Friday, August 5, 2016

To You BB

Your OVERDUE post wont let me put a comment on it, so,,,, this is it.

I did a double take when I saw it, not kidding! And I know I don't post every day, week or even month now, but I do comment on others so everybody knows im still around.

That pic of you sure looks good, and the fat cat too. lol. Mine wont fit on my non existent lap, hes so heavy. When it lightning he creeps thru the house and attaches to my feet. If I move he does too. So funny.

Ok, wasn't a post til I read yours, so yall tc, and


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why Do I Do It?

Cook,,, that is. Well, not much, just baked 4 of those chicken tosquitas,,, 11 minutes, and it's STILL tooo hot to use my toaster oven! My weatherbug thingy is showing 102 and my new portable AC just won't cool down below 84.

I looked for days at those portable ACs, and went ahead and got a 10000 btu, but,,, should have gotten a bigger one, even tho the info said it would cool the area I needed. Of course, this is Texas hot.

Now, don't get excited, but I went to bed the 2nd, started shaking, teeth chattering,,, hard chills. Couldn't get em to stop, ended up calling the ambulance to go to the ER. Turns out, had a  urinal  track infection, 103 temp.,,, and that had put my heart into A-Fib. They finally decided to send me to Round Rock to monitor the heart while they treated the infection. I was there 3 or 4 days,  MISSED OUR FISH FRY ON THE 4TH! And actually, what was done could have been done here, because nothing was changed until I went to see my doc here last Tues. She upped one of my meds for the A-Fib, so we'll see if it works. I'm doing fine. The only time it races is when I first get up. Takes about 20 minutes to quit. I keep having those and don't know why, nobody else does either. I'm seeing the urologist in a week,,, see what he says. I rode in an ambulance to get there, and it was like riding in a wagon bed.... horrible.

My son came up to the ER and waited with me,,, was horrified at my readings.. 158 pulse, bp like 258/156 or something like that. I think the med is gonna work. If meds won't then a pace maker is the future.

Seeing that hip doc next wed.... wonder if he'll help me with all this other going on....

OOOO MMM GGGG... seeing a commercial about shingles,,,had em,, horrible thing. GET the VACCINATION!!!

Hope you're well, DD,,, and hope BB is ok,, I'm getting there..

Yall tc, and


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Want an Update?

Gosh, hate to even write this, it's all still the same.

My pain doc put an epidural injection into my hip about a month ago, thot I would die that nite for about 4-6 hours. Worst pain I've ever had. Won't ever do another one. But anyway, the next day there was no pain, and over the next week the pain came back a little at a time, but not as bad. I guess it did help quite a bit. Have an apt. to see the hip doc in July.

My sis is having her annual bbq later today, and 2 cousins came down from Paris for the weekend. These are my 2 favs. They're 6 or 8 years younger, but their Mom was always my fav aunt too. I had forgotten she died on 7-4 a few years ago.

Yall might have heard about the drowning here last week. It was on a lot of news channels. Even my cousin said he heard it up there. The river goes right thru the middle of town, and there's a dam too, creating a holding area for our water. Anyway, forever, people have walked out on the dam and fished on the bottom side from it. This man and his 13 yo dotter were about in the middle and she fell in, and didn't come up, so he jumped in to rescue her, and in the meantime another man had done the same, got the girl, resuscitated her while 2 more men managed to get the dad out. But it was too late for him. Still don't understand how this could happen. There were no flood gates open, so how could there be a current? People swim there all the time, and this is a first. Maybe i'll learn more.

My nephew came over and put these sun/heat blocking screens over most of my windows a couple of days ago. Makes a world of difference with my ACs. He made frames from trim boards, stapled the screen on, and tacked it up over the windows. Didn't know it came on a roll, and there's plenty to do the few other ones. Will get to those later. This makes up for my huge tree.

Gotta git,,, nap time. Gotta prepare for that good time coming... Yall tc, and


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Been a While

Just about lost interest in blogging, even reading most of them. I have so many appointments to keep up with, hurt so much of the time, then add in trying to remember things,,, lol...Memory not any worse, its just so much.

I was put on a stronger pain med, (which i really hate) but it seems to do me some good. I don't hurt as much, but i wish i could just say,,,, do the implant....There's a trial period i would have to do first.

 I was put on Eliquis for my heart beat or something,, and i would have to quit taking it for about 2 weeks to have the implant that would hook wires to my spine. Forget what it's called,, (lololol). Then it would be a danger of forming a blood clot if i fell or something. I might get to the point to say,,, DO IT ANYWAY.

A friend came up with parkinson's a couple of years ago, and she's just in her 50s...She just had that brain implant done and it worked! SOOOO GOOOD! She's still getting it fine tuned, but the shaking is stopping! I really admire her for doing it. But she says,,, what choice did i have?,,

I had to have my eyes tested yesterday, and i don't have Macular Degeneration. It's kinda like it, but age related. I'm to go back next week and see a specialist, but she said he would probably just want to keep a watch. No change for new lens.

