Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Rain That Wasn't

That DD is gone again!!  Must not have wanted to get into that rain. hahahaha  Everybody knows the story of THAT,, the rain that wasn't.  And BBs gonna stay where he is, and who can blame him?  If i were mobile like those 2, i sure wouldn't be in TX now.  I would make a good snow bird.

My fav niece and family traveled all over the NW ,,,for 38 days.  She's the one that sent me a pic with her having a heavy jacket on, from the Glacier Nat'l Park.  And, her sis that lives here, took pics of 2 lemurs that are living out there by them.  About 10 miles out.  And my sis, N, said her neighbor had seen some out there by them, too.  Can just see us getting overrun by lemurs.    N had been seeing the lion prints, and then C actually saw it one morning when he left for work.  Think i've told ya, u just never know what u'll see around this river.

Just had breakfast, brunch.  It's sitting like a lump in my stomach. lol,,,Was just a boiled egg, toast, and bacon.  Not sure whether i need more fill or not.  Just wait and see, no hurry.

Gosh, couldn't sleep last nite, so i got up about 12, and read.  lolol,,,That book is hard to put down.  I'm still on the Joe Pickett series.  #5, i think.  Hate to finish all of them, what will i find to read then?

No plans as usual for the week end.  Don't even need to go to the grocery store. 

Hearing on my scanner about a woman being found on the floor, and not knowing how long she had been there.  I worked for a woman and her son that was severely disabled, just 2 blocks from me.  Had known them for years and years, and she was kinda getting alzheimers too.  I went by 2 or 3 times a week, doing my job.  I was told to go by on a Mon, but then was called and told to go to another place that day.  So it was Tuesday when i went there, and there were 3 papers in front, that i always picked up and took in, (Not 3 tho).  She didn't lock her doors, so i opened it and called, going on in.  I heard her saying something, and her son was in his recliner, twisting and turning, while i went on down the hall to hear what she was saying.  She was in the bathroom, and i peeked around the door, and saw her legs in the floor.  She had fallen between the commode and bath tub, and couldn't get up.  Had been there for days, and her son, JE, had been in that chair too, he couldn't walk without help.  Another son lived just up the block and i had seen his truck so knew he was home.  I called him, then the company.  The company said i should have called the ems, but i told them NO, her son could make that decision, and he came right on.  He couldn't get her up either, and in the meantime, i made JE some sandwiches which he gobbled down, was so hungry.  And then while they all left for the hospital with her, i cleaned JE up, got him fed and clean.  She ended up staying in the hospital for about 2 weeks, with a kidney infection.  But then they put both of them in a nursing home in another town, where one of her dotters worked.  Was ideal, and JE loved it.  What i never understood, was that the older son drove by every day and those papers were out there, the porch lite and dining room, kitchen lites were on all that time, and he NEVER STOPPED and checked on them!!!  Nor called!!  To me, that's so sad.