Sunday, January 26, 2014

Whew, Got One

Do yall know how many weather widgets are out there?,,, Think I went through them all, but kinda like this one,,at least for now.  AND, it shows wind speed, direction.  Haven't had that. 

Don't like the weather report, says bad stuff coming again.  Got some beef stew meat out, gonna make a stew tomorrow, already have cornbread in the freezer, and a few boxes of jiffy mix,,lol.  I used to buy a 5 lb bag of potatoes, and end up throwing most of it away when they got all wrinkled and squishy.  With the chicken I've been cooking, and the stew i'm gonna make, won't take long to use this bag.  OMG,, just have 2 eggs, that means an egg trip.  Think i'll get them from my friend, she told me her hens were going crazy, laying right now.

I reinstalled that malwarebytes, and ran it yesterday.  There were over 1600 bad things to delete!!  Which I did.  Gonna try to keep this clean.  You can run it in the background, and it doesn't interfere with other things you're doing.

Got my house tax bill laying out here, hope I don't forget to pay them.  lol.  Also put myself a sticky note on here too, along with the 2 doc apts I have this week.  I made out my utility bill a few months ago, I guess on a weekend, and later put another paper in front of it.  Late that month, a girl called me from the utility office and asked me why it wasn't paid... I WAS HORRIFIED!!  I had NEVER EVER paid one late.  There it was, still behind that paper.... She told me she knew something was wrong, because she knew I hadn't ever done that either, and that was why she called.  Nothing like living in a small town,,,,. 

I've never written but ONE hot check either,,, hahahahah and it was a good one!  5000. one.  I got a late fee notice from the bank.  I was MAD,,,lololol.,,, I called that bank president and gave him a chewing,,, About why I wasn't called when they saw it (written on the wrong account).  He sure didn't waste any time correcting the incident, taking the late fee off my account, but the bad thing was, the one I had given the check to, wrote checks using it, making his bad too!!  I reimbursed him for those.
Played bridge with that bank president,,,lol.  Again, small town.  He was the one I called one Saturday morning and asked if he would finance two houses for us, and he said yeah, come in Monday and sign the papers..... lol  We had found one to buy, and still owed on the one we lived in.

Got to go over there, my bro has that house now,  and take pics of all his snakes....About 88.  And no telling how many loose in the back of his truck...hahahaha.  Someone looking at them in his cage, saw some rattlers sticking out from under his tool box, and asked about them.,,. Sure enough, they were connected to a pretty big one that had gotten out.  He patched up the hole,,,thinks he got it secure now.  So,  moral of this story, don't go digging around in the back of his truck,,, lolololol.

Yall tc, watch for snakes, and