Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cooking Disaster

OK yall, BBs missing!!!  And so is Hobo!.  Think Pesky Wayne beat him in Golf, and now he won't show his face?  Or mabye it made him sick?  Hobo's probably hung up in the walls, or ceilings, or something, going nuts there.  Getting any better yet, Hobo? 

Darn it!!,,,Put a 16 bean soup on last nite, in my crock pot, and yummmm,,,looking good today.  So,,i get out my last corn bread mix,,and it says,,better if used by,,,u know,,,but this said,,,Jan 11.  Well, heck,,i thot surely it'll work,,,won't it?,,so,,I just took it out of my, what i told yall i used every day, toaster oven, and that stuff is flatter than a flitter!,,,Now ,,that means i can't eat til i go to the store, get some more mixes, and cook another one!,,I like the Martha White in the yellow bags.  Lots better than what i could make from scratch.  Don't like the ones in the boxes, they're sweet.  So, i went ahead and ate my oatmeal, meaning now i have some time to get that other done.  Yall ever noticed u can't buy cornbread anywhere, not even in the freezer depts?  You have to MAKE it. 

Might nibble a bite, see if it might be thin and eatable,,,lololol.  I do like thinner better.  But this ,,,lol.

Gonna take my friend Sue some of the bean soup.  She said she had never tried it before.  But, i WON"T take any of that cornbread! hahahaha.  She's a great cook, not gonna show her mine.

Guess who's getting that cornbread,,,they live out at the park...

O yeah, i forgot i have part of that chicken breast left from supper.  Can't eat a whole one any more.  So i get the snack pack, and have 2 meals.  Can't beat that.  I keep a container of potato salad handy, so i can make a meal fairly easy.  I can get one side with the snack pack, so been getting cole slaw.  Don't know why i can eat that, and can't eat salads, but i can.  It's the lettuce i can't eat.  I love cabbage, and i have a recipe for a cabbage casserole, easy and delicious.

I cook about 1/2 head of cabbage or more,,and separately, cook sliced potatoes with an onion, in small amount of oil, with a lid, slow. Add to drained cabbage, then add a link of smoked sausage, cut into small bites.  Ta da,,,there u have it.  Quick and easy, and delicious.  Now i'm hungry for cabbage!  Forget that bean soup!! hahahaha.

Well, made myself get dressed, and dropped off my friend the bean soup, then got the mixes, .,Heard the phone ringing, getting out of the car.  It was her, told me she took one bite, just to taste it, ended up eating 1/2, even cold.  She gave me makings for a bar b q bun, and got home and put one mix in the oven,,,aaaa,,,gainnnn.  Has a date of 6-12.  Better be good.

This bean soup will be sooo good tomorrow, with rain, cold, wind.  Usually, for years, have made chili, or stew.  Gonna add bean soup now.  Got a huge choice to make,,,HELP yall!!!,,, 3 choices for my next meal,,,leftover chicken/potato salad, bar b q bun, bean soup/cornbread.   That smell might help decide,,,(cornbread cooking).