Wednesday, March 13, 2013


On my vcr experiences lol.  The woman didn't show up over the week end, sooo, I called Monday and she told me she couldn't find the remote.  So I stopped by and got my money back and she said she'd call if she found it.  In the meantime, after that, I looked at Alco, and they had the same one I had just sent back, so then I stopped at our Radio Shack (not) and here I go again.  He had 2 used ones ,,, so, I bought one and a universal remote, got home and it hooked up just like my old one.  It only had the vcr part, no dvd.  Fooled with it just about all day, got the remote programed, but,,could never get the menu to come onscreen.

Tired of all this BS, so I took all that back too, the next morning, and got my money back.  When I get somewhere to do it, I will look at dvd recorder/players.  And now I know they have to have a tuner.  Well, the man at RS said he had an adapter that would make it work if no tuner.

Hooked my old one back up, used a new head cleaner, (don't know if that will help or not), and now I have it set to record a show tonite.

That's all folks, tc and