Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve,,,,Dec. 31, 2011

Just about made it another year,,,lol.  I always remember my youngest son saying, about the time i get used to writing,,(new year date), it changes.  Don't know of anything i'm forgetting, but know there has to be something,,,hahahaha,,,,

RIGHT now, i'm gonna get my black eyed peas out. LMAOOO,,, got up and got distracted,,read this and got right back up to get those darn peas out.

HAVE to go to the grocery store today, i'm outa waffles.  Ate toast today, not gonna, any more.  Need milk too.,, For a long time i didn't drink anything when i ate, like i was told to do with this lap band, so i've really missed milk.  I also drink iced tea, not a lot, with other meals, or water.

Had to laugh, reading DD's blog today.  Gosh, had me convinced that was a new critter,,,hahahaha.  Then, he ate it!! lmao,,, 

Gonna be another spring day today.  Upper 70s.  Appreciate these days a lot more when they come in the winter.  There's a lot of snow birds at the park.  That changes all the time, but i counted not long ago, and there were 18. That's almost full.   Don't know how anybody can afford the prices,,there.  I looked it up one time, and it's like, 300 a week.  WOW  That new one is opening real soon, between town and the park, on the river too, but i don't know what prices that will be,,,a lot, i bet.

Not nothing to say, guess yall can tell,,,so, tc, and


Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday, NOT the 13th

OMG!!! Noticed those little vent things for my dryer,,,outside, were stuck open.  Sooo,, i go over there to close them, and ,,,the reason they weren't closed,,,There was so much lint stuck in them they couldn't.  Hard too.   I dug and dug, getting it out as much as i could reach.  Don't know why stuff like that's been on my mind for weeks, lol,, a warning maybe?  Also, the washer leaking. (on my mind).  Had one do that, the seal broke under the tub, and all that water flooded out.  Gonna see if i can find someone to come by and take off the tube for the vent, so i can clean it all out.  HOW did all that get past the filter???  I clean that every time i use the dryer.  Was so little space left to vent, don't know how the dryer worked. 

Called in my refills for prescriptions today, gotta pick them up later.  That way i don't pay co-pay, and will after the 1st.  There's just a little space between paying, and not.  Not sure if they will fill one or not, but called it in anyway. 

Whew, finally, got to sit down.  Wheeeeeeeeeee,,, found some old pillow cases that are wider,  4 of em, so now i can cover that new pillow.  They were with 2 old sheet sets.  Gotta tell you this,,,one time my Mom gave me a set of striped sheets, and i found some material (of course) she had, to make some pillow cases.  She told me she found one of the sheets one time, at a garage sale, and!!! later, found the matching one at another!!!  Of course, i told her to keep looking, might find the pillow cases yet. lololol.  She didn't buy them for sheets,,,she bought the first one for the material, she made pillows.  But, finding the matching sheet,,,lol,,and the size i used.  When i was a teen, i helped the girls, friends, that lived across the street, do laundry for a motel.  That's where i learned how to fold sheets as you took them off the line.  Still do it, if i hang them out.  They folded them that way, hung them over the line and kept going,  then gathered them all up by flipping onto their arms. 

They were Jehovah Witnesses, and their dad was the minister.  Best people you ever knew.  Course, they never convinced me, this ol Southern Baptist here, of any of their beliefs, but i still admire them.  They live what they preach.  About the only ones i ever knew that did, or,,does.  I went to church with them if i was spending the nite.  Ok not gonna get into religion,,u know,,politics, religion, forbidden on blogs! and in bars,,,lolololol

Gosh, catch myself sitting here in a daze,,,hahahahaha,,,sometimes.  My mind's gone blank.  I've earned that right,,,right?,,,hahahahaha.

This security firm, Stratfor, in Austin, got hacked. lol,,,and,,last nite it got hacked again.  Just shows you how good these hackers are.  And they're showing them too.

Gosh, be so glad when next Tuesday gets here, all these holidays closings done til May.  When i was still working, that was a long time in between.  But even then, i was glad to be back to normal.  O Yeah,,,!!!, got my can of black eyed peas, remembered early this year.  Do yall?  Even have some cornbread in the freezer.  Couple of slices anyway.  Gonna keep my eye on those mixes,,hahahaha, cook em before they expire.  Cooked a mix of biscuits and put them in the freezer too.  I can stick either one in my toaster oven and toast to get em warmed up.

Done my do, for today, so yall tc, and


Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Day Has Disappeared!

Geezz,,,the day has just slipped away.  Well, almost.  Have a load of laundry in the dryer, not totally useless today.  So tired, couldn't sleep again, last nite.  Not sure about this new pillow either. lolol  It's not foam, but sure is thick, then when i put the case on, makes it too hard.  In the middle of the nite, i was jerking that case off, worked then.  If i slept on the edge, on my stomach, it was ok.  But NOT in the case.  No room to expand.  Gosh!  What a freaking problem,,,lololol.  Haven't had one i liked since the egg carton foam one, that is not made any more.  I've looked online, everywhere.  And that's been a long time.  Not sure what to do about a case.  Now, none,,,lol.

I gave up on leftovers today, rest going out to the park, stray cats.  Just can't take it any more,,,,hahahaha.  Hate turkey for sure, now.  Friend S had insisted on filling up,,not ONE,,but TWO, of those BIG foam plates to send home with me, one with mexican food.  Tamales, yuk, never liked em.  I really didn't like any of it, and that turkey and trimmings, (plate FULL),, time to go.  I ate 3 meals off of all that.  OHHHH yeah!!,,another plate of sweets!!  Believe it or NOT, i'm tossing almost all of that too.  She had so much in her fridge, i know why, but don't know what she's gonna do with all the rest.  OMG,,,Sooo much.  She's the one that's lost over 200 lbs after having the lapband put in.  AND,, she can't eat hardly at all, kinda nibble.  She told me once, to eat meat, she can chew it a long time, then spit the rest out,,,that way she gets the taste and all.  Beef is the worst.  I have to do that sometimes, too.  Steaks?  Have to be so tender you could cut with ur fork.  Otherwise, can't do em.

DD's got a strange tree too, like that honey locust at my sis's place.  Never heard of DDs either.  They are both so out of place, makes you "wonder" how they got there.  I've lived in this county almost always, and have never seen another honey locust tree.  Actually, don't want to.  Here it is.  How could you tell by looking at Ol Jules pics, it was a dead tree?  Did i miss something? 

Gotta get out of the house for a bit,,,yall tc, and


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Love New Blogs

I want to thank you, Daughter of TX, i love that new blog, Bunkerindex.  Their place isn't very far North of me, maybe 90 miles or so. 

I'm killing time now, waiting on prescription delivery, before i can take a shower.  It's kinda late, they start at 10am,,  They do 3 a day, and i take the morning one.  Started doing it way back, before they moved.  The old place had NOOOO parking spaces, well, a couple that were always taken.  Then, this new place has never figured out how to work the window traffic, so,,, just deliver!  I did get a new calendar,,lol, 2, as a matter of fact.  They finally brought one, AFTER i had stopped and picked one up.  They have Norman Rockwell pics.  Anybody want this extra?  lololol.

All the years i worked, i was always paid weekly.  And all those years, i used a pocket? one to keep up with paying my bills.  Each payday was marked what i paid out of it.  I carried it in my purse with my check book.  Never had a problem with bills that way.  Way back, i bought a portable radio from a business here.  This was in the early 60s, so it wasn't cheap.  I paid it off in 3 months, but,,,,they said NO i didn't.  I paid for it ,,,,AGAIN,   but i learned a valuable lesson... Always, always, keep receipts!  AND, in a place where you could find them.  I never had another problem.

Heck, i might run over to Marble Falls today, check out Walmart.  That's the one that has never figured out how to stay stocked, always out of common things  you need.  But, i go to that one because there's other things i usually need to do over there too.  The one in Fredericksburg isn't one of the super ones, so doesn't have all the grocery stuff, like a meat market, produce, etc.  They have a huge HEB, but i hate to go in that one, it's just TOO big. 

Seeing on weather, cedar is growing, lololol,,good thing i don't have cedar fever.

Ok, off to the races,,,or whatever,,,yall


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Memories Today,,,

Got a good nite's sleep, and here i am, still sitting here not doing anything...lolol.  Well, i did read all my blogs, just got thru.  Were lots of em today.   HJ made me get lost over in youtube,,playing that Stagger Lee song.  I can just keep going, and going,,,,over there,,,lololol.  OMG,,i watched Amy Winehouse doing it and was horrified.  How could anyone keep drinking after watching themselves look like that?

 Don't remember which one reminded me of this, but,,once upon a time,,,lololol,,, My youngest bro has always loved to burn,,,fire has always fascinated him, and when his first son was about 4 or 5, i watched him trying to start a fire, in a fire pit yall,,,with those paper matches, burning his fingers over and over.  Well, guess what his favorite Aunt gave him for Christmas that year,,,hahahaha,,,boxes of strike anywhere matches!!  Told bro and SIL that he was the only one i would do that for.  Knew it would be ok with them.  My other nephew, grown, asked me WHERE i got those,  all he could find were strike on box ones.  Well that kid is grown now too, and he never burned the house down.  My bro still likes to burn, and has lots of stuff to burn, being in construction.  Has a really good fire pit, where some of us were on Christmas day.  lolol.  Watching some little fire bugs,,throwing stuff in.

This is a place you can use to make books of your blogs.  I love it, and intend to do it.  This is as good as, or better than a journal, since it's something we do almost daily.  I have a list of all my passwords in a note pad thingy close by, (cause i have to use it sometimes, lol).  I don't have any reason not to have them all written down for anyone that will maybe need them in the future. 

Caught a glimpse of the weather forecast,,HA,,but,,it says warmer thru the next week.  One day about 3 or 4 weeks ago, my china berry trees had dropped their GREEN leaves overnite!! Every last one of em, all laying there on the ground, still green.  How did they do that?  Don't think i've ever seen that before.

Ok,,think i'm gonna have to go back to youtube,,hahahahaha,,,but yall tc,,,and


Monday, December 26, 2011

Cmon Gimme TWO,,

2 more will make my 10000th visitor. 

