Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Kinky Today

See?  Lots of kinky.  Told you about these shoe strings yesterday.  The purple ones on top were the ones I used a lot, the white ones look new.  You lace those up and then just leave em hanging out the sides.  You set them where u want so they aren’t tight, and that’s it.  They are stretchy.  Don’t know why you can’t get them any more.  A salesman had come by the place I was working, selling those and other things, and I bought everybody  some.  

Told you I had taken a pic of the Kingsland slab, but,,,it’s not there now.  Fooling around with the card or something at Walmart took it off.  I guess.   And I didn’t come back that way.  Gosh, I was so tired after that trip, wasn’t worth 2 cents the rest of the day.  Still not up to par after the pneumonia.

Had waffles for brunch today.  Soooo good too.  Took a long time to eat them, (2) and they still kinda feel like a lump in my upper stomach.  ( The itsy bitsy one).    Finally got the rest of the pork ribs finished.  The whole 2 of them. lololol.  Had 3 or 4 meals from them.  Not bad.  Gosh, another recall, bagged spinach I think he said.  I signed up one time to get notices for those, and had to quit, got so many.

I got so short on time in Walmart yesterday, I didn’t  have time to look around for some other things to eat, just grabbed my list of stuff.  Did get all of that.  And,,guess what!!! I remembered to use my coupons!  All 2 of em. lololol.  Well, 1.75 off.  I can go to the HEB in Kingsland and get stuff later.  Hey, we’re getting a raise in Jan. Woooohoooo….After 2 years, won’t seem like much tho.

Got this recipe out of the paper the other day, and it’s 1/2 c baking soda, 1 c vinegar, down ur drains to sweeten em up.  Desperately needed it in my kitchen drains.  So,,I poured that soda in the drain,,heyyyyy ,,, won’t go down!,, had to poke and prode for a while,,but finally got it mostly down, poured that vinegar slowly, good thing too, and whamo,  lotsss of boiling, spewing, finally settling down for the 15 minute wait time.  Rinsed with hot water, and that was just one, so still might have to do the other side.  This one was the one straight down to the p trap.  Heck, might just do all my drains. lol.  Our water here has some terrible stuff in it.  It’s leaving a ring in my commode too.  I have an excellent filter for drinking, cooking water.  Got 2 bottles of The Works, for the commode and it took off a lot of the old water stains.  And that ring.  Have to be careful, not inhale it.  I do, anyway, with the COPD.

Got all my Christmas shopping done now.  I’ve always done it early, and have picked up things all during the year, for birthdays, and whatever.  Now I have what?,,2 months to wrap?,,,lololol.  That’s the hard  part.  Have some bags I’ll use tho.  Stick em in the bag, ur done.

Enough rambling,,,yall HAGD