Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Playing Around Here

This is the dam 2 miles W  in the park.  Just a little water oozing over.

A load of turtles out there, wanna go fishing, BB?

Some of the geese that run to me ,,,i swear they know my car.

Downloaded Picasa, maybe this will be easier, still don't know what i'm doing.  HELP!! anybody have any suggestions?
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A Little Patience

Well hells bells, N called and can't take me to Austin today, she's sick, so,,,i called and changed my appointment to 10-4.  That way,  my friend S and i can both go together again.  Not gonna say i'm disappointed,, lol, gonna be way too hot.  And like i told her, maybe this was a God thing, not to go today.  I firmly believe he leads us in our daily lives.

 I had this revelation one time, driving to Fredericksburg to work.  I seemed to always get behind this little ol man in an old pickup, driving 45 mph, got his elbow hanging out the window, his cap on a little crooked.  Here i am, chomping at the bits to pass, and no where to do it.  It's a crooked 2 lane highway, with few passing zones.  He just ignores me,,i'm on his bumper grinding my teeth.  I always had to be ahead of everybody.  f o r t y  f i v e   m i l e s  a n  h o u r... Get the pic?  At the first short space, passing lane or not, i'm out there zooming around!  Got a good passing gear.  Leave him behind so fast, he never knew what just went by.  I work 'til 5, head back home,,and OMG!!!! how is this possible????,,,I'm behind him again!!! Do my same routine, gotten normal now.  Well, point of this story,,,one day, i thot,,u know,,maybe God has done this to slow me down, prevent something that could have happened up ahead, going my usual 75.  I still apply that today, no more road rage, just calmly wait 'til i can get around safely.  Almost all our highways here in this county are 2 lane.  So u gotta learn a little patience.  Driving was my worst one to do. 

Just had my leftover lunch from the Catholic church.  And,,had dark meat, so was eatable.  Didn't have the salad or dessert, ate them yesterday.   Have no idea what that dessert was, but was really good with ice cream.  (I sure do need this band tightened,,,heheheh)  Hungry now, just thinking about it.  But,,i can eat, sorta, for 3 more weeks. lololol,,,

I'm so ready for the new tv shows.  Been watching movies forever.  And noooo, i don't do old westerns,,,lololol.  I like those sissy kind,,on lifetime, and hallmark.  And i still like movies i could watch with my kids, and not be so embarassed.  One time,,,we went to the theater here, yeah back when,,we did have one,,to see Bonnie and Clyde, never forget that experience.  Had our 2 younguns with us.  When it started, my son leaned over, whispered  "that woman doesn't have any clothes on".  Mistake #1, i didn't answer.  Then he leans over, says a little louder,,," that woman doesn't have any clothes on",,,Mistake #2,,,still didn't answer.  Then he YELLS,, "THAT WOMAN DOESN'T HAVE ANY CLOTHES ON"   Guess he thot i had lost my hearing.  But i could sure hear everybody in that theater laughing their asses off!  I decided i better say something by then,,and all it took was,,"yes, i know"  Lesson #1,,,answer that kid when he says something.

You see, i never let my kids mispronounce words, i would correct them, so they knew from the get go, how to talk like little adults.  Don't know now, if that was a good thing or not. lololol.  Were lots of times, i sure wished they hadn't been understood....hahahaha.  My youngest son,,started correcting himself to say "ain't",,when he was about 14.  He would say something right, then stop, like,,i'm going to,,,stop,,i ain't.. lol. 

Enough's enough,,,today,, yall TC, and HAGD