Thursday, August 11, 2011

PLZZZZ,, No Plumbing Problems

Heard something gurgling a while ago, got up to look, and it was my drains in the sinks.  WTH???  Went into the bathroom, same thing.  OMG....Realized then that my washer was draining, and not going down good.  It made it, but when it went thru the next cycle, rinse, then the drain, i was there for sure, watching.  Ready to cut it off.  NO PROBLEM.  Now,,,what happened?  Hmmm.. Beats me.  Had my washer overflow once, DO NOT want that again!!!

I was in the bathroom a year or so ago, and heard this HORRIBLE crash.  Could not imagine what in the world it could be, but almost afraid to look.  I came cautiously out, and just stopped and stared.  My whole kitchen floor was covered with broken glass.  The hood over my stove had decided to let go, just on one end, and all the crystal glassware on it, was now in pieces on my floor.  I had to just stop and think, not sure whether to call for help or not.  My broom was right there by the door to my kitchen, so i just got it and started sweeping toward the middle.  I was barefooted, as always inside, so i swept good.  lol  It was everywhere.  Even some over in the dining room!  Some on top of my stove.  Had to sweep that with a hand held broom, dust pan.  A few didn't break, but was so many that did.  Took a long time to clean it up.  And even now, i still find a glittering little piece sometimes.    But,,, the WORST mess i never got all cleaned up, was when my dotter, about a year old, got out my large bottle of dish washing soap and took the lid off, poured it all over her, floor, everything.  Was a new large bottle.  Then i went and made matters worse, by sticking her in the bath tub!  hahahaha,,,great bubble bath.  Have to defend myself a little here,  I was still a kid,,,18 years old.  I had bubbles coming out over the tub, had to just leave the tub full of bubbles, got her out, dried off more soap. lol.  Then, time for kitchen.  Probably youngsters reading this, that thinks there were always things like paper towels, throw away diapers., stuff like that.  Well, let me tell you,  no such thing back then.  Sooo,,, i got my mop, and again,,,made matters worse.  Gooey soap now all over the floor.  Mop no good any more.  Can't get it off the floor.  Used towels, whatever, did the best i could do, and just had to leave that floor sticky forever.  Bubbles everywhere.  Don't remember how many times i washed those towels, that diaper, without adding soap.  New mop stirred up sticky stuff every time.  Don't know how that kid could get lids off, but she could, no matter how tight.  Learned to put things UP.  From that time on.

Gonna be gone most of the day tomorrow.  Probably won't get a post here, done.  Been making a list for Walmart, lol, BB, my kinda stop too.  Like that i can do all my shopping there.  Cleaned out my freezer this morning.  Took a couple of old things out, to throw away.  Outside of course.  Something might be hungry.  I don't put out scraps tho, got to getting too many feral cats around.  An occasional toss won't matter. 

When i go out now, i'm seeing lots of old trees dying.  A lot of them are hackberrys.  I always thot they were like mesquites, really hardy.  I have one big, old one in front, and 3 others side and back.  Have liked them a lot, good shades, keep their leaves longer than most, hardy.  I put the water to them on Sundays and am hoping they will be ok.  Darn weatherman, saying this could go on even in 2012.

Gotta git, but yall HAGD

OOO YEAH river flow: 37-17-4