See? All i can talk about is my problems with health!

Lunch time,, be back,, some day. lol. Yall tc, and


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Great Easter

O boy,,, Have a little hope today, with my hip, leg problem. The doc put an injection into the SI area, said it was the only place left to try...(OMG, then what?) And it seems to be working, little or no pain now. I'm still having to use the walker and probably always will, but,, no pain? I'll do that. I know BB mentioned this and i hope his is working for him. We seem to have the exact same problem. I was just getting to the place where i couldn't find a pain free position to sleep,,, not good.  There is still one option, the spinal pain stimulater. But that's an implant and she explained it could be a problem with the new drug i was put on,,Eliquis. I told her i would stop taking it long enough to do what was needed. O well, still hoping this injection is gonna work.

Ok,, enough of that. I had decided i couldn't go to my nephew's for our annual Easter get-together,,, but,, my SIL told me they would take her mother's wheel chair she had at her house, and i wouldn't have to worry about trying to walk. SOOOOO i did and it was fantastic. I could use the chair like a rolling walker and get in and out.

He had our butcher cut 32 1" pork chops, and i don't know how many chickens, plus sides of sausage, maybe other stuff,,, lol. SOOOO GOOOD! I had 1/2 of one chop, a little potato salad, and a little baked beans. Now to tell the rest of the story,,,, 1 small piece of chocolate pie, and half of a small slice of pecan. I didn't even bring anything home, which i usually do for another meal. I did take a 12 pack of beer when i went out the day before so the "cooks" would be encouraged to cut that wood,,, hahahaha.

I took my son a plate since he couldn't go, couldn't walk either. He went to the doc yesterday and he drained a lot of fluid off his knee, and put a steroid shot in it too.  He called last nite and was amazed he could already walk on it. He can't wait to get it well enough to use that little rolling scooter thingy they gave him,,, hahahaha. (you put a knee on it and roll away, no crutches.) He'll be rolling all over town!

Did yall know that our Verizon is now Frontier? I changed it all last week, but when i tried to pay my bill today, i couldn't sooooo,,, just decided to wail til after the first. NOW, hope i don't forget...lololol. I pay almost everything online, postman told me i was taking his job away,,, hahahaha.

Have yall seen that new TV show, Little Big Shots? Love it. It's like the old Art Linkletter(?) about kids say the darnest things. I recorded 2 hours of it Sunday nite, and watched a little last nite. It had idenital twins 11 yo, playing jazz with their horns... O WOW. They had about 8 of their siblings as the rest of the band, played 'when the saints go marching in".....Might have to back up and see that again, was so good.

Ok people,,, hope i've made up for missing so many postings, so yall tc, and


Monday, March 7, 2016

Where is BB????

Has anybody seen or heard from BB?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Everyday Bloggers

I've quit writing blogs every day, was just nothing to say, and now, i've noticed that a lot more have done the same. I'm still in that same mode,,no news, at least nothing to write about. I have such a boring life. I still hurt, nothing has helped, don't know what to do, and i still have the same dog problem, got a call in now for the animal control man.

Going in the morning for the follow up with my heart. I think the meds are going to be the answer, they have done it so far. TG!!! i didn't get put on cummaton,(?) They put me on Eliquis, a new one that works like cummaton, just doesn't make you bleed a lot from cuts, etc. She told me not to read the insert papers and throw them away,,, lol, so i didn't even read them. She said to look at what would happen if i didn't take them...Heck, at this point,, i just don't care. I'm on about 10 or 12 meds, and that's not counting a couple of vitamins, or occasional ones.

I've been getting a Walmart order ready, making a list, etc. LOVE IT, that i can order online and it's delivered to my door... in lots of packages,,, lol.

I was parked at the grocery store yesterday, and saw this aged lady leaning on a buggy, barely able to take a SLOW step, and got to watching, wondering ,, was she driving?,,, There was a boy helping her til they got close to her small pickup, then he put her groceries in and left her on her own with her cane. He took the buggy with him. She leaned on her truck front and slowing went around, then slowly finally got in,, and all this time i'm watching to see if she's gonna make it or not. She sat there a while, then when she finally started it, and drove off (slow) i decided to follow just to see how she was going to get her stuff in. She drove ok, and i went on by when she got to her house, BUT, went around and she was still sitting there with the door open. WELL, i still couldn't drop it, soooo,,,, went back after a few minutes, and she had somehow gotten a wheel barrow and was there by her passenger door to unload her stuff. So i guess she made it. Wow.... I'm bad but not nearly that much. How does she make it? Living alone i assume.

I wonder if she knows she can use the senior bus, and they would help her in and out? I might tell her, if i see her again, and i will watch for her. I have a hard time carrying in a gal of milk and she had a 12 pack of beer. I've started using my big red wagon,,, lol.

Ok, yall tc and