Monday, January 23, 2012

I Did It!!!

Just before the kids showed up with supper,,kids,,lol,,, i somehow did something,,that saved all the 2011 blogs to documents, then i put them on a flash drive! It looked like it had just saved a little over a month of them, but,,,you can clic on the links and go to ALL of them. Comments too! I think it took all of 2 seconds. I showed the kids, so they would know that little fd had like,,my journal for the whole year. This beats a book, and those little fds don't cost much now.

BB, got your email this morning, after the fact, but TYTYTY. I can't believe how much help i get with things on these blogs. Another thing was using metallic blinds on my new metal door. I had never heard of them, and seems no one else i know here, had either. Even the men that put them on. I looked and even Walmart had metallic curtain rods, etc,,,too. And another thing,,BB,,my son loved your ideas for that gate!!! hahahaha,,Even mine, putting glue in that lock. lololol...Think he might have done just that,,,later. He was sure laughing about it.

I sure hated to read DDs blog today. But i know how he feels, these take a lot of time. (Which i have, but others might not). And i type FAST...lololol. My boss bought a throw away ribbon for MY typewriter one time,,you got to the end, threw it away,,WELLL,,I hated that thing, chewed him out for messing with MY typewriter. I would be right in the middle of something and have to change that **^^%!#^# ribbon. Also, i could type faster than it could move. So a lot of letters hit blank spots. I never let the word,,boss,,,mean anything to me. You ASKED me to do something,,,NEVER ordered!!,,Better even say,,,"pretty please",,,hahahahaha,,,not really.

My son and gf stayed til after 9;30 last nite, and by the time i got to bed, i couldn't go to sleep again. So i'm double tired today. Doesn't matter, i'll nap later. Nothing going on today,,,lolol,,like there ever is,,Well, sometimes i guess. After they left, i turned the tv on, and the game was over, but then the post game came on, so i gave up on watching Idol,,,Haven't figured out WHY it was on that late, and on Sun,,,anyway. Couldn't record it, didn't know the times. I can watch it on this,,later. Have to do that sometimes when i miss a show i wanted to see. OMG,,Steven Tyler sang for it! lmaoooo. Saw that on the Today show this morning.

OK,,yall,,,tc, and