Friday, June 28, 2013

Not Good

No easy fix for me.  I'm to see Js spine doc,,,lol.   In 2 weeks.  I was so hoping I could get something done today.  He did tell me it's not bursitis, and thinks it's in the lower spine, why I have to see the spine doc.  Meanwhile, i'm going to get therapy, and maybe that will help some, until we know exactly what I have to do.

I woke up last nite just before 3, hurting, and could never get into a position where I didn't, after that.  I finally went to my chair, kicked back, and dozed for another hour.

We got back about 1;30, so I had a nap.  lol, need another one.

TV sucks!! At this time of year.  I haven't even found  any movies to record.  Watched one last nite even tho after a couple of minutes, knew I had seen it before.  Then, most of the ones I've recorded, I've seen too.

Well, yall tc, and


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hard Day's Nite

I have an appointment to see the same Doc I saw with my wrist,,,on Friday at 11AM.  J is gonna drive me.  I'm about ready just to be put to sleep..

His new office is out on E 71 about 30 miles, and he uses that instead of an office here.  I just didn't like that other one, and this one did fix my wrist great.

I woke up about 5 this morning, and couldn't get into any position that didn't hurt.  I finally got up and got into my chair, kicked back and slept til 8. 

After that big fire, and they're still getting calls to put out hot spots on it,,,there was another one the next day, not quite as bad tho.  Then, one out close to  my g/dotter's house and they're gone.  No structures were burned, tho.

When I was in the 3rd grade, our house burned, and that leaves you always worried when you hear the call for the fire dept.  The house was burned up in the attic, and people passing by, stopped and took everything out, so we didn't lose anything, but still.  Well lost a place to live.  We were renting so we had to find another place.  I use all precautions and always have.  One time, we were eating supper, and the fire alarm started beeping.  I wasn't cooking, so I got up to look around, and when I opened my youngest son's bedroom door, OMG!  A huge box was flaming right by the window curtains.  You talk about everybody running!  Hubby filled a pan and threw water on it, J grabbed a big towel, wet it, and threw it over the fire.  And that's what put it out.  It scared my son so bad, he wouldn't even sleep in that room for days.  I still don't know how it did it.  He had a candle burning, setting in a metal pan on top of the box, and somehow, the wick got out and caught the box on fire.  Yeah, I keep smoke alarms.  We had insurance that paid for the little bit of damage.

Nap time, so yall tc, and


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Got the Patches

They are Lidoderm, and maybe they are helping a little.  I need to get them in the right place, and not sure where that is.  They are like, 3x5, so they cover a large area.  Nearly took the skin off, taking it off after the 12 hours,,,lololol.  12 on, 12 off. 

There's a grass fire out W of town, and I just don't know how the volunteer firemen dress in those suits and do this.  Bro G retired a couple of yeas ago and he sure hated those uniforms.   (from that).

I need to go to the grocery store, but,,,, right now I need a nap worse.  Also need to fill up my car, do that when it gets down to 1/2.  Don't know why, just do.  I guess I like to get in it and go, without having to put gas in to do it.

Well, that grass fire just got bigger, they're calling for more help.  Won't be going out that way when I get out later.

I've been watching for movies to record, and there just hasn't been any.  And the ones I've been watching, I've seen before, not recognizing the name when I record them.  It's like books, never remember the name, and rarely the Arthur.  I put a tiny mark in the front cover so I can see.

Gonna try to get a nap, so yall tc, and


Friday, June 21, 2013


Woke up during the nite and in pain again!  Guess I moved wrong and now I have a set back.    Sitting here right now with an ice pack.   This is the same as a torn muscle, with set backs and everything.  I've gotten by with just one pain pill a day, but now,,,who knows?  lol.

I was feeling so much better yesterday I even got in my car, almost pain free doing that, and went to the Sonic for a strawberry shake,,, didn't know they were 1/2 price.  Was the 20th the start of summer?,,and when is the summer solstice?  Today or tomorrow?  It doesn't show on my calendar.

Hunter Hayes was on the Voice this week, but way back, lol, he's all of 20 now,,,,he was on Youtube with Hank Williams Jr.  AMAZING!!  Look it up.  Knew right then that kid was going places.  And i'm so glad he has.  (Watching him on Today now)

Thinking about all this hot weather where the weather forecast is the same, no need to watch, I use this method.  Since weeks seem lots shorter than months, I think of it as 9 more weeks til it will cool off.   Weeks fly by for me, so,,,gosh, before I know it, it's almost Sept.  And yeah, it's still hot, but like I told B, my bro, there's a good chance of a cold front.  One year way back, and the only reason I remember it, is on the last day the swimming pool was open a norther had blown in, bringing the temps down to the 60s, and the kids just HAD to go to the pool.   hahahahah,,, they were the only ones and the life guard was walking around with a wrap on.  They had to stay in the water because their teeth chattered when they got out.  They didn't last long that day.  lolololol.  So that's why I look forward to Sept.  There's a chance.

