Friday, April 26, 2013

What a Headache, a New Tech Thing

My neighbor's mowing, which it didn't need, guess he just needed something to do.  It's clouded up again, maybe more rain, yet.  Got a 1/2" out there in my gauge..

Got that new HDD, DVD recorder thing hooked up, but couldn't get a menu on the screen.  Magnavox has online support, or phone support.   I talked to 2 different people the first day, and the second one told me I had a defective unit.  I told her no, didn't think so, just didn't know what buttons to use,,,,and she sure didn't.  Well, the next day, I called again, and in about 5 minutes, that man had me going and I even recorded 2 shows last nite.  To use the unit, you have  to punch the HDMI button on the tv remote!!!  No one had told me that, and with that book of instructions,,,(which I was also told to ignore), there wasn't anything saying that.  I've set it to record 2 movies today,,,and I know it came on, so I assume they are being done.

I was doing all the above, feeling so bad.  Went to the Doc Wed and had all my blood work done, and found out I have a bladder infection.  Where it came from I have no idea.  Had maybe 2 in my whole life.  Going back next  week to see about my wrist, which I wasn't sure if it was carpal or Arthur,,,doc thot Arthur.  Gonna see about an injection.

Ok,,,think i'm gonna run out to the park and see if the geese are there, I have some old crackers.

Js doing great, indoor workouts, and he said he walked about 2 miles yesterday. 

Yall tc, and