And to let all of you know, i had a wonderful! Christmas.  Lots and lots of people, lots and lots more of food.  Lots and lots of poker playing later, had to stay warm,,  Did sit out for a while by bro's fire pit.  Some of the little ones were only too glad to keep it going.  When i came dragging my rear home last nite, i was worn out.  To start with, that niece and her family came by about 9:30 and stayed a while, soooo enjoy them. 

Did i tell you? I cooked 5 lbs of potatoes, so i had a great big bowl to carry.  The lid didn't work good, so i had to be so careful not to drop them.  Could see myself doing that the whole way over there. lolol,,but,,,didn't.  There were 2 turkeys, with 2 huge pans of dressing, a ham, then so many fixings, i don't think i could remember all of them.  I couldn't eat any more, after i had eaten lunch, so i brought home a small plate for today.  O yeah,,,lots and lots of sweets,,,

Ok, thru with that.  Getting hungry now.  For waffles,,,hahahaha.  Need a regular day here,,,My dotter gave me a memory foam pillow, but,,i can not sleep on it.  About 2:30 AM i got up and changed it back.  Hope i can take it back, because that was on my list of things i wanted.  She had asked me to do that, and after thinking about it, i did.  Beats getting useless stuff, u know.

Does that BB like to keep you in suspense ,,,or does he not?,,,  Hey boy, get your azz back here, and explain!  Too early for riddles,,,lololol.

Ok,,gotta make a move,,might get dressed,,well, out of this robe,,lol.  Waffles were darned good.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, December 25, 2011


May you all have a great day, stay warm, have good eats, visit with someone.
Got comany coming, and i'll be gone later,,, bb tomorrow.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Close, But Made It

Sry, yall, had an invite from my g/dotter to come for turkey, and all the trimmings, so been gone most of the day.  This is all i have time for.  Just in case i don't get back in the morning, HAVE A GREAT DAY.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Had to Come Back and Name This,,,

Just heard the weatherman say,, if,,could,,maybe, as usual.  I don't listen any more.

Gosh, someone was talking about being alone and dying, and no one finding your body for days, and to me, that's not the problem.  You're dead, YOU DON"T CARE anymore.  BUT, if you have had to lay there for hours, days, etc, then THAT"S BAD.  I almost had that happen to me.  If i hadn't called 911 when i did, and if they hadn't gotten me to the hospital when they did, i wouldn't be here.  Was all in the timing.  They got me into the ER, sitting on the table looking at the doc, when i quit breathing.  Was out for 3 days.  Flown to Austin, stayed a week.  BUT, no one knew where i was!!! I became a missing person the next day!  Late the next day, my g/dotter came by, found everything not right, and called everybody else.  They looked, asked, hunted everywhere, i'm just gone.  One picked my phone up and hit redial, found out the last number had been 911.  Soooo, they called the hospital, was told no, i wasn't there, and had not been a patient there either.  WELL,,passing thru the ER, you're not.  Someone finally told my sis  that i had been flown out the morning before.  I didn't know you could have pneumonia without a cough or a fever, but you can.  You just feel bad, and if you wake up and can't walk, CALL 911!!!  This man that put in my front doors, said he had that happen one time.  They called his "walking pneumonia" but why he didn't know, he couldn't walk! lolol.  I just had it again, a couple of months ago.  From this lapband making me inhale stuff during my sleep.

Then,,when i was still working in Home Health Care, i went to a lady's house 2 blocks from me, and found her on the floor in her bathroom, been there at least 2 days, maybe 3.  And her son who was the patient, had been in the chair the same.  He was unable to walk without help.  Another son lived in the next house up the street, had to have seen her lite on for days, and never stopped and checked.  Her newspapers were laying out there too.  She had to stay in the hospital for about 2 weeks, and then the younger son and her were put in a nursing home in another town, where one of her dotters worked.  It was time, she was getting really bad with altzheimers. 

I would love to have one of the necklaces, but don't want to spend the monthly fee.  I try to keep my cell phone handy.  My family had good intentions for a while, but it goes away.  Gosh, it's been 3 1/2 years,,and o yeah, that's when i quit smoking...lololol.  The cough was gone almost instantly.  Amazing.  And i got my voice back.  As far as my lungs are concerned, i can't tell any difference from having the copd, the effects of, i mean. I use just Spiriva,,,and that's a once a day thing.  No oxygen, no breathing machines, nothing else.  If i walk, it's my back that makes me sit down, not my breathing.

Ok, nuff said. 

Here i am, saying i'm ready for Christmas, and you watch, right at the last minute, something will pop up.  Gonna cook my potatos tomorrow, they will just get better, sitting. 

OMG, just made those Firecrackers, and the bag leaked!  A Ziploc at that.  What a mess.  Did manage to get them into another one, and turn them in a safer place, like ,, the sink.  lolololol.  That bag wouldn't seal, don't know if it's the oil, or what.  Turned it upside down here on the table, and,,,Big puddle of oil!!!  Managed to catch it before it got off tho.  Geez!  I mixed saltine with ritz, 2 columns each.  Looking at all those crackers thot HOW will they all fit??,,,But, they did.  Bag's full, right up to the zipper,,,lololol.  Wondering when to try them.  Guess they're ready, huh.  Used OLD red pepper flakes,,hahahaha,,see if they get out of date.  I have some coarse ground black ,,,,if they are.  Thot i had some of those little packets from the Pizza Hut, but,,NOOO,,,when i cleaned out that drawer they got tossed, along with all the ketchup, lemon juice,,,etc.  Think that's a reason to save it all?,,,Might need it some day,,hahaha, like i just did?  Too bad i'm a tosser, not a keeper.

UMMM yeahh they are good!, and,,the red pepper is HOT.   It was one of HJ's recipes.  Thx, HJ.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Day in History

Had a mouth dropping experience this morning.  Last Sunday i had heard about someone out on E71 needing EMS, seemed to have had a heart attack while driving.  He did, and didn't make it, but that's not what i'm talking about.  He was coming here to visit the man who as a policeman 45 years ago, was the one who killed Charles Whitman.  Houston McCoy.  I never knew he had moved here.  When Whitman got on the UT Tower and started shooting people, i remember watching it on TV, staying glued most of the rest of the day.  Horrified!  Watching EMS trying to save some of the ones shot, putting their own lives in danger, being shot at too.  The one thing that impressed me was people driving by, stopped and got out with their own guns, and starting shooting at Whitman too.  This is Texas, people carry guns.  Even now.  My druggist had been one who had to find shelter just walking down the street.

In 2006 i think, one of the tv stations had shown that old footage, and still had the reporter working for them.  We couldn't imagine anyone doing something like this.  Hamilton's story is welllll worth the read.  His was a short essay about that, and there were others sent in, back in 2006, the actual 40 year anniversity. 

It's a good thing my nephew didn't ever call me back about that tablet,,,lol, i might have bought it.  Need to get thru 2 or 3 months of these extra expenses before i do something like that.  Got house insurance and taxes, plus Christmas, which i really didn't spend a lot on, but now isn't a good time, ya know what i mean?  Put myself in this hard place, replacing those 2 front doors, but oooo, how i do love em.  Don't regret it one bit.

Got a load of laundry done, about all i'm doing today.  Just remembered, my neice said they were coming down here today.  Don't know when i'll see them, tho.

Yall tc, and be sure to,


PS,,DD, In windows 7, it used windows live for a lot of things, it's what i use for email, photos, movie making, even blogging sometimes.  You might have to DL it, but i really thot it came with it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just Flat Forgot

Yep, i did.   Just totally forgot to do this today, til i was on the way to Kingsland HEB, grocery shopping.  Didn't need much, but,,,one of those things,,pays to go there, rather than do it here.  Filled my car up, which i do when it gets down to 1/2 a tank, that way i can always get in and go.  When i got back, just had 3 bags, nothing heavy, and headed in, and oops, dropped one bag,,,right on my walk.  lololol,,,o yeah,  the one with the eggs.  Thot i got by with just breaking one, but on closer look, there were 3.  Put them in a bowl and covered them, will use them first.  That store was packed!  I had to LMAO when i turned up one aisle, and there were 2 birds eating bird seed on the floor..hahahaha.  They knew where to find it!  I know they fly in the doors, and can't get out, but still, it was neat.  I told a little girl and she got all excited, and wanted to go look, even tho they were in the check out.  She'll look from now on. lololol.  Only thing i didn't find were light bulbs, and was no problem.  I'm not out, but just have one more left.  The little curly ones,,60W.  My son said he hates them, takes too long to get bright, so he was stocking up on the others, thinking they weren't gonna make em any more, then,,,,a couple of days ago, they changed their minds, now they're NOT.

Ok,,that's it,,,folks,,wondered how i had so much time earlier. hahahaha,,,


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Up to the Future,,

Hey, i made it today!..Don't know how i can just ,,well,,kinda dawdle so long.. Lots of blogs to read, and comment on.  Think it was Gypsy talking about rodents, reminded me of how i got rid of this whole hill of em.  hahahaha.  Read my 6-26 blog, it explains.

My son put a coil on my car late yesterday, when i had finally been able to catch up with him.  Runs great, no miss, no gas smell, which he had explained how it did it.  Something about how when it misfired, it kicked gas back in something, into tail pipe, and hence the smell.  Don't know if it needs the plugs, wires or not, i'll find out later.

DD finally got a new computer!!!  lol.  Can't believe he's been using Vista all this time.  Way back, right when Vista first came out, i had to buy a new computer, (new about as much as repair), and the only choice i had AT THAT TIME, was Vista.  I hated it!! Nothing was compatible, NOTHING. Not even my printer!  Had to get new software from the HP company (online didn't work, left out a step).  Everything had to be redone to work with Vista!!!, Even my mouse!,,Worst thing they ever did.  Had to spend hours on the phone with a Dell rep to even get it going at all.  THEN, like 6 weeks later, they put the XP back on the market.  Was too late for me, i had to live with that DAM Vista til Windows 7 came out, which i think i might have been the first one to get it. hahahaha,,,i downloaded that and finally got rid of Vista.  I have loved the win 7 since i got it.  It's on both desk and laptop.  So i know DD will too, and wonder how he waited so long.

