Saturday, March 1, 2014

Granite Company








I was the bookkeeper here for about 7 years.  It didn’t sell slabs like these pictures are showing, just sold things for cemeteries.  It was in business since the early 1900s, until the man that owned it, had to retire because of illness, and his son took over as manager.  Lasted 5 years.  Thot he knew everything, and didn’t listen to good advice,, (like mine,,lololol).  He tried selling huge blocks to Japan, and didn’t let his quarry foreman cut them right, so when they got to Japan, they dumped them in the ocean.  Huge loss to the company, and it did it in.  I learned just about everything about granite, and how to do it all.  Had to, out of sheer boredom, bk wasn’t but a 30 minute job a day, lol.  O well, that’s when I got into Home Health Care, and LOVED it.

After a few years, the company above bought it, and now seem to do a thriving business. 

Sorry about the pictures, I’m getting worse.  Anyway, supper time, so yall tc, and