Sunday, February 16, 2014

River Crossing


I went W on 29, then had to cross the river on this slab, to go to my Sis’s house yesterday.   It’s very narrow, just room for one vehicle.


I was trying to get one showing the granite river bed, but doing this backwards,, didn’t work very good. 


I’ll get better ones some day… lol.  On the far side is where the river runs under it.   We used to fish all around it.

I had my young boys, and my bro B, out there one day fishing, and they had wandered off up the river, and I had gone down to another place.  Two women had shown up and were in the swimming hole, and the boys had wandered back and were staring at them,,, they were topless!!  I was so mad,,, I got back up there, and told them,," Don’t yall have any shame?” and other things.  Then we left.  The boys laughed and laughed about me telling them off, since they would have made about 3 of me… I told them if they had looked half way decent, wouldn’t have been so bad… lololol.   One’s boobs hung down to her waist, and she weighed about 250.

Besides that, they were lesbians.

About that time,, maybe mid 70s,, there was a nudist camp up around Castel.  But these two were not part of that.  The “boys” still think it’s funny.

Gosh, I can hardly get up in the mornings.  My back won’t let me straighten up, or walk.  I limp around and get 2 aleve down as soon as I can, then drink my coffee, read the online paper.  Sit still for a bit, then it’s better,, not gone, but better.  My mattress isn’t old, maybe 5 years, and firm.  Don’t think that’s the problem.

Like I was telling BB, I have 2 kids,,?,, lol.  And, they run the other way, so they won’t have to help do anything for me.  It’s sad to know that’s the way things are.  I had a really hard time just getting somebody to come by and reach under my sink to turn the water back on for my icemaker.  My older bro B, did it, but it’s hard for him to get up too.  He’s 2 years younger than me.  Then, I have to pay the man that mows for me, to clean out around my store room and mow.  I need my mattress turned, but,,,,,, ha ha.  Used to be able to do it by myself.  I know my son lives with pain ALL the time, at 48, and always will, so I feel bad to whine about mine, knowing his back problems.  O well, that’s why I sure don’t look forward to my future.  Getting older and worse.

I lost another cousin Thursday.  He was cutting a tree down and it fell on him.  Don’t know any details, and he had done that forever.  I haven’t seen him in about 25 years or so, but sure hate it.  He was in his mid 60s. Up around Paris TX.

Yall tc, and