I look at a site, and yesterday it had this little tablet looking thing, (which i don't know anything about),,,marked down to $149. from $200 and free delivery.  I just might have gotten it if my nephew had called me back to tell me exactly what it was.  It's not on there today, might have sold out at that price.  Wasn't a refurb either.  I know it had Google Android in it, whatever that is, lol.  Did ebooks.  Wasn't Kindle or Nook. O well, might see it again.  I'm lost on those things.  Like DD, need to get  with the future,,,here. lol.  It WAS a tablet.  If i figure it out, i'll let you know.

Why does my skin, neck area, turn jewelry black?  The only thing it won't turn, is gold.  It started doing this about 2 years ago, and i still don't know why.  Even sterling silver turns black.  I put on a necklace a few days ago, and this morning noticed it had started turning black.  Supposed to be SS.  I can wear rings, earrings, and all, and they're ok.  Just the neck area.

Ok, enough ramblings,,yall tc, and


Monday, December 19, 2011

Be Sure What You Get,,Buying Thru any School

Really late today.  Had to take my car to my x to see why it's missing.  And the worst thing, i've been smelling gas too.  Couldn't go to sleep last nite, thinking about it catching on fire, so that HAD to be done ASAP.  AND, wouldn't you know it, the gas smell wasn't there!!!  I do have one cylinder not firing, need a coil, and probably plugs/wires.  Now, WTH happened with the gas smell???  If i get it any more, gonna look to see where it might be coming from.  He said it could be coming from something down under, in the back of the engine, getting into the tail pipe.  He had to leave, not gonna be able to be there until maybe Wed. and i haven't been able to catch my son, so gonna let it sit, mostly.  I know i can drive it with the miss, but,,,NOT the gas smell, which was NOT there today. 

Got a cheese ball made as far as i could, til it chills for a few hours.  Then i roll it in the other stuff.  Don't ever mix cream cheese with your hand!!!  I think most of the ball got washed off. lololol.  Stuck so bad, i couldn't scrape it off.  I bought this from my niece thinking i got the cheese balls,,,what i got is,,,a box, with the mixes to make 2 cheeseballs,,allll for $13.00!!! I couldn't believe it!,,Then you have to buy the cream cheese.  Never ever will i buy anything thru the schools again.  She didn't know it either.  lol, licked my fingers, and there's sure enough garlic in that ranch mix,,,hahahaha.

 Remembered to get out some shrimp to cook for today.  (2 meals)  I pan sear it, cooks in just a few minutes in my iron skillet.  Been getting hungry for some Cooper's pork ribs.  That's gonna come up pretty soon. lol,,,2 will make me about 3 meals.  Way back when i cooked for my "army"  i would buy a 1 lb bag of ready to cook shrimp, bread it with buttermilk, flour, deep fry it.  Just that 1 lb made a huge platter of shrimp!,,We (my army) couldn't eat it all.  When i was told by about the best cook around here, (town), that she used buttermilk for her breading, i had to sneak it to use it.  Hubby and sons would never have even tasted of something with that horrid buttermilk in it.  So,,,i used it a long time, before i let them know what they were eating, and by then, what could they say??? hahahaha  It is the BEST!  There was one brand that was real thick,,the best one.  The kids had seen Mom and Dad drink it, and would gag thinking about it. hahahahaha. 

Heyy,,,it's raining!! yeaaaaaaa,,, Showed 70% today, and it's really happening.  lol, Think it's already quitting.  Sorry folks,,almost a false alarm.

Still tasting that garlic,,,hahahaha...gonna be a good cheeseball, huh?

Miss DD,  but he sure deserves a day off.  Can't wait to see where BB lands, lol. 

Yall tc, and


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anything Happening?


Slow day around here.  I have done all my blog reading, ate, had visitors. 

I just looked up something I had seen on an Austin TV channel, about some old film footage of early Austin.  Supposed to be from a balloon, but, I couldn’t find it.  What I got out of it, was,,,there were these films you could buy, if you wanted. 

I watched a movie last nite, had a normal nite’s sleep.  That means, waking up a few times.  Usually with a really dry mouth.  Have to get up and  wash my mouth out, can’t swallow it.  If I do, it will come back up when I lay down.  That’s the lap band.  It’s ok if I’m not pressing on it, like during the day.  It’s not the BAND, it’s the bit of my stomach above it.  lololol.  Anyway, that works as good as drinking it.

I’ve got ONE Christmas card I’m gonna mail when I get out later.  It’s to a Doc that did bladder surgery on me, it lasted 3 weeks, and by then I was laid off, no insurance.  He felt so bad, he called me later and did something else to fix it, collagen injections, for free!!  Anybody ever heard of any Doctor that did that???,,,I sure never have. It’s been several years now, and I’m still fine.  So that’s who gets my one and only card, lol.  Just letting him know, I haven’t forgotten, and doing fine, and wishing him the same.

Well, I do send some ecards.  LMAO,,,my spell checker says that’s spelled wrong, ecard,,, wonder about email,,,nope,,it’s ok.  hahahahaha.

Sometime I need to get dressed.  Just way too comfortable in my robe.  My bro came by, then later my sis, but that was ok.  I keep getting chilly, then too warm.  Heat on, heat off.  Need a happy medium.  I have natural gas, (LOVE IT), so I have a  space heater in the living room, modern one, all the safety issues, etc.,,Then ,,for the dining-kitchen, I use 1 or 2 burners on my range.  That is all ever needed.  Warm and comfy.  Except for today,,,lololol.  My ceiling fan I set on lo, in the winter, and it’s above me in the dining room.  Pushes the heat down on me.  If I get up and it’s really cold in here, it heats up in about 10 minutes.  My bedroom stays cold, my choice.

Ok, friends, and all, yall tc, and





Saturday, December 17, 2011

Counting Down

Good morning, all.  Yep, it’s Saturday, and we are running out of time for that last minute shopping.  Which I’ve already done.  Been reminiscing about past times when the kids were little, and this time of year was so exciting, for me too.  When they were under 10, we made double recipes of sugar cookies and decorated them.  Got really fancy sometimes, too.  I had the cutters for lots of choices.  So that was one way we enjoyed a whole afternoon, cooking, filling up the whole table several times with cookies to decorate.  I put them out of the pan onto torn open paper sacks.  After years of doing this, no one ate them,,,so that ended a family tradition.  lol.  One year, my daughter was in about the 2nd grade, and I was always a room mother for all of them, and my son still wasn’t in school yet, but got to go to her Christmas party.  He wanted to carry the box of cookies, several layers in a box ,  so Ok,,,,As soon as we started walking he started shaking that box,,,hahahaha,,and,,,we had cookie crumbs that day.  lololol.. No one cared.  When they passed out the gifts to each one in class, OMG,,he didn’t get one!!,,He kept asking,,where is mine?,,I felt horrible, and NEVER let that happen again!,,There was always a gift for the little one too.  I can’t look forward to it now, kinda dread it.  It’s always the worst time of the year,, when there are ones missing.  I try to look at it as just another day now.  We have a big family dinner, and there’s lots to do, we never sit around bored.

I made a copy of HJs  Firecracker recipe and just need one ingredient to make them,  the Ranch Dressing mix.  So now,,it’s that and the potatoes. 

My niece called yesterday, said they opened the box I had sent them.  Actually, when I ordered the stuff, I had them send it.  And, it worked great.  They even printed on the outside of the box, not to open til the 14th, like I put in other instructions.  I didn’t have to pay shipping 2 ways!  Love it.  One of the items was a chocolate water fall thingy. Runs, flows, over 3 tiers.  Even I would love to have one of those, well, not really, but,,one accessible. lol.  That was kinda a family gift.

My son told me last nite, that he wasn’t gonna think about what all he had to do next week.  He is finishing up some craft stuff in the next 2 days, then,,all the rest coming up.  He’s the one I donate to, and he knows all the needy kids, here and in other places too.  He goes thru the parents if they are not druggies or worse, so the kids never know it’s him.   He loads up at Goodwill too. lol.  If a bicycle needs a little fixing up, he does that, makes them look new.  Lots of merchants help him, knowing what he is doing. 

Ok,,enough, I need to get up and get dressed, lol.  I have leftovers to eat on, so don’t have to cook.  Cabbage casserole with biscuits,, yum.

I have written all this in Windows Live Writer, after reading about how to not lose your blog, going thru blogger.  This is wonderful.  Rvsue keeps losing hers in whatever she’s using, and it’s one of my favs. Readers told her a lot of remedies, and even I’m doing one. llololol.  I have lost mine too.  I know readers have said to use Word, Works, whatever, but this is so much better.  You just hit publish, and it all goes to your blog post.  It has nothing to do with IE, or your browser.  And comparing the browsers, Chrome is first place, followed by IE, then Firefox.  I looked at a chart, showing each one’s features.  I took firefox off, installed Chrome.  But, I still like IE.  lolol.

Ok folks,,yall tc, and


Friday, December 16, 2011

Vinegar Works,,Well, I Think So

OK first thing,,i think that vinegar has really helped!,,My wrist and hand aren't hurting near as much.  I'm still putting it on, rubbing it in, and really don't care if i smell like it or not.  It's helping!  The smell goes away as soon as it drys, just checked.

That X Factor is down to the 3 i picked, but,,,i'm not even gonna vote next week!  How can i ever decide, they are sooo good.  And, i watched that 2nd 1/2 of Bag of Bones,,that i had to record.  I used to love to read Stephen King, but not much any more.  So,, don't think there will be any more movies either.

I've been sorta busy today.  First thing, my phone rang at 7;30, woke me up, but i didn't even answer, went back to sleep.  Then, i did remember to use that other 1/2 of my cabbage and made the casserole.  Also, decided to change my sheets, which i do over time.  I leave it, and go back.  Wished i had someone to help me turn my mattress, but,,decided,,later on that.  Does anybody remember what i used that first 1/2 of that cabbage for? hahahaha,,,  Ok,,gonna give you the recipe..
Boil cabbage with butter (about 7 or 8 mins)
Cook potatoes (enough to kinda equal the cabbage), in a bit of oil, with lots of onion, seasonings,        over  low heat, til soft and done. 
Add bite size sausage to skillet til hot.
Add all together,,,TADA  there you have it!!

