Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Gosh, i get off into something else and get lost in it. lololol. Was looking into this new Google stuff, including blog. That's how i forgot i hadn't done one yesterday. I didn't follow my routine, and left out that step. Didn't even know it til way late, so i just didn't do one. Almost did it again. Read on one about spam stuff, and that's what i was looking into. I don't seem to get any on my blog, but the blocker had some. So i guess it's working good, huh? I'm open to all, no word verification, (hate it) and still not being bothered with spam.

Out at the park yesterday, there was one of the loons?,, little black birds with tails about an inch long, stay on the water a lot. Well anyway, one of them couldn't walk on one leg. It hopped along on the bank eating, so i spent a lot of time watching it, to see if it could swim, and yes, it did. They all took off into the water, but i don't think this one flew, think it walked, but i walked over there to be sure it wasn't down low on the bank. It was in the water, so i hope it'll be ok.

Ok,, gonna warn ya, if anybody! uses that F word in my comments, i will ban them. I haven't seen that on these blogs til yesterday. NOT the place. And that's how i feel about it. As kids we got our mouths washed out with soap if we even said HECK. loolool.. I told my kid's friends that that word hurt my ears, and they didn't use it any more, around me. I'm sure my kids used all kinds of words i didn't, but they had enough respect to not do it around me. I didn't use them, to set an example. If i say it, then you can,,,lololol Yep, around the bars, you're gonna hear lots of bad words, and i just let them go over my head, tuned them out.

Someone was talking about commercials,,i hate them too, most of em. I pick my book up and read during them, all except one. I love that one,,the little green geiko lizard. And i will watch most of the super bowl ones, online. All time fav on those was the giant armadillo. Then the Bud team of Clysdales,,with the colt. They have done it again,,passed the volume thing for commercials,,,wonder if it will work this time? I remember way back, it was done, and they never got lowered,,,so,,,,guess we can hope,, HA! HA!

It's after 1 pm and i'm still not out of my robe. lololol.. No hurry, not going anywhere,,,maybe later, to check out that little bird. I need to look those up in my bird book,,

Ok,,enough outa me,,yall tc, and