Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boring Weekend

Gosh this puter is slooowww today.  Don't know what's going on.  Got a big kick outa BBs post today.  If i didn't have the calendar gadget on this, i'd never know the date.  And sometimes i have to take all the open windows off, to look and see what it is.  Then, the screen is covered by more gadgets, my yellow sticky notes, clock.  Every morning before i get into anything, i read my sticky notes.  Like,,car tags due this month.  Books due on different dates.  At least i can do renew online.  All my appointments.  Gosh,what would i do without em?  I stack em in dated order, as much as i can.

No plans all weekend.  Is that unusual? lololo,,,Didn't sleep til after 3 am. Took some of my good pain med, no pain, just wanted to sleep, and did after that. So today, gonna see if i can find something like unisom, to help me sleep.

See that "whatever" up there?,,,All that just popped up on here and this went back to somewhere else. No spell check, not much up there on tool bar left after it did this. hmmmm. wth is going on? Even my font is different. lol looked at preview and it doesn't show up.

Ok, back to no sleep. I have a prescription med that i won't take, after finding out about side effects. Like,, u can get up and do things and not even remember!!! Now, who in the world would take something like that when u live alone?

I had never seen the movie, DaVinci Code, so last nite i watched it. Was so so, not great. I hate movies filmed in the dark, and most of it was. Besides that, it was 3 hours long. That movie that won so many awards, about the kids in India, i never saw anything at all to do that.

Gotta get out sometime today and go by friend's house and get some eggs. Ns chickens not laying much. S has good fresh ones too.

Ok, gonna get dressed and get out now, maybe not so hot. lol, showing 100. but that's on East side, not correct in the mornings, even tho in the shade.

4 PM,,just read anonymous from yesterday's blog. I have the web site and will post the river flow, cfs, each day. I put it in comment to answer anonymous for today.

Living in Denison, huh. hahahaha, small world. Have LOTs of kin there, in Sherman. Mom's side. One of my fav cousins, Shelby Gann, know him?, loves to come down here and harrass me,,,lol. Used to show up in wee hours, call, say get yo azz outa bed, let's gooo! There's a good club out at Buchanan Dam. He brought 2 friends down to hunt one time, got back and they hung thier deer out in Dad's garage. When Dad went out to see em, he said, don't u laugh now. Dad didn't, til he turned n headed back, telling him he'd bring him a sandwich bag for Bambi. hahahahaha You had to look hard, in the pics, to see it, hanging up there between all those other big ones. He still swears it had nubs. Another time, he got up at 5, to go out, and told bro B, felt like he just got to bed. B said, u did. That might have been the day he stayed in the truck, while the others went to thier stands, raised his head up one time, saw a big buck, shot it, went right back down. When the others showed up later, he asked them to go over yonder and get it. They didn't really believe him, but sure nuff, there it was.

Whole other area there, folks. Just wanted anonymous to know how much i appreciate his comment, and how small a world it is.