The potatoes i'm cooking for Christmas, you cut into chunks, (about an inch size)  boil with onion.  Don't use much water, don't want too much later.  If so, pour some off.  Kinda overcook them, add butter, little bit of milk, then stir til mushy.  You want chunks left.  Add whatever seasoning you like...ummm ummm good.

Reading rvsue today,, heck, the first place i stop when i'm grocery shopping here, is the $Store.  They have so much in that dept. that is so much better priced than the grocery.  And, that's where i got my little tree, which i love!  Wouldn't have one, otherwise.  I've used it for several years, and even got my g/dotter one at 1/2 price after Christmas,,a whole $5.00.  So Sue, if you read this, maybe you've never had them around, but they are a good place to shop.  Can't do a pic of the tree, but here's the box. 

I give up, on moving them up.   The pics of the tree are blurry, because the thingy in the bottom turns all the time, changing the colors of the lites. 

I changed batteries in my camera, and didn't change the date and time,,gotta do that.
Ok, thru here, going to eat that gooooood casserole over there.  Yall tc, and,,,HAGD

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Am What I Am

Was reading a couple of days ago, about wearing reading glasses, and using neck chains to keep them near.  I would hate that.  Having a pair of glasses hanging around my neck, swinging around in my way every time i moved! NO WAY.  But,,(always a "but") lol, I'm really near sighted, and had to start wearing glasses ALL THE TIME,,well, if i wanted to see, when i was 14.  I put those things on, and never took em off, except for bed.  First thing on, last thing off.  One day, in English class, a neighbor boy made what he thot of as a disparaging comment,,,that the only reason i wore them was because they made me look better,,... hahahahaha.  It had come out wrong,,for what he was trying to say.   I had never given it a thot about what i looked like, didn't matter, i COULD SEE!  But gosh, my Mom sure did.  I walked in one day, and caught her jerking her reading glasses off, like OMG,,she caught me in glasses!!  Good thing i could just let that slide, her attitude about glasses.  In fact, i thot it was kinda funny.

 Back then, the cat eye frames were all the rage, too.  (Just about back to those now).  I had decided by the time i was 14, wasn't gonna let other's comments or actions, influence ME, by golly!  I am what i am, you get what you see, and don't ever! try to change me.  lol,,,my rule for life.

 Really got off that by getting married, at 16, and, you make your bed, you lie in it, for 26 years.  Not saying he's not a good person, just that WE didn't mix well.  We get along better now than we ever did.  Well, for most of those years, i just kept my mouth shut,  around him. 

I just remembered to rub my wrist with vinegar.  It's been hurting for about a week, everything irritating it.  My Mom used that on her joints and she was a nurse!  lololol. Does anybody have a better idea?,, I think i need to wear my brace, but gosh i hate to do that.  Seems worse this year.

I had to quit my book last nite, with about 10 pages left.  My eyes quit working lol, wanted to shut.  As soon as i finish this, gonna finish it.  When i take 2 of them back today, gonna get 2 more.  Then i won't have to mess with it, til next year,,,o wow..almost 2012!

I tried taking pics of my Christmas tree, but, with the revolving lites, just didn't work.  Actually, just one lite, that goes thru the colors and they show on the tree at the end of the little thingys.

Rain Rain,,,wooohooo..... love it.  Bring it on.  I'll put my cd of a fireplace on, and read.  That sound good?  Think that's where i'm heading right now....yall tc, and


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Forget It

Did a whole post, hit publish, and,,,said my URL wasn't correct,  so, sorry folks, not gonna redo.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

..... the 13th,,,lol.

I made it!  lol.  Glad i went yesterday, today is so foggy, not safe to drive.   I went to the Bluebonnet, there since 1929, and got the fish.  ummmmm.. Got home and got my big red wagon to load my stuff in, dropped my plate of leftovers, but,,,it landed upside down is all, so was ok, just mixed.  Got everything in, almost, just left the 24 pk of water out there.  Way too heavy for me to even move from wagon to inside.  Don't know where i'd put it anyway.  ONLY reason i have that, was, if you bought duracell batteries, which i had to, you got that water free.  HEB has that kind of thing a lot.  I'm gonna just bring in a few at a time.  I shopped there instead of Walmart because i didn't need other things.  Well, had to get stamps, glue, but HEB had those.  You can get lost on some of their freebies. lol.  Buy this, get all these free. 

I keep reading others blogs, and i don't think there's any sun left.  Not here either, and won't be.  But i love rain, so bring it on.

Lol, told DD he should check out Ol Jules, and then!!1 today, he's got all this stuff about the sun.  hahahaha  He's always talking about stuff that DD does too.

I ordered some stuff way back, about a month ago, and filled in on ,,other instructions,,to put on the box,,Do Not Open til 12-14.  I had it delivered to my niece and her family at Lake Worth.  Since i had never done this, i texted her too, not to open til then,, the reason being she and her oldest have birthdays starting on the 14th.  She told me, tho, that it was on the box, so they have gotten to stare at it, wondering what,,,  Well, tomorrow is the day.  It's BDs and Christmas time.   One time, we were at the check out counter with my oldest son's pellet gun, paying for it so we could hide it in the trunk, and here he walked up.  Well, it was the WORST thing he ever had happen,,because he had to wait til Christmas to get it!! The thing he wanted more than anything,,was torture.  It was about 6 weeks, too. lolol,,poor kid.  They pored over those catalogs, making lists, and just wore them out.  I got 2 Christmas ones.  But he told me one time,,how do you always know what i want?,,,

Visibility, 1/3 mile right now, just after noon.

I know there was something else i wanted to put on here, but,,,where it went i don't know.  So yall tc, and


Monday, December 12, 2011

Grocery Shopping Day,,

Gosh, we have lost a lot of bloggers, seems to me.  Is it the season?  Mine is gonna be short today, going to Marble Falls doing my LONG grocery list, and the savings more than pay for the gas.  I tell ya, this one here gouges.  Besides, that good mexican restaurant sounds really good.  But who knows, by then, something else might. lol,,,They have one that's been there forever, and serves the best home cooking type meals.  It's the one, that when i get there, i can't decide on their chicken livers, or fish fillets.  OMG, mouth's watering right now!  lol.

Gotta git,,yall tc and


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fried Chicken for Christmas

Gosh, it's taking me more time to read the paper than before.  I just kinda dawdle.  Then there are some of the ads i like to look thru.  NOT all,,,lol.  I can never pass up a Home Depot one.  Or a Lowes. lol, I should have, that's the way i got my front doors, looking in that thing and seeing what they had that door priced at!  When i bought them, i had no idea when i would get them put in, so just propped them up in that front room i rarely use.  This time of year is pricey for me.  Seems like all the extra stuff comes due this quarter.  So the doors were out of place.  No extras now,,for a while.  Good thing i got Christmas done way back, but i'm the kind of person that shops all year, lays things up for birthdays, or Christmas, or something.  I've always done that.  When i would run across something and think,,ooo,,,so and so would just love this,,i would buy it and put it up for later.  So Christmas is not bad, since i've been spending all year.  Now,,if i just had the food figured out,,,,lol.  OMG,,,i know!!!  A bucket of fried chicken!!!  hahahahaha,,,not kidding.  I know for sure, my youngest brother would LOVE that.  And,,, the little ones. Ok,,gotta ask the place if they're open or not.  Even that sounds better to me, than turkey or ham,,,AAAAGAIN. 

I found 2 waffles yesterday, when i was going thru my freezer.  Ate em this morning.  My freezer is just one on top of my fridge, but plenty big enough for me.  Even with that one, i have to watch it and try not to let things get old.  Like part of a roll of sausage, i had to toss.  Since i don't cook much, i  don't store stuff for later.  What i put in it, is for instant access stuff, things i can microwave.  I'm ready for some new "stuff" now,,,lol.  I still have a fairly large serving of those veges i cooked, so i need to get those gone.  Not now,,lol,,they don't go with the other 1/2 of my burger from last nite.  That reminded me,,,(%*^&$#$% on that burger!  I pick it up at the Sonic, get home, and it's made with mayo!!! YUKKK.  They just can't get an order right!,,I order, no pickles, and then have to take them off but that's not the same,,,i can't take that mayo off.  Soo,,i call, and of course, am told to,,,bring it back,,,I tell em NO WAY, not getting back out.  Finally talk to the manager, and i have a credit for one, which serves them right.  I told him i'll just have to look at my order every time, before i leave.  And, of course, he's blaming it on "new help",,which i can understand, but where is the one that's teaching the new help?  I know i seem extreme, but gosh. don't you get tired of ineptitude?  All the time?  I did get in my car one time and take back some chicken, and when i showed it to the manager, he said "OMG, no one can eat that!"  Same with some fish from there.  Moral of this story,,,lol,,,watch it!

Now i'm hungry,,left over burger coming up... yall tc,,,and


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Day, Another,,,uh,,Whatever,,,,

Wow, i have so many new blogs to read (not all of em are listed), takes me a long time to post mine.  So many i look forward to each day, and i'm really missing ONE of them,,hey BB, you hearing this?,,,lol.  Must be catching so many fish, having a hard time cleaning and eating them,,or,,,throwing them back.  God forbid,,getting pics...hahahahaha

I think i told yall, i needed to use my eggs, soooo,,,this morning, i had 2 scrambled, with bacon, and one of Ss homemade rolls.  Gosh, was good.  I think i still have some of those little sausages, cocktail, in the freezer, that i'll use tomorrow.  I think i've told you, you can cook bacon frozen, just put it in the pan, and it peels off as it thaws.  That's the way i did this morning.  Ummm,,,good, too.  If you don't want to use all of it, just take out the still frozen  and put it back in the freezer.  Figured that out one time when i needed some bacon, and it was frozen .  You're hearing this from someone, me, that won't use a whole package before it ruins.  And yep, i've bought the pre-cooked, but was out of that.  OMG,,have yall seen how high that salt pork is???,, I refused to buy it last time i needed it!!!!  That's how i came up with this bacon.  Was just as good in my bean soup.

