Monday, August 6, 2012


Just got back from the store,, if i'm gonna make hamburger helper again, i needed hamburger,,, About out of milk too.  Wasn't too bad out there.  I got burned out on that too, so haven't made it in years.  Lots of new flavors now.  Stroganoff is the one i'm doing today, tho.

I've been wanting to call SS (Niece, for BB),, and was so surprised when my phone rang and it was her!.. I had just talked to J,,,thot it was him calling back.  They sold the house in Lake Worth, and now are getting into the other one.  She was painting in a couple of rooms..  Said she wasn't sure where lots of things were, had moved in fits and starts...  Her wrist was hurting, and i think i have carpal tunnel and i DO have to wear a wrist brace sometimes.  Anyway, i told her to wear one, will definitely help.  You can still use  your hand ,,, fingers, just can't bend that wrist part.  She said she had one,,somewhere,,,maybe she knew.  lololol.  Better quit talking about her,,gave her this blog address again...

Some woman here in town called in yesterday, 911, cause she had a snake in her bathroom,,,lol.  Said it was long and skinny.  Guess they found it, i never heard anything else.  Or she moved out,,hahahahaha.
By taking your eyes off it, it would hide, come out later.

About time to find something for lunch.  Yall tc, and