Meantime, I really don't mind staying in and cool.  Still have a good book, my games, and lots to do.  So yall tc, and


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Still Waiting,,

On my doc's call, that I thot I would get this morning.  Since she missed a day, yesterday, she's having to do makeup. 

All the years I worked in offices, no one else could do my work.  It was there waiting til I got back.  I never took more than 3 days vacation at a time, and included a weekend.   That was one reason why.  The last office job I had, I worked 4 1/2 days, putting in 40 hours.  I was on salary, but still.

My son (after I called him) came by and got my list and went to the store for me.  I haven't been out of the house since last Fri or Sat.  Not that i'm missing anything and it's so darn hot anyway.  He picked up a rotisserie chicken for me and mercy, was it good.  I had a big container of potato salad to go with it.  Made me feel like I actually had a good meal.  I keep French bread in the freezer, sliced, so just stick a couple of pieces in my toaster oven, good to go.

I'm getting those darned black beetles back in the house again.  Woke up a few nites ago, felt something crawling on my arm, and yep, that was it.   Wish there was some way to keep them out of my house.  I've tried spraying around inside and outside the walls, but here they come. 

See yall later, tc, and


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Same ol, same ol

Wooohooo, my sis came by and cut my toe nails, andddd,,,, is picking up a couple of things for me at the $ store.  She was going anyway.

Now, if I can just get thru the shower, ,,, lol.  Been kinda nauseated all day.  Trying to let that settle, if it ever does.  When I take that pain pill, like I did at 6 am, gonna do it with milk.  Maybe that will work.

I wasn't surprised when the country girl won the Voice, not even disappointed.  I recorded So You Think You Can Dance, so I do have something for tonite.  They are now down to the top 20.  Yep, I still love music and dance.  And always will.

I know it's not much, but all I have, so yall tc, and


Monday, June 17, 2013

Still Hanging On

My sis said she'd come by and cut my toe nails,,,yeah, can't even do that.  She doesn't do it for a living, but she is a beautician.  She has dystonia in her arm, hand and way back when she was going to school for this, is when the dystonia showed up.  Took 7 doctors over time to diagnose it, it was so rare.  She even had a trake? (the breathing tube) for a few years, but a doc in Houston put her on a medication that controls it, and took the tube out.  It froze up the muscles from her hand into her neck, and made her not able to breathe.  Anyway,,,, that was the reason.  Now,,,where was I? lol.  She's the one the same age as my son.

Way back, when I first became single,,, I started going out with her, a friend of hers, and my dotter.  A new club opened just 15 miles away, and gosh, we had a blast.  That's when my 10 year old niece taught me the cotton eyed jo and shautice?  Now,,i could do alllll the other, but give me rock any time. 

Not sure if the Voice is ending this week or next.  Would hate to have to pick who's gonna win.. I sure do like Michelle and have since the beginning.  But,,,

Well, nothing going on that I know of, so yall tc, and


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Still No Good

I was doing so good, then late yesterday I just stepped wrong, and now i'm back to not being able to move much.  I really need to go to the grocery store, but just don't know how.  Not even sure I could get into my car today.  The problem is I can't lift my right leg without bringing on that terrible pain.  I'm getting to the point,,,that whatever it takes, fix it.

There's no way I could possibly get on that table for an MRI, tho.  And it's so narrow, it scares me.  I still think it's in the muscle, not the hip, and both doctors said they thot  it was bursitis.  BUT,,,what to do???  Any ideas?

Just wanted to give an update, such as it is....Yall tc, and


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lost in the Future,,,,

That's what I feel like anyway.  I just called my dotter and asked if she would come by and put my trash out when she gets off work.  DARN, I hate to do that.  There's just no way I can walk even that much today.  AND I am a slight bit better.  It's 6 days now.  After hurting so bad for days, weeks, etc, I would almost say do anything to fix it.

J went to the store for me yesterday, I was out of milk, frozen dinners, and that good potato salad.  I didn't know, and neither did he, that he would be in San Antonio by 8 AM today.  When I called about 11 to ask how he was, he said fine now,,,then told me he was just leaving SA.  I said,,"WHAT?"  lol.  He got 5 trigger point injections, and 2 of the others and he can't get except there.  The doc won't do those in F'burg.  Hopefully, that will last a few months.

I've been feeling so bad, I hadn't realized how long I had not blogged.  I do when I can, or feel like I might have something to say.