OK,,enough cooking lessons today.  Forward, hooo. lol,,Now what?

It has clouded up and feels cooler, got dressed in my sweats.  Yall wanna hear a story about these new sweats i bought a couple of years ago?,,,Don't think i've told it here, but anyhow,,,I bought 4 sets, got home and tossed em in the washer.  Now this is still a huge mystery to me,,,but,,,SOMEHOW,, they got washed with one of those maxi maxi pads!!!  Can you imagine,, millions of these tiny little white specks stuck on all these dark colored sweats?  I can't and i saw it for real.  Well,,,ok,,decide to run em thru the wash again,,hmmm,,,didn't help much, so,,put em in the dryer,,,nearly stopped it up.  Was such a thick layer on the filter, wonder it didn't get on fire.,,,Ok,,run thru the dryer again.  Finally,,,getting somewhere.  That whole first winter,,i was speckled.  Picking,,,watching for a fire in my dryer.  I just pretended that was how they were supposed to be...hahahaha,,,

Ok,,over that now,,took a few years, but,,,had to live with it,,,lolol. And specks.

Digging around in my freezer i found 3 bags of pecans.  When we had the big house, back in the 80s i think, there were 6 pecan trees,3 or 4 varieties.  One was a big soft shell native, the rest had been grafted.  Well, one year they ALL made.  I had pecans running out my ears.  We had the poles and thrashed them, picked up forever, off the plastic and stuff on the ground.  Really hurt, crawling around and hitting them with your knees.  I had the whole porch covered with big paper sacks of them.  Tried to give em away, couldn't sell em, too many that year, and no one would take em,,and that was sitting there in those bags!!!  Guess they wanted them  peeled and in bags!!.  Didn't know what i was gonna do,  then Dad said he'd help for 1/2.  Whoooopeeee.  I took them all and had them cracked, then,,,we shelled all winter.   Every time anybody sat down in my house, they were handed a pan and shucked.  lol. Fingers turned black, but ,,,we got em all done!!.  Had gallons and gallons of shelled pecans in my freezer, and they did too.  They don't ever ruin, but what i have now is not those. lol.  I gave em away for Christmas gifts, a gallon of pecans.  lol. Had to get rid of some of them.  I don't think those trees ever made like that again, and now my youngest bro lives there.  The old native tree has died, but the rest are still there.

Gonna get outa here,,,yall tc, and


PS,,forgot to add.  Wanted to tell all of you that don't make me print out a word verification to comment on your blogs...thx so much.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Sooo Late Today

Just had my waffles.  lol, I know it's almost noon.  It was my last 2, gosh, i'm getting a long grocery list for next week.  I guess i need to think about what i'm gonna cook for Christmas, but,,,that thot just now hit me.   I did those hunks of red potatoes for Thanksgiving, but just don't wanna do those again.  Hate the thot of the same foods again.  But nothing sounds good, anyway, at least not often.  HA,,,that way i won't eat much.  I just might do some stir-fry veges ( not spinach,,hehehe).  I CAN make that good tho.  Stir fry with some bacon grease, onions, bacon bits, good seasonings,,,  I still have my lemon pepper, Mrs Dash, 2 or 3 unopened, and a couple more of good ones.  O yeah, garlic powder.  I keep that in the fridge, with a few more. 

Those frozen veges i cooked yesterday, were ok, but not something i'll do again.  They looked better than they tasted,,to me, but of course, i never cared for veges.  (except that spinach,,hahahah).  I drink V-8 sometimes,,does that count? lolol  One year, long ago, i craved green beans, fresh, and since i did ONE garden and no more, i started looking for them at road side stands, grocery stores, (we had 3 at that time).  Months went on by, and NO GREEN BEANS!! How can that be?  My craving had gotten worse, i'm dreaming about them.  No one around here had a garden either!  Well, about 3 months down the line, i went into one of the little mom and pop groceries,,and ,,,,there they were!!!.  I bought a BIG bag of them, some new potatoes, and got my pressure cooker out, cooked them right then.  Nearly ate the whole pot.  Don't know why i did that,  my body was screaming for em, but i don't know why.  Think it was just my taste buds,,,

Nothing screaming at me today.  Trying to eat stuff out of my freezer, and making pretty good progress.  I have to do that sometimes, to keep stuff from getting old, and to make room for other things.  I should take some of that venison out, but,,,not sure i want to do that much cooking.  lol,,It's just one pan, but makes a mess battering it and all.

Today seems so much like Saturday.  Several times i have reminded myself it's Friday.  It's not a bad day, kinda sunny sometimes.  Not really cold. 

Ok,,nothing but babble, so,,,yall tc,


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Almost Christmas,,i Tell You

My management of time is getting worse, i tell ya.  Since i don't HAVE to manage it, it just gets away.  I was up about 8/30,,and here it is, 1 pm,,and i'm just getting started here.  There were a LOT of blogs to read,,,that's why.  And comment on.  I thot i had a problem with my keyboard, but after lots of time spent trying to correct it, finally realized i didn't have one to start with.  Now,,go figure. 

Cooked a bag of veges, big hunks of em, and used the rest of that beef broth.  If you look, you can find all kinds of new things at a big market.  Like these, in the frozen section.  Gonna have em with some ham steak, potato salad i keep on hand.  I need to correct the date on the camera,,don't i?,,,lol.  Never been interested in doing pics, especially with a camera, so i'm just not good at it, so what you see is what you get.  That or nothing.. I see all these good photographers on here, and then,,i put mine on?  Gosh,,what am i thinking?

Years ago, like 30 or more, 2 women here, wrote a book and put lots of old pictures in it, about our town, the history.  This year, they did an extension, and added about 52 more pages, with some old old pictures.  I found one that l especially love, and it was taken before the dam was built, right here in the city!!!  Pre 1892!!!  I didn't even know they could take pics then.  Most of the new part is about the North side, and it's heyday.  That's where the train brought in passengers, a huge hotel, and lots of other businesses.  Fascinating.  I got mine back weeks ago, at a book signing.  Still not all the way thru it.  Anyway, i had it with me yesterday, and stopped by the car lot, and showed my x that picture,,He said he had been meaning to get one too, just hadn't done it.  Welllll,,,since our 2 kids never know what to get him, i called and told my dotter, but she had already gotten his gift.  Later, my son called, asking about it.  I told him how to get one, so maybe my x won't buy one before then,,and i warned my son.  O well, each could have one,,,,There won't ever be any more.  i typed the manuscript for the 1st one, and that was before computers!  For doing that, i was given 4 copies, so each of the kids have their own.  Well, i have 2 now.  3 if you count the new one.  Going thru my Mother's things, i found hers, and gave it to my g/dotter. 

Might bbl,,,but ,,,yall tc,


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You Actually Believe What the Weathermen Say?

LMAOOO,,just read rvsue's blog, and she was talking about watching weather reports ahead of her.  OMG,, those weathermen get so much wrong, i wouldn't have any faith in any report they put out.  Would yall?  I'd check with a whole lot of em, and then go down the middle,,,They sure can't predict rain,,,(snow?) at all around here.  And that would be my main concern towing an rv, on bad roads.  Sunny weather, no matter what the temp,,would sure be my choice, but,,how would you know?  Well, here in the summer, it's always that, so you do know. lololol.

Yall believe in all that man made global warming?  I've read too much about the other side of the coin, so to speak, to take it serious.  Yeah, weather has been unusual but that seems to happen every 1000 years or so,,and that makes it normal.  Man has nothing to do with it, it's nature.  One even said all the hoopla has been caused by newscasters, causing the scare thing, over-reaction to it.  They need something about every 20 years or so, to jump on the band wagon with,,,now it's weather, global warming.  Before this, it was something else, can't remember what, but you might.  There's lots of info out there on this.

O Wow, F1 might be coming to Austin, after all.  Construction on the track starting up again.  They had moved all the heavy equipment away, now bringing it back.  A race gonna be run next year, Sept i think it said.  Get ready DD!!!!!  Throw that job out the window, take off in that new home!!!  Must be a LOT of money involved,,,lololol.  This just happened this morning,,

Got some cornbread cooking to go with my 15-bean soup i took out of the freezer.  And yes it's still not out of date. hahahahaha,,And,,,it's the last package, and on my list again.  Not gonna look at the egg date.  lololol   I just ate oatmeal tho, so it'll be a while before i eat it.  Gotta remember to eat those eggs, i have had em a long time,,, I took something out of my fridge, in a butter container, took the lid off, and,,,have no idea what it was, since it's all mold now.  Think i oughta put the fridge on my cleaning list?  How long is cheese good, if it's not moldy?  I usually just cut that off and use it. hahahahaha,,, OK,,no more food talk.  Got yall sick probably.

That reminds me of that green thing i read somewhere, rvsue?.  We didn't throw food away and didn't come up with food poisoning.  We left most leftovers out from dinner to supper on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and no problem.  I rarely ever looked for an expiration date on anything.  Now,,spices are different.  They just don't "spice" any more,,,it's not the date, it's the taste.  If i ever cook any more, it will cost a fortune,,,lol having to buy all the ingredients.  Stick to bean soup, cornbread mixes...

I just remembered,,had to do a load of laundry.  I still wash in cold water, using liquid soap.  Well, it says u can.  Clothes are clean, best i can tell.

I'm gonna get my faucet covers out of the store room today and stick em on the 3 outside ones.  Have to take hoses off first.  It got down to 25 here,,what that man said on tv,,and tonite supposed to be colder,,,he says,,sooo,,they need it any way,then i'll be thru.

Am i outa date???,,,Out of the 10? new rock hall of famers, i just knew a couple.  Never heard of most of em!!  Well, maybe heard the names, but not the music,,,,My kinda rock is from the 60s, 70s.  Maybe some 80s.

