Sunday, January 15, 2012

Football, and a Little Baseball

It's taking me longer and longer to do my gitupngo.  Maybe cause this is Sunday, lots more paper to go thru.  Didn't find a thing worth passing along. 

Guess everybody is footballing now, being it's after noon.  Gosh, i used to be such a die hard football fan, that that's how my whole weekends were spent.  I ran a pot, made it lots more fun.  I ran copies of the form for doing picks, out of the paper, and it cost a whole dollar to play.  You would be grabbing Monday's paper, checking your picks.  lololol,,,lots of fun and made you keep up with all the teams.  Then you had to wait til after Mon nite's game, back then, to see who won the pot.  Then OMG,,, the pots for playoffs and the SUPER BOWL!!!  There were squares, numbers from 0-9, and maybe a couple of others.  I never won any of the squares, but i sure did on the numbers.  I don't know why i've never gotten into the fantasy, like all the others have.  Bro B thinks he lost out last nite when the Saints lost, wow! what a game, on a 700.00 pot.  Doing the fantasy thing, with just 7 in it.  Somehow, i just lost interest.  Maybe because of not doing the picks any more.  Quit the Cowboys after years of frustration, and had to live with everybody calling me a Yankee lover,,,,lolololol.  Cause i bet with my head.  Even bro B has finally quit them.  I would be so upset, it would last for days.  Finally decided, not worth it.  No more fav team.  Took each game, bet the one i thot would win, never for a fav any more.

Don't think i ever told about back when my sons were playing peewee, little league baseball.  One year my youngest son's team didn't have anybody to coach them, and after a couple of weeks, i volunteered.  It was like,  WHAT???? A woman???  (I had played softball for about 15 years).  There was this BIG discussion, and they decided, welll,,, if my hubby would too, then ,,ok. HA,,He didn't know doodly.  So,,, he was named the coach, me, the assistant.  This was for a PEEWEE team, not like major league!!  That was a break thru, then another year i coached a little league team. 

But,,my proudest moment in all baseball history was,,I got a call one day, from my son's coach, asking if i could fill in that nite, he couldn't be there.  I said sure.  They were playing this team that hadn't lost a game.  lololol.  I got there and his dad handed me the line up, i told him i had my own.  All the kids were  talking about not being able to hit off this pitcher, (my son could cause i had shown him how) how fast he was, etc.  I told em,,yep, you can, and i'm gonna show you how!  So,,i take em off behind the bleachers, draw em the batter's box, and proceed to show and tell them HOW they were gonna hit off this pitcher.  It's just 110* that day, so i also tell em to go get drenched at the water fountain,,,they go whooping and hollering, and so the game begins.  When each one picks up that big ol long heavy bat, i take it away, say, here use this one.  My son's short lite weight aluminum one.  I remind each one of how and where to stand, how to hold the bat, and all that good stuff. AND,,,THEY ALL HIT LIKE CRAZY!!!  hahahahah.  WE beat the unbeatable!!  Their coach was standing over there, getting redder and redder,,,and i'm laughing behind my back. hahahaha.  We didn't just beat em, we stomped em.  Cause with all these kids hitting, their pitcher got more and more upset.  Yep, my proudest moment.  I broke the mold around here, for being female.  I was a lot of firsts.

Ok, i'm gone, yall tc, andd


Maybe i should explain a little.  I was raised with brothers, neighbors were 3 boys.  And thank God, my Dad never told me i couldn't do anything because i was a girl.  So i grew up, knowing i was as good as the boys, in sports, games, whatever.  I think he was proud of me, being like i was.  Heck, he's the reason i learned how to use a hammer, do some plumbing, cause he let me join in.  Mom didn't object, but still liked to put me in dresses, made me keep my long hair.  Later, they had 3 more, that's how i have the 2 sisters. and the bro B.  But not when i was growing up.