Monday, May 30, 2011

Boring Boring Day

OK DD, i still can't post to ur blog. How r others doing it?,,And,,just where r u today???? Blogger has fixed a couple of things on mine, but not all yet. oooo,,,i didn't try posting to mine today. It hasn't been letting me thru google account, have to use name/url.

Still no plans for today. Nobody wants to be out in the heat, including ME. But u never know about us. There r things i could do in the house, but.....maybe, r maybe not. There is never anything i have to do, i can always say, do it tomorrow. Have tried to tell N that. Won't do any harm to wait a day to do a full house cleaning, u do NOT have to do it on Tuesday! It's a compulsion, she can't change it. So,,even when she's sick, hurting all over, r anything else, she cleans on Tuesday! I'm gonna be gone Wed, with her, to see a chiropractor about her problem with both arms and hands. She still might have to go c a neurologist.

Well, boring day here. I do need to get up and do a couple of things, like, dishes and teeth. bbl, maybe