Saturday, April 4, 2015

Just a Short Report

The Doc went back in to one place and fixed the bleeding and took a blood clot out. The right leg isn't numb any more, but now the left one is, and if it's not better Monday, he will go back in to fix it too. He stands straight, and is going into a regular room today.

I  told him the Doc was gonna get him right yet! And he will.

In the meantime, i can't wait til Tuesday, to get my hip taken care of,,, I HOPE. If not, replace it! Only way i'm pain free is if i'm not moving.

My 2 brothers came by and wired my 220 plug back into a 110 for the new ac i got last year. I guess it hadn't been right from the getgo, but it is now. Took em quite a while. The older one has changed that a few times before, so i don't know why he didn't do this before either.

I'm going with Brad to visit my son in a bit. He said he'd push a wheel chair for me... lol.

Guess i'd better eat a bite, so i can be ready, yall tc, and