O gosh, BB, The Voice kicks off another one tonite,,,Now who will it be????  Mercy!!  I guess it just gets to the point that it doesn't matter cause they're all so good.  I can't even decide which one, myself.  It was Michelle, but,,,,,what about Sasha, and the brothers?  See? 

I guess it's the right time to be staying in,,,what with the weather.  I do lots of games on here, and found some good jigsaws,,,lol.

Yall tc, and


PS,,, o yeah, saw on the news about those giant mosquitoes!!!  20 times bigger than these we have now!  Look out now, they could really carry you away.

Friday, June 7, 2013


Had to tell you about my experience with that horrible thing,,,Went to bed one night and started spinning, grabbed on thinking I was going to fall off the bed.  When I could sit back up, it quit,,,but,, every time I tried to lay back down, the spinning started again,,,,WELL, that's not gonna work!  Since I seemed ok sitting up, I drove to the hospital ER, to see what was happening.

The doc did some testing, etc, and decided it was vertigo.  Did you know that could be signs of a stroke?  I didn't.  They gave me medicine for sea sickness, and a prescription for it too.  I had some at home, and for the life of me, I can't think how in the world I ever came up with it.  The spinning never came back, and that was 2-3 years ago, DD. 

You surely wouldn't drive feeling that way.  I did call J and tell him what I was doing, and he showed up at the ER later.  It seemed kinda strange, with it hitting me when I laid down!  NOT when I was up.  And no, DD, nothing caused it that I know of.  If so, I don't remember,,,lol.  I'm taking that cholesterol drug again, memory's not good now.  Guess you can research, huh?  Just wanted to let you know.

Got my plumber here unstopping my sewer line.  I called him yesterday, when I saw and heard the warnings, and he was coming about 3PM BUT (now this is unbelievable) he called back and said he got tied up and would come this AM, which he did!...  How many plumbers do you know that will do that?

Of course, he will charge like all the rest,,,lol. 

My leg/hip pain has come back a little, but not too bad.  I might have moved and caused it before I woke up.  I'm real careful when i'm awake.  Sure glad I told J I couldn't take him to the doc today.
He said something about using heat today, along with the ice pack, but I need to ask him how to rotate that.  I'm sitting on the ice pack now, and do during the day.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good News

Saw the doc about my hip/leg? and he thinks it's bursitis also, and gave me a shot too.  I told him the other one had done that, but he said he was going deeper, so we'll see.  I was soooo glad it doesn't seem to be the hip!  I was already planning what to do when I had the replacement,,,lololol.

J went with me, and has gone to get his ice packs for me.  I'll need them for about 3 days, he said.  I started taking 2 tramadol too, not just one.  If that doesn't work, i'll call the doc back and get some vicodin.  (Not telling my son,,,)

I've been getting up with nausea every morning,,,i know, morning sickness,,, and I have no idea why.  I don't take any pills til I eat, now, hoping that will fix the problem.

OKKKK no more!!!  Enough about sick, hurt, etc....

The Voice came on last nite to show who was eliminated, and,,,the cable was out for some of my channels,,,and yeah, that was one of them...I have a small tv in the room with my desk top hooked to my antenna, sooo, that's where I watched it.  They are still off today.  Sorry cable,,,always has been.

I don't know what happened to my recorder. I went to it to watch So You Think You Can Dance later, and it wasn't on it.  I know I set it, but don't know anything else.  I think I did the date wrong.

Hate to do a post that is all about stuff like this, so ,,,, be back when I can do better.  Yall tc, and


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Here We Are,,Again

Guess I didn't tell yall about my lunch yesterday, at church.  Had cornbread and beans!  YUMMM.  That was my youngest son's favorite thing.  Then, for dessert, there was a lemon ice cream pie, and a chocolate ice cream cake!  MERCY!  And I wasn't hungry,,,but I did have a little of all of it.  We always laughed about Dad,,,(not supposed to eat sweets) saying,,i'm just getting a little bit of it, and by the time he did that with all the desserts, he had a big plate full.  I had never eaten a pie nor a cake like those.  They were so different.

Gosh with the temperature at 91 and sticky, I have no urge to go outside.  Maybe later.

Went by Js house yesterday and his Dad was there so I stopped to see what they were doing,,lol.  J had taken out some wall plugs and couldn't put the new ones back on and make them work.  He had spent a couple of hours on just those 2, and nothing made any sense, so he had taken time off to clear his mind, see if something would pop up.  Well,  the same thing was going on with his dad trying to do it too.  There's no way I can explain it, so won't even try, but they finally got em working, and sorta put back,, they didn't quite fit back in that old box.... The meter would show no voltage, then touch something with one prong, and it would make all kinds of sparks,,,lol. 

My bro G just came by, so,, gonna get outa here, yall tc, and