Monday, June 11, 2012

Bring Em On,,,

Made it thru the Hatfields and McCoys,, was great!  TY DD for telling about them or i wouldn't have known.  I, like everybody else, can highly reccomend them.  I looked at tonite, and ,,nothing.  Good thing i recorded 3 more yesterday.

I didn't get out yesterday except to go to Taco Bell and pick up a couple of tacos, nachos,,for supper.  Nothing appealing to me about getting out in a 100+ temps.  Gonna be worse today.  I'm reading a good book,,The Help,, got movies.  Even my heart doc, i always carry a book with me, saw it and said he'd seen the movie.  Has to be hilarious. 

Gosh, i need a haircut.  That 20.00 for this,,,20 for that, is 20ing me to death.  I do a lot of trimming myself, but,,,gets to the point i have to have help.  Even tho i just want half a cut, it still costs the whole amount.  Not sure anyone works on Mondays around here either.  Never wore my hair long after Mom finally! let me cut it when i was 12.  Hated it.  SHE couldn't grow long hair so she made ME...make any sense?  She never forced my sisters.  Even tho my dotter had this blond curly hair, i whacked it off because of her screaming every time i had to wash it.  Told her when she could do her own, she could have it long. 

She and one of my sisters,, got to be about old enough to want their ears pierced,,kept on all the time about it.  SOOOO, one day, just to shut em up,,i told em to sit down, and i'd do it.  OMG!! They did!!!,,,I HAD TO DO IT.  I did it like mine were done,,,put a clothes pin on them,,for a while,,put a cork behind, thread a needle, dip in alcohol, and using a thimble, push that needle thru into the cork,,pull it out,,,tie the thread.  I was shaking like a leaf,,,lololol,,and they weren't,,didn't feel a thang.  I even got them straight, and they healed right up in a few days, put the earrings in.  Learned my lesson,,keep my mouth shut,,never say things you didn't mean.

90* here, at 11AM,,, dog days,,here you come.  Yall tc, and