Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm Mechanical, Don't ya Know?

Do u wonder how i can give a little mechanical advice?  lololol,,,Both x hubbys were in that kind of business, and my son is now, too.  I absorbed a lot.  Was natural with me too.  One nite i had left a club, and came upon a car, totally dead, sitting at a stop sign, totally dark there, too.  Was 2 older women, just sitting there waiting to get hit, i guess, so i put my emergency flashers on, and got out and told the driver to pop the hood.  She did, and sure enough,  one of the battery cables was loose.  I wiggled it around, told her to try it, and when it started, i told her what it was and then followed them most of the way home.  They assured me they would get it fixed asap.  lololol,,,bet they did too.  Really impressed the man with me.  hahahahaha 

DD lost me yesterday, with all that tech stuff.  Pic was beautiful, tho. 

river flow:  37-18-3

Before we get rain, i'm going to go out and film the area, including the river, pastures, etc.  This is an history making thing, so gonna get it on film.  All around the county.  Almost made me cry today, reading in the paper, the domino effect.  I knew it, but,,,seeing it in black and white, really hit me hard.  For weeks, i've been saying, OMG, all the insects, birds, animals, EVERYTHING.  Paper said it will affect us all for years.  All over the world.  Hadn't thot about the birds that migrate thru here, having nothing to eat this year.  That will affect their reproduction later.  We have the monarch butterfly migration thru here, and i'm not sure there's even milk week for them.  Let's all be sure and pray for the end to this.

I've got an appointment at my foot doc Friday.  He wants to see if he got all the root out on the nail, on my big toe.  What's he gonna do if he didn't????,,,think i'm gonna go around again with that toe sore?  BTW, he's the one that caused it in the first place, first time i ever saw him.  Cut the nail wrong.  Right now, it's well.  He took the side off, not the whole thing.

Didn't tell BB i lmao about him going out to play golf. hahahaha 

Yall tc,,and HAGD