Sunday, March 31, 2013

Have a Happy Day


I just heard it thunder.  My nephew always does a big bar-b-q on Easter, then all the little ones do the egg hunt.  Don't know about today.  How the weather will be.   We have thunderstorms forecast.  I went out there for a while late yesterday, both bros were out there too.  Watched them play a few games of washers.  Then niece showed us a new game, for me, with dice, called left, right, center.  I left when they started getting their money out,,,lolololol.

Last week there was a raid in this county and also the one to the East.  3 game rooms, online gambling.  I did that 'til I lost my $50,00,,,lol, then I quit.  \

Still hear some thunder somewhere.  Guess i'll look online and see what we have.  So yall tc, and