Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is It Christmas Yet?

I can't believe what all i got done yesterday, lol, had to take an Aleve this morning,,my whole body told me.  Even cleaned one of the 3 windows left,,just 2 more now.  It was the hardest, cause i had to move my sewing machine off it's little thingys i have under 2 of it's legs, then had to bend over and lift to put it back on one of them.  The other 2 won't be so bad, but i still have to move a couple of things to get to them too.  That's the reason i put them off.  Also lifted a big monitor off the floor and set it on a chair i'm getting rid of.  That's all before i got into the closet and got out most of what i need for wrapping, or not.  I know how to lift, but i can still get sore.
Even in that dark room, that clean window stuck out. lol.  Gotta get the other 2 done.  Have any of you used that window cleaner that i did?  I'd like to know how it worked with you.  I think maybe it's a good upkeep, when you have started with clean windows.  A once a year upkeep, tho.  I know that works.  I had always cleaned my windows, twice a year, til i got to where i couldn't do that any more.  Took me taking off screens, getting up on my ladder, running off those yellowjackets,, hahahahaha..  They would be there staring at me, tails raised, ready to attack.  I learned to look for them,,,before i got on that ladder!

One time i got in my car, with a red wasp buzzing around while i was doing it.  Backed out, and took off up the street, and buzzzzzzzz,,,there that darn thing was.  I slammed on the brakes and bailed outa that car fast as i could.  Right there in the street!!  Didn't care at all.  lol.  Didn't get back in either, til that wasp was gone.  I'm allergic to them.  Well, i thot i was.  I got stung on my hand a couple of years ago, and rushed to the doc,,,didn't amount to a hill of beans.

Lipitor,,,generic now. lol,,,i don't take that.  Guess yall know, i have the tv on, and it's news right now.

hahahaha,,,saying men using laptops, could be made harder to father a child.  o well.  Does that apply to anyone here?  Another thing today, is,,apple and grape juice have too much arsenic.  Just like Dr Oz had said.  Only juice i loved was orange juice.

I'm not even gonna repeat some of the things i heard on Oprah!!!!

Ok,,enough news,,,lol.  Hey i loved HJs blog today.  We be oldies but goodies,,,lololol.  Better pay attention...

I watched my g/dotter trying to get a stud earring into her ear way back when she had just had them done.  Well, wasn't paying a whole lot of attention, but realized how long she had been trying,,and told her,,,pull down on your lobe, and it'll pop right thru.  She did, it did, and she said,,,"Gosh, you know everything!"   hahahahah,,,i told her to remember that.  She was like, 10 or 11 at the time.  Sad to say, now i don't know everything,,,I was painting my nails one time, and she said "Gosh, how do you do that???"  I said,,"do what",,and she said, hold em out like that, (not propped on anything while i was painting them.)  I told her it was all that coffee, beer, and cigarettes i did.  She held her hand out, and it shook like a leaf.  Heck, i don't know why mine doesn't...

When she graduated out of hi school, she and her best friend, decided to draw a name of a state out of a hat and go there for just a trip.  They got NC, i think,,and everybody was having fits, these 2 young kids taking off like that on their own.  I gave em $50.00 and said have fun, if she didn't do it then, she might not ever be able to.   I had NOT remembered doing that til she told me years later, that i was the only one that had said that.  I still don't remember it.  But i told her,,,that didn't mean i wasn't worried about it.  Just meant i prayed a lot. lolol  When you grow up in a little town like this, you don't realize all the evil out there, and here were these 2 girls taking off on their own.  They made if fine, loved it, and i got to see pics...

Ok,,to get this blog on today's time,,i gotta shut up,, and post it, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Watch Those Meds

Eating my oatmeal,  my brunch.  Next meal will be that left over fish, and stuff.  Goood eats, today. 

Gonna be another beautiful day too.  The news people are talking about cedar fever, lol, had forgotten about that.  I don't have it.  Remember way back,,gosh, maybe in the 70s,,was gonna be a swine flu epidemic, sorta like that bad one in 1918?  I remember going and standing in line for the vaccine at the bank.  My hubby came up with cedar fever that year.  Years later, i read that was a side effect of that vaccine.  You just never know what will happen.   I read all the fine print on new meds i'm given, and sometimes, i don't take it, like that Ambian.  Wow, how can anyone take that stuff?  Says you can do things in your sleep, and not remember it. OMG!!! No way will i take it.  I had watched one of the Gene Simmons and the Family Jewels, and Shannon had been up cooking all nite, and didn't remember doing any of that.

