Friday, November 27, 2015

Just a Small Number of Who Was There

You didn't know you could play poker with this many? lol. There are several games that is unlimited players. We do dealer's choice and there are lots of games. See the little one on the left? Yep, she plays some of them too. lol. It's their risk, have to play with no help and if they lose, too bad.

I didn't make it for dinner, just wasn't able, but did go down there about 4PM, and stayed for a long time. Here in the garage where the poker was going on...At times there were even more than this playing. SUCH a good time! Brad brought me a plate at noon, after calling to ask what i wanted, and when he discovered later he had brought the wrong dressing, here he came with the right one, AND the gravy too..... hahahaha (he had forgotten that).

They were passing a quart jar of moonshine around, and by 8,,, none of them should have been driving,,,O, they had their beer sitting around in the ice chests,,,moonshine was a plus. Needless to say, i did a LOT of LOL... 

My friend Sue sent me TWO plates, one with hot stuff, other cold, and OMG,,,I haven't even gotten into them yet, but i will start for lunch today. Plus about 5 of her homemade rolls..YUMMMMMMMMM Had one of those with my breakfast.

The icy front hit here about 9am,,, DD, and in just minutes my windows were fogging. Rain too. Such a great day to stay in by the heater, with my book, and some of my recordings on tv. I love Alaska, the last frontier, so i have hours and hours of that recorded. Plus my jigsaw set up,, need help with. lol.

Have any of you actually gone out to shop today? I saw this LONG line on tv from yesterday,,,waiting for JCP to open.

Well getting back to my games, so yall tc, and