Friday, June 17, 2011

Too Darned Many Meds!!

Bob from Athens brought up a good point about our Lowe's super market. Have nooo idea if there's a connection or not. lol, That was the same thing i wondered about too. I've just been in there twice, for a couple of things. Next time, maybe i can remember to ask. Key word there,,,remember. I keep blaming my trouble with my memory on all the meds i'm on. Well, that's when it started!! hahahahaha,,,when i was put on all this crap i have to take. I keep thinking i'm just gonna toss all that, quit it all. WHEN i lose enough weight, i know i can quit a lot of it legally. lol,, My bp is reading a lot lower already, diabetis is curable, the kind i have anyway. Chloresterol will go to normal. See, that's a LOT i won't have to use meds for. Who knows about the neuropathy in my feet.

Got a lot of watering done yesterday, one of my days, and during the hours you have to use. The morning was ok, but from 8-midnite, not good. Went out and turned the hoses off just before 10. Where i had the ends, i guess the water just went straight down, lol, didn't spread at all. But it will seep on the slight incline, and i started at the top. Even that's gonna come to an end real soon, so i'm trying to get at least one good watering done. I haven't done any this year. My next day is Sunday. The weathermen keep saying it's gonna let up next week, but rain?,,,heck no. Maybe some showers might make it in as far inland as Austin, but here?,,,nope. N called yesterday, almost in tears, because one of her hens had died. She looked it over and couldn't find any noticable reason. I think the heat had something to do with it, even tho they are in a shaded pen. By the time she found it, there were fire ants all over it. She sprinkled the last of her sevin dust on the spot where it had been laying to get rid of the ants, then took it down to the river. Just in case, she's gonna get some more to put around the whole pen on the outside. But i don't think the ants were what happened. She just called today, and has to bring in her little dog. Seems they have anus gland problems a LOT. hahahaha,,,bring on the xlax.

I have to laugh every time i see that man, Weiner, on the news. How can anybody be that dumb??? When i first heard about it, i thot they were talking about a man showing his weiner on his online posts, THEN,,,found out he was named Weiner, showing his Weiner. OMG!!! How funny is that??? Then it just got better. hahahahaha What would we do without our elected officials? and Hollywood idiots?

ok folks, lunch time, got potato soup today. Applesauce for dessert. Been sounding good for days. adios.

Checking this out, to see if i can edit my post afterwards.