Monday, December 19, 2011

Be Sure What You Get,,Buying Thru any School

Really late today.  Had to take my car to my x to see why it's missing.  And the worst thing, i've been smelling gas too.  Couldn't go to sleep last nite, thinking about it catching on fire, so that HAD to be done ASAP.  AND, wouldn't you know it, the gas smell wasn't there!!!  I do have one cylinder not firing, need a coil, and probably plugs/wires.  Now, WTH happened with the gas smell???  If i get it any more, gonna look to see where it might be coming from.  He said it could be coming from something down under, in the back of the engine, getting into the tail pipe.  He had to leave, not gonna be able to be there until maybe Wed. and i haven't been able to catch my son, so gonna let it sit, mostly.  I know i can drive it with the miss, but,,,NOT the gas smell, which was NOT there today. 

Got a cheese ball made as far as i could, til it chills for a few hours.  Then i roll it in the other stuff.  Don't ever mix cream cheese with your hand!!!  I think most of the ball got washed off. lololol.  Stuck so bad, i couldn't scrape it off.  I bought this from my niece thinking i got the cheese balls,,,what i got is,,,a box, with the mixes to make 2 cheeseballs,,allll for $13.00!!! I couldn't believe it!,,Then you have to buy the cream cheese.  Never ever will i buy anything thru the schools again.  She didn't know it either.  lol, licked my fingers, and there's sure enough garlic in that ranch mix,,,hahahaha.

 Remembered to get out some shrimp to cook for today.  (2 meals)  I pan sear it, cooks in just a few minutes in my iron skillet.  Been getting hungry for some Cooper's pork ribs.  That's gonna come up pretty soon. lol,,,2 will make me about 3 meals.  Way back when i cooked for my "army"  i would buy a 1 lb bag of ready to cook shrimp, bread it with buttermilk, flour, deep fry it.  Just that 1 lb made a huge platter of shrimp!,,We (my army) couldn't eat it all.  When i was told by about the best cook around here, (town), that she used buttermilk for her breading, i had to sneak it to use it.  Hubby and sons would never have even tasted of something with that horrid buttermilk in it.  So,,,i used it a long time, before i let them know what they were eating, and by then, what could they say??? hahahaha  It is the BEST!  There was one brand that was real thick,,the best one.  The kids had seen Mom and Dad drink it, and would gag thinking about it. hahahahaha. 

Heyy,,,it's raining!! yeaaaaaaa,,, Showed 70% today, and it's really happening.  lol, Think it's already quitting.  Sorry folks,,almost a false alarm.

Still tasting that garlic,,,hahahaha...gonna be a good cheeseball, huh?

Miss DD,  but he sure deserves a day off.  Can't wait to see where BB lands, lol. 

Yall tc, and