Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cattle Bawling,,,

Well, i did make it back on,,,today, lol.  Been tired, taking it easy.  Didn't get back from Austin til 7 last nite.   Just in time for the Biggest Losers, love that show for some ungodly reason.  One of the nurses at the clinic i just went to this morning, told me she and her daughter applied and were gonna send in videos now.  That would be soooo cooollll!!.  They went and did an interview already.

Got my antibiotic renewed, need another round.  With that new 1cc fill taken out, i didn't wake up coughing last nite.  Was an instant thing.  He said to get over this, then we would go slower on the fills to get back to where it would be the best place.
Was down 3 lbs,,,, can't afford to have the pneumonia tho.

OK know i've bored everybody to death with this, should have just not done the blogs.   Heck, i'm sick of them too.

BB has FINALLY  shown back up, and about time.  While i was commenting on his blog, heard a heifer mooing, and that sound is so welcome.  From the time we moved here, when i was 6, you heard the sounds from the cattle stock pens at the auction barn.  The sales were on Tuesdays, and on Monday nites, there were 100s of cattle lowing and bawling.  On Monday you would see the big cattle trucks taking them there, then on Tues and Wed, they would be loaded leaving.  There were always some there, tho.  And no matter where i lived here, we could hear them.. When the owner shut it down a year or so ago, it was terrible.  Like something running in the background always there, then all of a sudden NOT.  So now,,ranchers are bringing in cattle and leaving them there for pick ups, and i'm back in my groove,,,I live just over the hill from it now, and love the sounds.  Ranchers not able to feed are being forced to sell, and in the paper today, a lot are being trucked North. On rvsue's blog, which i can't comment on, by the way!, she was talking about coyotes,,,,well, around here the ranchers asso. hires a trapper, hunter, and pays bounties on them.  Can't have them eating their stock, which runs from cattle, goats, barbado sheep, whatever.  They aren't tolerated.  Years ago, they put a donkey out with the herds, now they use those dogs, those big white ones.  Lol, my nephew has one,  but they made it a pet, so it doesn't stay out with the stock. lololol.  When those dogs were first imported they cost like 5000 each, and you got on a long waiting list.  A friend ordered a pair and bred them for years.  Now they are common.  Everywhere.  He did say he heard it one nite tearing something up and the dog came out on the top.  (my nephew).

Lol Hobo, didn't have the flat top then, but never lost the "personality",,,,loloololol.  By the time i was 14, i had decided you either worried about what other people thot, and never had any fun, OR,, you didn't,,,I took the latter.  I never did anything bad, but i sure had lots of fun.  Gosh,,we went out on Halloween nite and threw sacks of talc, later water balloons, til we were around 30.  Running all over town, hidden stashes, til the wee hours.  One woman told me,,she wished she had the guts to do that,,wellll DO IT.   There was a talc plant here, and we would "lift" a few bags,,laying outside, and spend weeks sacking that stuff, those itty bitty sacks.  When they hit something they burst, talc allll over ya.  Drove race cars, rode trails on motorcycles, i was NOT your typical woman.  And here i was, short and petite, about 115 lbs.  M hubby called one day and just kept insisting i come up there to the shop,,,so i finally did, and he told me to get on that great big bike out there and ride it.  I just looked at him like he was crazy and all i asked were how many gears, and how they shifted, and off i went.  Rode around the block and then found out the new employee did NOT believe i could ride that thing,,,well, i showed him!!  I skateboarded, roller skated, played football with the guys, til i got 2 toes stepped on and broke.  I never sat around with women wanting to talk kids, cooking,,etc.  Boringgggg.  Ok,,,gotta git.