Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Over the Hump,,,

My son is coming over any time, so this will be short.  I think he wants to sit in his chair that's still here,,,lololol.  We'll go thru some more of my picture albums too.  He found his gf in one of the pics, when they were like,,10 or 11, at his birthday party.

Can't think of a thing i have to do today.  Maybe a load of laundry later.  Or tomorrow,,,

DD was talking about a missing blogger,,,When someone posts every day, it really does worry you when they become missing.  At our age, who knows what has happened? 

Today is the day the pharmacy delivers my refills every week.  Just 2 today.  They show up before noon, which is perfect timing for me.

Little Jude,,lol,,,ran out of cat food earlier, and just sat there, and every time i got up,,,here he was, sitting there waiting,,,Had to refill that thing before my 2nd cup of coffee!! 

O WOW,,,last nite on America's Got Talent,,,out of the 12, i voted for 9!!! hahahaha,,How can anybody pick the best one?  They were all the WOW factor.  Only 3 could go thru, too,.  Tonite shows those.

Ok gotta go, yall tc, and