Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time, Time, Time

Not much time today after bro came by and we polished up our petition. Got an appointment to get a hair cut in a bit, so time is short. Which doesn't matter anyway, nothing new going on.

Just tried to eat a couple of slices of pizza for lunch. That stuff just won't go down, had to quit. Gets hung and i have to upchuck a little to get it out. No more! When it is shut down, liquids won't go down either so you can't take a drink to wash something down. Won't go!

Also been messing with one of my scanners, not picking up the dispatcher, which is strange. I think it's the antenna connection but haven't been able to help it. Got another one plugged in now, checking. I get it on one of them, so i should be on the others. Get the ones talking to the dispatch, just don't get dispatch. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR Had 2 people call me and ask what was going on nite before last...hahahaha...was a hi speed chase from maybe Brady, for the man, driver, supposedly very suicidal. He ran over tack strips in 2 different places and still didn't stop. When he finally did, it was in the lot at my son's place. hahahaha,,,and he was one of the 2 that called, and missed it by about a minute, had just left. They took him to jail, and about 15 minutes later, were calling for EMS. See how exciting a little town is? hahahahaha,,,My ears really perk up when i hear my last name on there...seeing who, what, where is going on. One time my nephew told the cop, they just wanted to go walking in the dark!!!,,,lmaooo,,,told him later, couldn't you think of something better than that!! They had looked suspicious. He started laughing,,said he told his friend,,,my aunt will hear this! They had parked their vehicle at some storage units and walked to a tower and climbed it,,,sure couldn't tell that. Wish my son hadn't told things HE did, don't need others doing them.

Gonna go ahead and pay my house taxes today. We used to get a discount by paying them early, now,,it's the same til the end of Jan. So i never give them my money to use any earlier than i have to. Doing it today, cause i am kinda forgetful,,,lololol.

Hey, yall tc, and