Monday, June 13, 2011

Memory Lane

LOLOLOL,,,DD, I don't remember having a slinky, but we didn't have many toys. We played games mostly, instead. BUT, my kids had them, and I played with them then!! lololol It was kinda good to be so young, when we were having our kids. Loved playing with them, and I sure enjoyed the kids as teens. Am i the only one to ever say that?? hahahaha. I think we might have been the only parents that had our teen age sons and their friends going with us to do things, but,,,,motocross races, drag races, boat races, a day at the mall? On their birthdays, they got to pick the events and eating place for the day, in Austin. My youngest always picked Burger King,,,lololol. The other, Poncho's all u could eat Mexican food. WE liked Luby's with all the different choices for everybody. And nearly always, my bro B was with us too. He was just 4 years older and the boys adored him.

One time, i took my dotter and her friend to Austin to do school shopping. Got there and she realized her leather bracelet with her name on it, was gone. We looked everywhere in the car, and didn't find it. Nothing to do but go on with the day. LONG DAY! lol, 2 teen girls shopping for clothes. Half way home, later, on the highway, i slammed on the brakes, and turned around, went back, and OMG,,,there that bracelet was, laying there in the middle of the highway, been run over all day, but,,,there it was!! Unreal huh? She had cracked the window and thrown out gum paper on the way TO Austin, and the bracelet somehow went out too. Gosh, hadn't thot about that in years.

DD, not pigs in Ns garden. They really tear up things rooting around. Have had them in my yard. She told me later she had seen a rabbit in there once, and it had run out in the corner, but she couldn't see how. lol,,,but wasn't a rabbit digging things up, either. She's ready to shoot a neighbor's goat if it shows up eating her flowers and stuff in the yard.,,Like it did another neighbors. Maybe he'll get it first. She said would be a bar b q. One of B's friends always won the World Championship Goat cook off. Used to have it in Brady, not sure where, now. B has the secret sauce recipe.

Got this pork chop cooking like i saw to do in a book. See if it's as good as supposed to be. Have to guess when it's done, don't have a thermometer. Never used one, so,,,,If it's not done, i'll cook a little longer. That's my way.