Thursday, March 1, 2012

What is a Gazelle?

Well DD, i finally looked up a Gazelle thang,,and NO WAY,,,lololol.  I bought a weight bench one time,,had every attachment in the world,  and it took me all of one day to put that thing together.  Had a 1/2" thick book of instructions, and i don't remember how many trips it took to get it all carried into the house when i got home.  Used it for a long time.  When i moved here, there was no place to store it, and it sat outside and ruined, the padding, lines, rubber, etc.  It had cost me a 100.00. and 500.00 worth of labor,,hahahaha.  That and my computer desk were the 2 worst things i ever put together.  I have a mechanical mind and that has always helped.

Keep seeing talk of rattlesnakes.  They will NOT jump out from hiding to bite you!  They will run away faster than YOU,,,lol.  They are not an aggressive snake, like a copper head or a cotton mouth is.   Most of the time, you will not be able to see them they are so well disguised, unless they are moving.  You don't shoot them to take to the round ups.  You catch them live, and do them no harm.  You don't "milk" them either.  They are full of venom.  After their shows, they do milk them, and destroy them, which is why my bro turns his loose.  The first time i saw one of the shows, i was horrified.  The worst in it, was when they put about 50 in a sleeping bag, and then a man crawled down into it.  All the way too.  Then back out,,didn't get bit either.  It's sad that if this keeps up, they will become extinct.  Out on the ranch where my bro released his, and has for years, one of the hands made a comment about how many there were out there,,,they kept their faces straight and said,," o yeah?"

Think i'm gonna get dressed,,(still morning) and go to the $Store.  I need a card for my son, and a couple of other things.  Get it done early.  Hate to have to buy cards, takes forever to pick em out.  You can't just grab one and go.  Has to say the right thing..lololol.

Yall tc, and