Saturday, February 14, 2015


Took that hp back,, had 15 days. Then I ordered the Acer 17" with windows 7! NEW!! Walmart has them. I did talk to my repairman, and he was gonna get started on mine today. I told him I had ordered a new one, and didn't want to have to spend an arm and leg to repair it. Guess i'll find out.

BB sure would like it if you found and bought property here...:))). The Rio Llano has big creeks, river frontage, no restrictions. Did you look at those? I would have bought a place there if my house had sold in a reasonable time, way back there. Had one picked out. The housing market went kaput, and didn't sell it for years.

I owner financed it with a large down payment, to a new lawyer in town. She made the payments for a few years, then just quit when her husband left her. Try getting a lawyer out.... HA. Had to hire one myself, and not one here would do it. Took about 8 months, had to go to court, to get her out. Her brother had come from somewhere way north, took her back and put her in a mental illness place. She filed lawsuits on everybody that did anything for her, lol, even me. I didn't tell her how to fix the leaking roof. The judge dismissed them all. Got it back after MY lawyer charged me MORE than he had said, with the excuse of:  I changed my mind!! That's how my younger brother got it. He paid me off with a loan. Still lives there. lol, To him it was like buying his home, there so much growing up.

I tried to buy a battery pack for my camera, (telling on myself) and the sales lady said they didn't carry them. Then she told me most people didn't need it, because they could charge the cameras. Well, DUH, it hit me, yeah,, I had a charger and even knew where it was. Just never have been into cameras, pictures. Did videos mostly, and the tapes were in the stolen things out of my store rooms. My memories. And I know they just threw them away. Really is bad, because they had a lot of my youngest son that I lost when he was 16.

Yall tc, and