Friday, March 8, 2013

In the Process of

Getting that vcr thingy sent back by ups,,the woman happened to mention she still had an old one in a closet, never used it.  WELLL,,, after 18.00 return postage, I asked her if she wanted to sell it, and yep she would, so I paid her 20.00.  She's gonna bring it by later.   lol I know what yall are thinking, but,,I've known her forever, so I had no problem with that.  I asked her if she had the book, but she didn't remember, so with or without it, maybe I can figure out how it works.  NOW, I have one to get rid of..

Read about the worm beds earlier.  My youngest son took a can of worms into Mom's house one time, and she said,,,Get those right back out of here!,,So,,on the way out he detoured into my bro Bs room (he was still in hi school) and dumped the whole can into Bs underwear drawer.  There was a lot of yelling the next morning when B reached into that drawer in the dark, and,,,touched all that slimy squirming stuff....hahahahaha.   Everything in that drawer was in great need of washing, and the worms were clean by then....

The house we lived in had a chicken pen behind the garage, and I fed them out a window in it.  There was a big piece of plywood there in the pen too.  Between the feed and the water under that plywood, we had huge worms.  Dad brought a little coffee can down one day, to dig some fishing worms, so here we went...  He raised that plywood up, did one dig, and picked and picked worms to put in the can.  Had to sit down and rest to do another.  Did another one,,same thing, and by the time he had picked all those worms off that spaden fork, he had 1/2 a can of worms,,,  Don't think he caught ONE fish with any of those worms...lolololol.  We did a lot of fishing but I guess those fish just never liked us. 

He took this same son down to the river one time, fishing.  Caught a gar, threw it back behind him, but my son just took one look at those teeth and wouldn't get back in that river.  (He had seen Jaws,,,lololol)

Mom and I took our little ones out to a stocked tank one time, and Dad made the comment,,i'll clean all yall catch.  Our 2 10 year olds (J and N) were fishing too, but my youngest, about 5, was standing with his pole in, and braced with his feet, so those fish couldn't pull him in.  We had to quit, so we could pay for them, and true to his word, Dad did the cleaning...hahahahah  Lost my wedding band on that trip, went back several times, and never found it.  I think a fish ate it.  It was falling off and must have done that somewhere.  Even with a metal detector, didn't find it.

The horse that was sooo enjoying running free, is still at the neighbors.   It's owner must live far away, did find out it jerked loose from a trailer, and took off.  Has the halter but not the reins.

Ok, had some left over chili, out of my freezer, and now it's nap time, so yall tc, and