It amazes me, how many Idol singers are at the top of their genre.  In the awards shows, so many winning are x Idols.  One of my favs from Idol is Adam Lambert,  love his voice, his style.  Well, not when he's kissing a guitar player, but otherwise,,,hahahahaha.  He was in the top 10 money makers from last year, like #6. 

Ok,,gotta get,,yall tc


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where O Where,,,Does My Time Go

Was up fairly early,,just before 8,,and here it is,,just after 11, and i'm just now doing this. 

We haven't had anything but a little rain, wind, and cold.  No ice or snow,,,It was 32 this morning.  Well, the total rain is over 2 1/2" which is wonderful.  Heck, i can remember ice storms in Oct!  You just never know here in TX.  Do ya, BB? lolol  Shoot,,about 10 years ago,,was it really that long?,, i was iced in in San Antonio for 2 days.  Drove home in 2 ruts, when they opened the highway.  Freaked me out. lolol.  Finally got to Johnson City, out of it, and had to stop for gas.  OMG,,had 1/2" of solid ice all over the car, from the front doors on back!!  Kept hitting on it, and it kept falling off like big chunks of glass, and finally got it off the gas opening door.  Had to watch my feet,,,lolol,,,Not one person inside offered to come out and help...Think they were wishing i would just go on.  Got home and my heater had gone out, so the house was soooo cold.  What a trip.  That was when my son had his last spine surgery, which was great, but what a time of year.  He goes to the same doc now, and gets shots to keep him going a little longer, before the next one.  He's been so busy doing his Christmas thing for the kids, i haven't been able to catch up with him for days.

It's showing the girl on tv, that walked into the plane propeller.  Really sad.  Losing her left hand, and cutting her face and shoulder so bad. 

Well, geez,,,the Biggest Loser is coming to a close, and so is the X Factor.  2 of my fav shows.  There will be new ones in Jan, but what,,,til then?  Have to keep watch on movies, and record them. 

O gosh,,just remembered something i wanted to tell you, from yesterday.  I had just got in the door at Walmart, and was getting a buggy, when i heard someone say my name.  This couple had come in right behind me.  It was a couple i haven't seen in several years, and had been thinking about a lot in the last week!  And there they were!  How's that for unreal?  I knew them well, from back when i worked out at the lake, and he's a fantastic musician that plays around all the time.  He's playing in a German band now,,, I can't go out to the bars any more, can't be around the smoke, and i don't drink any more, but,,ooo mercy,,,i miss the music,,the live music.  One time, back then,  she and i were in the line at the HEB out there, and she had just found out she had, i think it was, bladder cancer, and no insurance, no money.  She said she guessed you just died.  I told her about the UT system in Galveston, for people like her, and to call me later, i would get the number for her, and that's what she did, and where she went and told me later, how wonderful and kind they were.  Then,,,she told everybody i saved her life!!  I still don't know why the doc didn't help her, or tell her himself!!!  She had asked him,,,what am i supposed to do?,,,just die?,,and he didn't tell her!!  I hope they have built that back, and i think they have.  I knew someone here that had gone there for gall bladder surgery and that's how i knew about it.

Saw in the paper where there's gonna be a lot of clean up on the coast, millions approved for it.  Maybe it will get most of that red tide.  At least knock some of it out.

Yall tc,,and


1:30,,don't know what's going on with windows, but can't get to any of my game sites.  It freezes up about half way thru.  Guess i can take a nap.   Got my virus scan running, see what happens.  Hasn't found anything yet.  I rebooted,,done everything i can think of, but,,,,  Don't know how it lets me do THIS.
Ok,,off again.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Missed it Today

Slept late, about 9;30, and then decided to go to Marble Falls, which i did.  Took a couple of hours to get off, but i got my new lens in my glasses, and picked up my shoes.  Nice day to drive.  Cloudy, easy on the eyes.  Still cold, but heck, i wasn't out but just to run into those places....RUN?,,HA.  Figure of speech now...lololol.

I did pick up a few things at Walmart, like, i needed new bolts for my toilet seat, and they do have em, but,,,for 3.50 more, i could get the whole new seat that came with bolts!!  Yep,,i did.  And yep, i put it on later.  Those darn plastic things strip out, and both of em had done that.  Got a bottle of alcohol to make my glass cleaner with.  Here's the recipe in case u want it..
1 bottle of alcohol
1/2 c sudsy amonia,,normal is what i use, can't find sudsy
1 tsp dishwashing detergent
Put those into a gallon jar, then fill with water,,,,
Works better than what u buy, cuts smoky haze too, no streaks.
This is an Ann Landers thing.  from long ago.

I always hated making pie crust, having to cut the shortening in,,,well,,,she had one u used milk, and oil,,best one i ever did, too. Well, now i use frozen ready to cook ones, or the ones by the canned biscuits.  Did i just say i cooked????,,,hahahaha,,,Maybe a year ago, i made a choc pie, with one of those, and instant jello pudding, topped with cool whip.  U can do one with vanilla instant jello pudding, add crushed pineapple,,, drained,   yummmmmmmmmmm.

Went out to the city park yesterday, just for a bit, and there were 3 gray cranes, and 1 white one.  I see 1 gray one most of the time, but,,,all the others,,,wow.  They weren't together.    I had seen the white one a week or so ago, landing across the river.

Outa here, so late today, but yall tc,


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cold, WET,, and a Little Windy

Hellloooo,,,Guess what?,,,it's been raining since last nite.  Woke up about 2 am,,wind was blowing like a hurricane, and then the rain came.  Hard and short,,lol, but lite rain off and on still.  Weatherman showed we got .04 but i know that's not rite.  DARN, Gotta get a gauge up.  Love it.

We had the lighted Christmas parade last nite.  It's the best one of all.  It was short last nite, due to the weather maybe getting bad, which it didn't, but the floats were great.  One time, back when the kids were young, we were waiting for the rodeo parade, first weekend of June,,, and the first thing you hear are the sirens from the fire trucks.  It started at 4 pm, and right on the button,,,we hear the sirens, and gather all the kids,,tell em it's coming.  It did, and went flying, right on thru!!!! All the fire trucks!! lmaoooo,,,it was really a fire, right at that time!  Could never happen again.  After a bit the parade did show up. 

Gosh, i sit here and never realize that *&&#!#$#^ tv is just sitting there, on.  When it penetrates, i turn the darn thing off.  It sounds so good,,,silence.

Just might have to have some more of that soup today.  Last time, before the rest goes into the freezer.  Think i'll have cornbread with it, today.  I have some in the freezer too.  Yep, that's what i'm gonna do.  My waffles aren't keeping me from getting hungry now.  Had them about 10.  2 of them.  Those little frozen ones.

Just don't know what's wrong with me, but,,,yesterday for some ungodly reason, i cleaned out a lower cupboard, well, one shelf of it.  Was getting out a storage container, and realized the mess it was in, so i started setting stuff out, and before i knew it, i had the whole shelf unloaded.   Found some things i didn't know i had.  Nasty in there, too.  Soooo,,,swept it out, (with a little hand broom) sprayed and wiped it with cleaner, and left the doors open to let it dry out good.  Then, threw some things out, put some more in a bag for the store room, and rearranged the rest.  Trying not to think about the others,,,lololol.  Need to get my gifts wrapped!!!  Good thing it's the day of rest....What do u do with bud vases?,,Really pretty ones, up from small to large.  I keep on keeping them. 

Ok folks,,tc, and


Saturday, December 3, 2011

So Confused

I show Hobojoe had done a new post, but,,,all i get is the one back on 11-22.  Are any of yall getting the same thing?,, I've checked twice. 

Darn it, weather was not bad this morning, so,,thot i would just go on and run over to Marble Falls, and get my new lens put in my glasses, and pick up the shoes.  Not to be.,,Took an hour to get a phone call thru to the place with the shoes, and,,,not open on Saturdays!!!  Not even mornings!  Shot that trip all to ,,,well, u know.  Now it's gonna be maybe 4 or 5 days before i'll go.  Front will be here sometime tonite, with the cold and rain.  Heck, i'm ready. lol.  Still got a LOT of soup left.  lololol,,,It was ok, but not something i will ever make again.  Like my beef stew, or deer chili lotssss better.  Or just a big pot of good ol potato soup. yummmm.

Gosh, i get off doing something else before i get thru here, and now i don't have anything to say.  Yall do that?  I need to get some gifts wrapped, got it all dug out of the closet, need to get that done, and put stuff up.  Might even put my tree up,,, and plug it in,,,lololol.  After all, i need a place to put those gifts i'm gonna wrap.  I guess in the next few days i'll get some of it done anyway, weather going to pot.

I had waffles for breakfast and now i'm getting hungry again,,,no SOUP, tho.  Had enough of that for a while, have to put the rest in the freezer.

I keep on getting hot, then cold.  I turn on a burner, then turn it off. 

Enough ,,,might get back later.  In the meantime, yall tc, and


Friday, December 2, 2011

Out and About, Here and There

Lots of errands done this morning, and like Gypsy, I hate early morning appointments.  I remember most of the time, now, to tell them, late morning or afternoon.  I like to get up, have coffee, read the paper, catch a few things on tv, just NOT be in a hurry.  I don't get up with an alarm any more,,,yiiiipppppeeee.  If i want to sleep all morning, i will! 

I went by the bank, the post office, city office, library, and friend Sue, to give her some of that soup, in her container,,,lol.  Forgot about her addiction to that soap,,,hahahahaha, so i just ran in and out.  Been drizzling off and on, and the cold has drifted in.  We're right on the line.  Nothing else i have to do today, so it doesn't matter.

Got one of those homemade rolls heating up in my toaster oven (use that thing all day long, every day) and a big bowl of soup to heat.  Can't do both at the same time, throws a breaker, and i sure don't wanna have to go out today and fix it.  When they rewired this house, i saw where everything was put, and labeled it in the breaker box.  Lol,,they wired in for my 2 AC units, for 220, after i told them that.  That first nite i turned the bedroom one on, and OMG,,don't know how i didn't ruin it.  It was 110!!!  The plug was big like the 220s and i just said it without looking it up.  All they had to do was take one wire off, and fix it,,,,whew...  Then last year when i bought the new one, it was 220, just hook that wire back, and,,,all there was to it.  It has been more economical, runs less that the old one, and has all the energy savings stuff.  Saw in the paper today, might have to do more rolling blackouts now.  Having to close 4 power plants.  Maybe they'll be more prepared than the last time.

