Friday, December 2, 2011

Out and About, Here and There

Lots of errands done this morning, and like Gypsy, I hate early morning appointments.  I remember most of the time, now, to tell them, late morning or afternoon.  I like to get up, have coffee, read the paper, catch a few things on tv, just NOT be in a hurry.  I don't get up with an alarm any more,,,yiiiipppppeeee.  If i want to sleep all morning, i will! 

I went by the bank, the post office, city office, library, and friend Sue, to give her some of that soup, in her container,,,lol.  Forgot about her addiction to that soap,,,hahahahaha, so i just ran in and out.  Been drizzling off and on, and the cold has drifted in.  We're right on the line.  Nothing else i have to do today, so it doesn't matter.

Got one of those homemade rolls heating up in my toaster oven (use that thing all day long, every day) and a big bowl of soup to heat.  Can't do both at the same time, throws a breaker, and i sure don't wanna have to go out today and fix it.  When they rewired this house, i saw where everything was put, and labeled it in the breaker box.  Lol,,they wired in for my 2 AC units, for 220, after i told them that.  That first nite i turned the bedroom one on, and OMG,,don't know how i didn't ruin it.  It was 110!!!  The plug was big like the 220s and i just said it without looking it up.  All they had to do was take one wire off, and fix it,,,,whew...  Then last year when i bought the new one, it was 220, just hook that wire back, and,,,all there was to it.  It has been more economical, runs less that the old one, and has all the energy savings stuff.  Saw in the paper today, might have to do more rolling blackouts now.  Having to close 4 power plants.  Maybe they'll be more prepared than the last time.

Got a call that my shoes are in, there in Marble Falls, and i told her i would be over soon.. Then, after looking at the weather, i decided nope, i'll wait til next week, no hurry anyway.  My new lens are in for my glasses at Walmart, too, so next week i will make the trip for the both of them.  But NOT til the weather is better.  I called them back and told them.

Heck, might just take a nap today.  After eating that soup, i feel like it.  Have just a few more pages in my book, and last nite my eyes just wouldn't stay open to let me finish.  Glad i'm not driving.

Yall tc, and,,