Sunday, April 15, 2012

Forgot About These


These were taken last week, the procession that came from Austin, going to San Angelo, for the police officer’s funeral.  He was shot and killed answering a disturbance call in a Walmart.  All along the way, from there to the end, people lined up with flags, balloons, and just with their hands on their hearts, showing respect and honor.  Our town marquee had something on it and was shown on the news several times.  People were lined up here an hour and a half before it even got here.  I was listening on my scanner, so knew where it was, with the updates on location given every once in a while.






The park West of town had a group of BMW ppl, so I didn’t spend much time out there the last 2 days.  Next weekend is the crawfish thang, 1000s,,of ppl, so I’ll be staying away.  Sometime today I’m gonna drive out and see where that new arena is on being ready.  When I went by there yesterday, I don’t think anybody was even working,,soooooo,,, gonna be interesting. 

That’s all folks,,,yall tc, and