Got a call that my shoes are in, there in Marble Falls, and i told her i would be over soon.. Then, after looking at the weather, i decided nope, i'll wait til next week, no hurry anyway.  My new lens are in for my glasses at Walmart, too, so next week i will make the trip for the both of them.  But NOT til the weather is better.  I called them back and told them.

Heck, might just take a nap today.  After eating that soup, i feel like it.  Have just a few more pages in my book, and last nite my eyes just wouldn't stay open to let me finish.  Glad i'm not driving.

Yall tc, and,,


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Day in the Life of,,,,,,,

Lol, still on a roll.  Got in there yesterday and cleaned the last 2 windows.  wooohoooo.  Gosh, they look good.  Can't stand dirty windows. 

Talked to my cousin in Plainview yesterday, cause some of my emails kept coming back.  He said he'd change settings and see,,guess it worked, they went later.  I gave him this address for my blog, but don't know if he's been here or not, not talking if he has. lololol.

Got the recipe printed off,  ( all 13 pages, i know i know,,,mistake), for rvsue's minestrone soup,,to make today.   Got everything out, and left to go get the can of beef broth, only thing i didn't have.  Well, what i had, i had to throw away,,,AAAAA GAIN.  Those little foil packets DO NOT keep.  soo, ok,,off i go to the $ Store, and,,they don't have cans of beef broth.  They have chicken, they have jars of cubes, and they have a big box of it, but not a can!  I settle for the big box, stuck the rest in the freezer.  soo,,,ok,,now here i am, adding all this stuff to my big pot, and i pick up the one and only can of tomato sauce and the lid looks a little wrong,,and sure enough, i stick it up on the can opener, and whissshhhh,,,so,,,out it goes. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR,,,Get right back in the car, go to the other store,,get 2 cans of tomato sauce, another can of diced tomatoes/green chilis,,and a small bag of macaroni.  Figured that box i had wouldn't  cook or something,  so now, for sure, i had it all.  Finally it's cooking!,,,not sure i understand what it means tho,,,boil til veges are soft, then simmer to "stew".  hmmmm,,,guesstimate that i guess.    I do get it,,,when it says to cook another 30 minutes after you add the macaroni...Mercy,,,did i ever cook for an army?,,,

Ok,,know this is short, but too much going on this morning,, so yall tc,,and


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is It Christmas Yet?

I can't believe what all i got done yesterday, lol, had to take an Aleve this morning,,my whole body told me.  Even cleaned one of the 3 windows left,,just 2 more now.  It was the hardest, cause i had to move my sewing machine off it's little thingys i have under 2 of it's legs, then had to bend over and lift to put it back on one of them.  The other 2 won't be so bad, but i still have to move a couple of things to get to them too.  That's the reason i put them off.  Also lifted a big monitor off the floor and set it on a chair i'm getting rid of.  That's all before i got into the closet and got out most of what i need for wrapping, or not.  I know how to lift, but i can still get sore.
Even in that dark room, that clean window stuck out. lol.  Gotta get the other 2 done.  Have any of you used that window cleaner that i did?  I'd like to know how it worked with you.  I think maybe it's a good upkeep, when you have started with clean windows.  A once a year upkeep, tho.  I know that works.  I had always cleaned my windows, twice a year, til i got to where i couldn't do that any more.  Took me taking off screens, getting up on my ladder, running off those yellowjackets,, hahahahaha..  They would be there staring at me, tails raised, ready to attack.  I learned to look for them,,,before i got on that ladder!

One time i got in my car, with a red wasp buzzing around while i was doing it.  Backed out, and took off up the street, and buzzzzzzzz,,,there that darn thing was.  I slammed on the brakes and bailed outa that car fast as i could.  Right there in the street!!  Didn't care at all.  lol.  Didn't get back in either, til that wasp was gone.  I'm allergic to them.  Well, i thot i was.  I got stung on my hand a couple of years ago, and rushed to the doc,,,didn't amount to a hill of beans.

Lipitor,,,generic now. lol,,,i don't take that.  Guess yall know, i have the tv on, and it's news right now.

hahahaha,,,saying men using laptops, could be made harder to father a child.  o well.  Does that apply to anyone here?  Another thing today, is,,apple and grape juice have too much arsenic.  Just like Dr Oz had said.  Only juice i loved was orange juice.

I'm not even gonna repeat some of the things i heard on Oprah!!!!

Ok,,enough news,,,lol.  Hey i loved HJs blog today.  We be oldies but goodies,,,lololol.  Better pay attention...

I watched my g/dotter trying to get a stud earring into her ear way back when she had just had them done.  Well, wasn't paying a whole lot of attention, but realized how long she had been trying,,and told her,,,pull down on your lobe, and it'll pop right thru.  She did, it did, and she said,,,"Gosh, you know everything!"   hahahahah,,,i told her to remember that.  She was like, 10 or 11 at the time.  Sad to say, now i don't know everything,,,I was painting my nails one time, and she said "Gosh, how do you do that???"  I said,,"do what",,and she said, hold em out like that, (not propped on anything while i was painting them.)  I told her it was all that coffee, beer, and cigarettes i did.  She held her hand out, and it shook like a leaf.  Heck, i don't know why mine doesn't...

When she graduated out of hi school, she and her best friend, decided to draw a name of a state out of a hat and go there for just a trip.  They got NC, i think,,and everybody was having fits, these 2 young kids taking off like that on their own.  I gave em $50.00 and said have fun, if she didn't do it then, she might not ever be able to.   I had NOT remembered doing that til she told me years later, that i was the only one that had said that.  I still don't remember it.  But i told her,,,that didn't mean i wasn't worried about it.  Just meant i prayed a lot. lolol  When you grow up in a little town like this, you don't realize all the evil out there, and here were these 2 girls taking off on their own.  They made if fine, loved it, and i got to see pics...

Ok,,to get this blog on today's time,,i gotta shut up,, and post it, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Watch Those Meds

Eating my oatmeal,  my brunch.  Next meal will be that left over fish, and stuff.  Goood eats, today. 

Gonna be another beautiful day too.  The news people are talking about cedar fever, lol, had forgotten about that.  I don't have it.  Remember way back,,gosh, maybe in the 70s,,was gonna be a swine flu epidemic, sorta like that bad one in 1918?  I remember going and standing in line for the vaccine at the bank.  My hubby came up with cedar fever that year.  Years later, i read that was a side effect of that vaccine.  You just never know what will happen.   I read all the fine print on new meds i'm given, and sometimes, i don't take it, like that Ambian.  Wow, how can anyone take that stuff?  Says you can do things in your sleep, and not remember it. OMG!!! No way will i take it.  I had watched one of the Gene Simmons and the Family Jewels, and Shannon had been up cooking all nite, and didn't remember doing any of that.

Not much happening, since my last blog.  I do have some things i could do, but,,,uh,,maybe.  I know Christmas will just be here, like TOMORROW,,well, for me anyway.  That's how time goes for me.  Got my shopping done, need to see how many gift bags i have that i can use, wrap the rest,,get my tree out and plug it in.  Has those little lites, not sure what they're called, that lite up on the ends, and change color.  Really pretty.  Got it at the $ Store years ago and it's still going. lol,,,Got my g/dotter one a year later, 1/2 price, $5.00,  and she puts it up too.  I gave her all my old family decorating stuff, the BIG box full and she had that stuff up all over her house last year.  When she was young, like from 2 on, she would decorate a little 18" tree i had, spend hours doing it.  That was her thing, the little one, while we all did the big ones.  There was a special box of things,,for that little tree.  Tiny little balls, hanging stuff.  That was in the big box, too.  One year, i wasn't gonna put anything up, but,,she and a niece her age, came over and used all my box of stuff, had my duplex decorated to the hilt,,,lol,,Well, guess who had to put it all up?,,,Yep,,ME.
Good memories.  All her life has been good memories.

Guess we're not gonna hear from BB, down there.  Maybe he'll find a hot spot and post sometime,,surely.  After he catches all those fish,,u know.  And takes the pics, to prove it...hehehehe.

Gotta tell you about my vac.  (seeing ad on tv reminded me).  Came home from work mid afternoon one time, and drove by a yard sale.  Went on home a few blocks away.  Had to get back out for something, and there it was, still going on, so i whipped back around and stopped.  Had all kinds of good stuff sitting out there, but one thing was this Kirby vac with all the attachments.  Marked,,you're not gonna believe this,,,$15.00.  The man said, yep it worked, so amoung other things, i loaded that thing up and took it home.  Thinking i would give it to my dotter.  I plugged that thing in and wow,,,did it ever! work.  lol, Gave my dotter my other one, kept that Kirby.  Put a new roller on it, and a lite on the front.  The Kirby company in Austin couldn't believe it, when i told him what it had cost me.  Said that was UNREAL,,said i had $1600. worth.  Said he had heard of one being found for $100.  I told him, that man that sold it, either hated that woman that bought it, or hated that machine.  I called the main company and they mailed me the book for it, was things i had no idea what they were for.  It had the shampooer too.  Had everything. I still use it.  My dotter used to borrow it to shampoo her carpets.  Now she has one too, but not for $15.00! lol.  You can run it with one finger, has back and forward gears.

Ok, off to shower time, make a move, get my mojo going,,or whatever. Yall tc,,


Monday, November 28, 2011

Trip Time

Gonna take my glasses back, which i really hate to have to do.  But, get it over with.  I'm the type of person, if there's something to do, do it, get it behind you. lol.  I've had to wait for the holliday weekend to be over with is why i haven't already done it.
Maybe, i'll make it back later.   But, in the meantime,



Caught the comment from Sis,,and yeah, i know about keeping raw potatoes in water, but,,,i had a 5 lb bag! lol.  Used to soak em in salty water, make crispy french fries,,yummm.  I have a ceramic peeler, works good, just in case u want to know.  lol. Not a knife, a vege peeler.  BTW,,TY!! for what u said about my blog. 

