Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good Morning

Good morning,, one and all,,,hope you're all well and happy today.

I still stumble around using this newer blogger.  Took me like, 30 minutes to add a new blog to my list of ones I follow...  Does anyone use the google+?    I haven't even figured this one out,,don't know if I want to try that one.  I never remember how I did it the last time...HEY,,my memory IS improving, not taking that statin drug for cholesterol.

I noticed last week that numbers just popped out,,,always could do that til I started those drugs.  Phone numbers,,,whatever,,they're there.  J asked me for 3 different ones last week and they just were there.  Wooohoooo.  So what,, if my liver is filling up with that stuff,,,lol.  my memory is back.  Names?,,just ask, I know em,,, Amazing.  Now, what was I talking about?  O yeah,, that.

My niece gave me this body lotion for Christmas, Olay, New Nauveau, that is the most delicious smelling stuff I've ever used.  I use it just on my hands, but you can still smell it hours and hours later.  Good thing it smells so good, cause it stays.  It's in the purple tube, in case yall want to check it out...

Haven't seen that big buck out back yet.  But,, the neighbor has been working on a big trailer out there in the street.  Sure wish J would buy that property.  Best view in town, looks down on the river and bridge, lites of town.  I see most of that too, but just that little bit on up the hill is a lot better.

I think I have enough movies recorded now....With some new tv shows back on, not using them so much, so getting a big back up.  Still, on Fri, Sat, and Sun,,need one each nite.  Why do the networks leave off those 3 nites?

Took a bite of something a couple of days ago, and felt this huge thing in my mouth.. Good thing I didn't chomp down on it,,lol.  It was this huge filling out of a bottom jaw tooth, think it WAS the  Not sure what i'm gonna do about it, just leave it for now.  The tooth isn't hurting or anything, and it's the last one back.  Gosh, I hate to have one pulled.

I'm so sick of hearing about Lance Armstrong,,never liked him, and darn sure don't now.  He has a black hole where a soul should be.  What I can't stand, is how this will hurt his children.  I don't get OWN here, and I so miss the Oprah show.  Loved it.  On one of her last ones I had, she brought back and gave an update on people from 5 years before.  Some of those had broken my heart, so it was so good to hear and see the update.

Ok, enough meandering,,so yall tc, and