve, 2 and 2, what do I take for pain?  Bad as I hate them, i'll take a hydrocodone next time.  It almost makes me fall, and I have to lean over to walk.  Can't straighten it out.

I bought ritz crackers a couple of days ago, and all they had were in a smaller box.  Don't know when ritz did that!  Now I have to measure each roll, and see how many to add to make the right length.  I think it will take 5 of these shorter ones.

Jude's doing the same thing today, in and out.  I think I heard him running on the roof a bit ago.  lol, He's feeling frisky.  I explained to him, not gonna keep doing that, he's gonna have to stay out.

Ok,,, nap time, so yall tc, and


Friday, November 22, 2013

Got to be Winter,

Yep,  36*, and i'm sitting here at my dining table, on my laptop, listening to Leonard Cohen, and watching the nasty weather out my storm door.  Been raining off and on, no sleet yet, but ,,, maybe later.   Son and fiancée leaving at 1 pm from Austin, going to Vegas.  Didn't even ask me to join them,,,hahahaha

Didn't sleep much last nite, got up one time, 2 am,, and read for a while.  Finally ate a snack and slept off and on after that, til 7;30.  O well, can nap any time.

I finally had to unfriend a couple of people on FB.  Every day had invites for games, which I do not do on FB.  Besides, not sure I even know them.  What's with having hundreds of friends on there?  Beats me.  We are having a blast, with all the family members, answering questions.  Like,, worst hair do.  what did you get in trouble for as a kid,,,favorite stuff., etc.

I think I finally figured out how to use the T9 for texting,,, but I think I have to set it every time.  lol,,, which is not good.  Love the keyboard tho.  Lots better.
Checked my new meter against my old one for testing blood sugar,,,it's giving wrong results.  They didn't send test fluid, so I think after off and on all morning yesterday, they will.  Guess I need to call,,,AAAAGAINNNN.  It's a new style meter, called redi-code.  Testing about 20 above old one.

Jude just came back in,,,silly cat.  Tried to get him to stay in  Wet and cold,,,and he left a place in front of a warm fire???,,,

A family from here is going to be on Family Feud today.  Got a reminder in front of me,,,so I won't forget.  It's the McDonald family.

I drove thru the park a few days ago, and saw ONE pelican.  I'm sure there's more but just that one was there at that time.

Ok, outa here,,,and watch out DD,,,you're gonna get it too,,,,all this nasty stuff.,,,lol.

Yall tc, and


Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, Monday

Not much going on, why I haven't done a post lately.  And even now, nothing to write about.

My blood sugar has been testing about 20-25 points higher for a while, think maybe the stress I was under caused it.  I have increased my med, but maybe I need to go a bit more.  Gonna give it a little more time.  I was originally prescribed 2000 mg a day of the methformin, but on my own, decreased it down to 1000, and was ok for a long time.  Gone back up to 1500 to see if that will work.  lol,,,great news huh?

My SIL started a family thing on facebook and it's really fun.  She asks questions for us to answer, like,,,what was your favorite toy, favorite book, movie, etc.  We are having a good time with it.  So many of us.

Got my new phone Sat, got it charged and Sunday got everything transferred, minutes, days, number.  It has the slide out keyboard and I think i'll love it.  Still trying  to figure out if I want T9 or abc.  Anybody help me on this?  Both? lol.  Now I can text.  Other one was YEARS old. 

NET10 - Samsung 404G No-Contract Mobile Phone -
Update on my son, doing great, getting around good, increasing walking distance all the time.  Plans on going to Vegas over Thanksgiving with fiancée and her sister, BIL.  The last 2 holes in him have finally quit draining, a nurse has been going by and dressing them twice a week.  One was in his side, from chest area, not sure about the other one.  Therapist twice a week, too. 
That's it folks, tc and

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blizzard? No,,,,, Cold? Yeah!

When I got up at 8, the wind was blowing out of the N already.  The house wasn't cold yet, so turning on some heat has kept it warm all morning. 

Trying to remember it's Tuesday,,, trash day.  I do it that way, cause i'm never up early enough on Wed. to get it out in time.  One big bag is all I have, most weeks.  That's those big black yard bags.  The ones for house are too small for my trash can.  I like the big ones better.

Darn it, went to the store yesterday, and didn't get milk.  NOW, gotta go back.  Need eggs too.  O well, I can blow in, blow out,,,lol.

My dotter gave me flowers for my birthday,,,last Friday.  The roses are already gone.  They were bronze, and even had the smell.  BUT,,, lasted just those few days.  The others (not roses)  are ok, so I still have some.

DD, i'm expecting some pics of that swamp of yours,,,lol.  Love that thing.  My camera is always in the wrong place,,like right now, it's in the car, and i'm not going out to get it.

Yall tc, and


Monday, November 11, 2013

Hmm, Been Awhile

Time gets away,,, can't believe it's been so long since I've posted anything.  And, nothing going on anyway.

Heard on my scanner last nite, a high speed chase going on, starting in Burnet Co, and almost making it into town here.  About 5 miles out, he rolled it, had a cut on his forehead.  He had stolen the car and left a murder scene.  We DO have a little excitement sometimes. 

Keep hearing about that COLD coming tomorrow.  Heck, I'm ready.  Got a good book, warm fire, food.  What else can I need?  O yeah, warm clothes,,,lol.

My dotter and son came over yesterday, my birthday.  She brought me some of her homemade chili that I had for supper.  Gonna put the rest in the freezer,,,lol.  She had put several things on top, like cheese, sour cream, onions, and I added too much of those onions!  Sure was good eating at the time, but i'll know better next time, to leave most of those onions out. 

My son is doing good, just needs time to build himself back up.  And lots of rest.  He thinks that was leaking back several months ago, and I think so too.  The signs were there, just no one ever thot about the esophagus rupturing.  Not even the docs.

Hmm,, nothing else coming to me, so yall tc, and


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Taking a Weekend Off

Since my son is doing so well, and his fiancée is going to be there all weekend, I stayed home.  I did get a pot of bean soup made a couple of days ago, and cornbread.  Good eating!  Well, I have to have onion with it too,,,lol.

Left to go to the grocery yesterday, and wow, just went on by.  I don't think there was a parking spot left.  That's when I realized,,,day before deer season!  Stations full, traffic thick everywhere, the usual.  I went to my brother's for a bit, then by the time I went back by the store, I could get in.  Just needed a few things, like ONION, for one,,,lol.  Little frozen pizza for supper.  Beat that Taco Bell thing I was headed for. 

I finished a book today too.  I'll drop it off at the library later.  I'm still reading David Baldacci, some of the best books I've ever read.  AND, he has written a lot.  I take one to the hospital with me, and read a lot there.  My dotter has the best idea,,,puzzles.  We could leave them on a table in the lobby and no one bothered them.  I had to laugh, when we got to rehab, someone else had done the same thing.

Somewhere back, I had to put a battery on my car.  It hesitated a couple of times when I was starting it.  That's enough for me.  It was just 2 years old, and he is going to check that out.  Free replacement under 18 months.  HA.  My utility was way down, almost enough to pay for the battery.

I've been setting a few clocks today.  Just to remember.  Main one, the coffee pot timer.

Well, yall tc, and