Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rattlesnake eggs

OK DD,,,, now i hafta tell this story about those rattlesnake eggs..  My cousin was here one time and showed the kids how to do this.  U label an envelope "rattlesnake eggs", put a paper clip on a rubber band and wind it up, put it in the envelope, and close it.  My 5th grade son just had to take it to school and show his teacher.  Was the first and only time he had a black teacher. (not sure that had anything to do with it or not)  Well, he goes up in front of the class, hands her the envelope, and she kinda hesitates, but thinks,,,gosh, it's just eggs, so she carefully opens  it.  BUZZZZZZZZZZZ,,,OMG they've hatched!!! She throws up her hands, kicks back her chair and goes over backwards, hits the floor and gets up on her feet running screaming out the door down the hall.  All the kids are sitting there with their mouths open, eyes big and round, wondering what's gonna happen to him,  my son thinking oooo nooo, i'm in horrible trouble now.  She finally ran out of breath, came back and,,,,,,,,, laughed!!! 
And just so you all know, rattlesnakes do live birth,,no eggs.  
Got one more, now.  Opened the door and let my cat in one morning, and she ran a few steps, froze, and sniffed toward the corner where i had brooms, mop, etc.  Then she'd back up,,,sniff again,  tail looking like a bottle brush, do it all over again.  I went to look and she took off slinking down close to the floor, and i'm wondering,,,(lol dd, i wondered)  wth is going on with her?  Well, i did look, didn't see anything, so just forgot about it.  THE NEXT DAY,,,, i went into the living room, and glanced over behind my chair, and there it was!!!! THE RATTLESNAKE.   It froze, i froze, i looked for something to hit it with, couldn't reach anything, it took off under my chair, i flipped the chair over, and it went into a corner by the fireplace.  I could finally reach a long lighter on the mantle, so i squished it's head.  I had nearly picked it up, but there was just something about those stripes on the tail that made me hesitate, couldn't see the one little button, was a year old one, my bro told me. At that age the diamonds don't show either.   Sooo, moral of story is:::::  look, look, look, when ur pet shows u something!!!  That thang had crawled around in my house all night.     Have had em show me a gopher , cat had run in with it then lost it, another little harmless snake once, where a mouse was,so i do take em serious now, lololol
Got one clock changed already, how about yall?  Always do that so i won't forget, like i did the first time.  Gonna be rough on Monday, only day i hafta get up early enough to get out by 9;30.  Think i can finally remember all those hidden ones, lololol,,,like coffee pot, vcr,,,things like that.