Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Up to the Future,,

Hey, i made it today!..Don't know how i can just ,,well,,kinda dawdle so long.. Lots of blogs to read, and comment on.  Think it was Gypsy talking about rodents, reminded me of how i got rid of this whole hill of em.  hahahaha.  Read my 6-26 blog, it explains.

My son put a coil on my car late yesterday, when i had finally been able to catch up with him.  Runs great, no miss, no gas smell, which he had explained how it did it.  Something about how when it misfired, it kicked gas back in something, into tail pipe, and hence the smell.  Don't know if it needs the plugs, wires or not, i'll find out later.

DD finally got a new computer!!!  lol.  Can't believe he's been using Vista all this time.  Way back, right when Vista first came out, i had to buy a new computer, (new about as much as repair), and the only choice i had AT THAT TIME, was Vista.  I hated it!! Nothing was compatible, NOTHING. Not even my printer!  Had to get new software from the HP company (online didn't work, left out a step).  Everything had to be redone to work with Vista!!!, Even my mouse!,,Worst thing they ever did.  Had to spend hours on the phone with a Dell rep to even get it going at all.  THEN, like 6 weeks later, they put the XP back on the market.  Was too late for me, i had to live with that DAM Vista til Windows 7 came out, which i think i might have been the first one to get it. hahahaha,,,i downloaded that and finally got rid of Vista.  I have loved the win 7 since i got it.  It's on both desk and laptop.  So i know DD will too, and wonder how he waited so long.

I look at a site, http://www.dealnews.com/ and yesterday it had this little tablet looking thing, (which i don't know anything about),,,marked down to $149. from $200 and free delivery.  I just might have gotten it if my nephew had called me back to tell me exactly what it was.  It's not on there today, might have sold out at that price.  Wasn't a refurb either.  I know it had Google Android in it, whatever that is, lol.  Did ebooks.  Wasn't Kindle or Nook. O well, might see it again.  I'm lost on those things.  Like DD, need to get  with the future,,,here. lol.  It WAS a tablet.  If i figure it out, i'll let you know.

Why does my skin, neck area, turn jewelry black?  The only thing it won't turn, is gold.  It started doing this about 2 years ago, and i still don't know why.  Even sterling silver turns black.  I put on a necklace a few days ago, and this morning noticed it had started turning black.  Supposed to be SS.  I can wear rings, earrings, and all, and they're ok.  Just the neck area.

Ok, enough ramblings,,yall tc, and