Saw where BB's hooking it right on down the road.  Be there in time to catch HIMSELF some of those fish...And cook em with the tails, on the bone...Heck, i know where the bones are, not gonna choke on one.  Same with chickens.  Cleaned enough of both.  Always told my bros,,don't throw those fish back, bring em to me, i can clean one in a second.  Well, maybe 2 or 3.  Got slow in my ol age.  U also clean a cat fish before u cut the head off, gotta hold it when ur skinning it.  Guess that's called skinning it alive, but,,,i do it fast,,,,,

Got some more glasses ordered,,,A,,,Gain,,.  She was gonna let them know, i'm picky,,,lol. Well,,,hells bells, why not??  When one eye's clear and the other is blurry?  In the new ones.  She also told me this same place does all the prescriptions for lots of other places.  Not just for Walmart. 

Been a beautiful day.  Didn't take, nor need, a jacket.  Had to run the ac some, on the way back.  I was sitting in the sun.

Grabbed a few things in the grocery section, and i was thru.  Got the 2 things needed for that minestrone soup.  Too many leftovers still, so it'll be a few days before i cook it.

OK,,,outa here again,,,before dark.

Cya tomorrow.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Darn Fish in TX

Sure late today, getting this done.  Was reading the blogs, and my phone rang, was my friend, Sue, saying come on over for fish!!!,,,Didn't have to say it twice,,i was up and gone.  Best darn fish i've eaten in years.  Catfish, caught out of Lake Buchanan, and NOT filleted.  It's just better cooked on the bone.  So,,i ate,,,and i ate,,sat there a while with her, too,,and we ate some more. lololol.  We both have the lap band, and can't eat much, have to eat slow.  With that fish, tho,,was her home made rolls, (best ever), and a crock pot of beans with ham bone.  YUMMMM.  Plus a few left overs from Thursday.  Like slaw, jello/cool whip thingy.  They had even cooked the TAILS!!! OMG,,,I ate at least 3 of those.   She ate one later, and went, yummmmmm,,,so i'm not sure if she had ever eaten them.  Some had been filleted, but not close, so those bones were cooked too, and that was what i was eating,,had the tail on the pieces i got.

I needed a nap so bad, but,,,not this late.  So i'm sitting here, barely able to keep my eyes open. 

Saw where BB is ON THE WAY!....Wind will blow him down here fast.  I'm like that too, why wait??,,,Said he had everything ready when he first posted.  That traveling is lots better than sitting there waiting to leave.  Gonna miss his posts tho.

Gonna go out to the park, check up on the,,,they know me, come running, like i have food.  I do take some when i have it.

Yall tc,,and

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love These Bloggers, Can Make My Day

I had to laugh til i had tears, over those comments on yesterday's blog...lolololol.  BB and Hobo are truly fun people.  (And don't take me serious, TG)...

And Hobo, i really do remember that blog,,just had to say that. hahahahaha,,you know,,senile, at my age.  Well, half the time anyway.  hahahahaha.

It rained sometime last nite, i heard it, but didn't know what time it was, and don't know how much we got.  It was raining hard, and i just turned over and went back to sleep.  DARN,,need a rain gauge.   Wind's blowing pretty good now, out of the N.  Got my wind chimes singing.

BB was talking about his declawed cat.  Made me remember the first siamese i bought.  It was in Round Rock, and we stopped there on the way back from Austin.  The kittens were 8 weeks old and the lady told us it had had a bath, and it's nails clipped.  My 14 yr old son, muttered to me, that'll be the last time!!  We got the runt female, without the papers, i wasn't interested in that, just wanted the siamese.  (They raised show cats).  Well, anyway,,,we named her Sassy, and from that day forth, if she was in the bathroom with me, and i turned the tub water on,,she WAS GONE.  One time she was on my lap when i was painting my nails, and kept sticking her nose in,,so,,i painted hers!,, lololol,,From that day on, i just opened that bottle,,she WAS GONE.  Same with the water gun,,i used when she was really bugging me, runing under my feet with me trying to cook, tripping on her.   A one time shot was all i ever got,,just pump once,,gone.

Had that same blood line for years and years.  2 of them were the smartest cats i ever had, or saw.  One had cancer, and then his son,, just disappeared.   Just about killed me to lose him.  I know someone stole him.  He's the  one that would follow you like a dog.

My couch and chairs always had stuffing showing on the front of the arms.  But,,my cats kept their claws!  Now there's a spray to use to keep them off and it works.  I even put scratching posts in front of the couchs or chairs,,didn't work.  My little Jude is a good kitty, he doesn't do that.  He's so mild mannered.

No plans on for today,,and i know it's Saturday too!!,,(already looked). lololol.  Right now i need to get up from here and make a move.  Look like i'm doing something, u know.  Hear Jude knocking, wanting back in.

Yall tc,,and

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thank God, Back to Normal!!!

Back to normal, being Friday.  lol.  Not going near a store today.  Wanted to take my new glasses back, but,,,,,NO WAY.  It just has to wait til next week.

WELL, %^#^$%**, my news isn't even on, today!!!  NOT back to normal!! 

Kinda wish i'd watched that UT-A&M game, TX winning with the clock running out with that field goal.  Wow.  Coming on at 7 here, made it over past my bed time.  Which didn't turn out to matter, couldn't go to sleep again.  Got up and read a while, after taking an Aleve.

Had a good time with all the family yesterday.  Just lost $5 on moon.  LOL,,,that was just one game.  then they started poker and i never got the chance to win that back.  Didn't play poker, came home and took a nap.

In the paper today, there's an article saying it's better to shop in the coming weeks, not today!,,This study was done over a period of 12 years, to back the claim up.  Merchants will lower prices even more after today, to get rid of overstock, or things going out of date.  Today just gets the ball rolling, better things to come.  Since i have my shopping all done, doesn't matter to me,,,lol.  Did all of mine online, mostly from a big catalog i had gotten in the mail, Lakeside Collections.  Neat stuff in it.  Good prices too.

BB, i'm really trying to spell out everything so you can read it.  lol.  <<< but that is,,,laughing out loud... hahahahah.  Been doing the other for so long, just natural now.  Loved your blog today, since i never knew all your past history., 

Just had oatmeal, and,, i have a big plate of leftovers from yesterday for later.  There was a huge pot roast, a turkey, and a huge bone in ham my nephew smoked.  2 huge pans of dressing, then so many sides, have no idea what all.  Not for sure, but guessing about 40 there.  Took my camera and never used it.  It was always,,,over there.  Not handy.  And, i was way over in a place not easy to get to, nor out of.  So i never got the pics.  There were 3 tables, big ones, set up for food.  And ,,,filled up too.  All this will be repeated for Christmas, but at the other bro's house.  Lots more room there.  It was my house for lots of years.  I rented it for several years, (don't ever do that)!!.  Then i finally sold it, then had to repossess it after a few years..  That's when he got it.  It was like home to him, since he had been there all the time in his late teens, early 20s.

One time,,they told me,,my older son and him,,that when they came in late the night before, they had raided the fridge and found some left over steak in there and ate it.  I told em, no,,no steak was in there.  They insisted,,yes it was.. I finally remembered about a month earlier, i had cooked some chicken fried steak, and maybe i had put leftovers in there.  hahahaha,,,They said they peeled off the green and white stuff, and ate it.  They'd found it way in back of other stuff.  LMAO...Well, from then on, they asked,,when did you put this in here?,,,   Then one time, i had put some leftover chicken livers in there, and my son got them out, took a bite, and spit it all over the kitchen.,,,thot they were oysters.  All my life i couldn't stand liver, then,,,one day in my 30s, my friend ordered liver and onions in a cafeteria and they sounded sooo good.  From then on, i have really liked it.  Smothered with onions,,maybe my fav.  Can't hardly beat chicken fried chicken ones either, tho.

Enough of all my ramblings,,,yall tc (take care)
HAGD  (have a good day)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm So Thankful Today

Yes, i have had a lot of blessings.  I give thanks every day for them.  I have found a lot of new friends, here in the blogging world, and want to wish ALL OF YOU,,HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
 Will try to get back later, time to get up and go.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That Day, EVE

Gosh, don't wanna cook in the morning.   I don't get my get-up-n-go til i've been up a good while.  So, that means i gotta do all the prep and get those potatoes cooked before noon.  A few years ago, i decided to make this HUGE pot roast, and i cook the meat with some seasonings on top of the stove in my waterless cookware, in it's own juices, before u put it and all the veges together and bake them in the oven, still, very little water.  The taste is unreal.  My bro loves it so much, he does it now.  (hates turkey).  Way back, i would do a brisket on my smoker, to get something besides turkey.  YUMMMM.  An aunt and uncle were with us one year, said they were gonna buy a smoker as soon as they got home,,,lololol.  Mine was electric, u got it all set up, plugged it in, went back and took it off.   I also did capons,,back when the kids could still raise them.  They don't do that any more.  For FFA.  We would have some left over, made for gooood eating. 

Saw that recipe for minestrone soup on rvsue's blog, gonna sure try that one of these days.  lolo,, means grocery shopping.  Love boiled cabbage, so i can use the other half too.  Not much cooking either,,, lololol,,,my kind of recipe.  uh,,,hate to tell off on myself, but,,,during my purge on spices, i also found this bag of noodles,,that when i moved it, powder kept pouring out!,,,hahahahaha.  What a mess.  Bugs had a good time in there,,,lmao.  Last time i went thru the cans, some were stuck to the shelf...From leaks!  OMG,,gonna do that today!  Might find some of that stuff for the soup, that would still be good.  Yall trust me on this?  hahahahaha.  Haven't eaten anything that killed me yet.

Gosh, was a major effort to get my 2 pans out, to cook the potatoes in.  I can get them lined with foil, today.  Been a long time, using big pans. 

Ok, been just killing time,,putting off, but really need to get a move on, at least a little.  Yall tc,, and