Not much happening, since my last blog.  I do have some things i could do, but,,,uh,,maybe.  I know Christmas will just be here, like TOMORROW,,well, for me anyway.  That's how time goes for me.  Got my shopping done, need to see how many gift bags i have that i can use, wrap the rest,,get my tree out and plug it in.  Has those little lites, not sure what they're called, that lite up on the ends, and change color.  Really pretty.  Got it at the $ Store years ago and it's still going. lol,,,Got my g/dotter one a year later, 1/2 price, $5.00,  and she puts it up too.  I gave her all my old family decorating stuff, the BIG box full and she had that stuff up all over her house last year.  When she was young, like from 2 on, she would decorate a little 18" tree i had, spend hours doing it.  That was her thing, the little one, while we all did the big ones.  There was a special box of things,,for that little tree.  Tiny little balls, hanging stuff.  That was in the big box, too.  One year, i wasn't gonna put anything up, but,,she and a niece her age, came over and used all my box of stuff, had my duplex decorated to the hilt,,,lol,,Well, guess who had to put it all up?,,,Yep,,ME.
Good memories.  All her life has been good memories.

Guess we're not gonna hear from BB, down there.  Maybe he'll find a hot spot and post sometime,,surely.  After he catches all those fish,,u know.  And takes the pics, to prove it...hehehehe.

Gotta tell you about my vac.  (seeing ad on tv reminded me).  Came home from work mid afternoon one time, and drove by a yard sale.  Went on home a few blocks away.  Had to get back out for something, and there it was, still going on, so i whipped back around and stopped.  Had all kinds of good stuff sitting out there, but one thing was this Kirby vac with all the attachments.  Marked,,you're not gonna believe this,,,$15.00.  The man said, yep it worked, so amoung other things, i loaded that thing up and took it home.  Thinking i would give it to my dotter.  I plugged that thing in and wow,,,did it ever! work.  lol, Gave my dotter my other one, kept that Kirby.  Put a new roller on it, and a lite on the front.  The Kirby company in Austin couldn't believe it, when i told him what it had cost me.  Said that was UNREAL,,said i had $1600. worth.  Said he had heard of one being found for $100.  I told him, that man that sold it, either hated that woman that bought it, or hated that machine.  I called the main company and they mailed me the book for it, was things i had no idea what they were for.  It had the shampooer too.  Had everything. I still use it.  My dotter used to borrow it to shampoo her carpets.  Now she has one too, but not for $15.00! lol.  You can run it with one finger, has back and forward gears.

Ok, off to shower time, make a move, get my mojo going,,or whatever. Yall tc,,


Monday, November 28, 2011

Trip Time

Gonna take my glasses back, which i really hate to have to do.  But, get it over with.  I'm the type of person, if there's something to do, do it, get it behind you. lol.  I've had to wait for the holliday weekend to be over with is why i haven't already done it.
Maybe, i'll make it back later.   But, in the meantime,



Caught the comment from Sis,,and yeah, i know about keeping raw potatoes in water, but,,,i had a 5 lb bag! lol.  Used to soak em in salty water, make crispy french fries,,yummm.  I have a ceramic peeler, works good, just in case u want to know.  lol. Not a knife, a vege peeler.  BTW,,TY!! for what u said about my blog. 

Saw where BB's hooking it right on down the road.  Be there in time to catch HIMSELF some of those fish...And cook em with the tails, on the bone...Heck, i know where the bones are, not gonna choke on one.  Same with chickens.  Cleaned enough of both.  Always told my bros,,don't throw those fish back, bring em to me, i can clean one in a second.  Well, maybe 2 or 3.  Got slow in my ol age.  U also clean a cat fish before u cut the head off, gotta hold it when ur skinning it.  Guess that's called skinning it alive, but,,,i do it fast,,,,,

Got some more glasses ordered,,,A,,,Gain,,.  She was gonna let them know, i'm picky,,,lol. Well,,,hells bells, why not??  When one eye's clear and the other is blurry?  In the new ones.  She also told me this same place does all the prescriptions for lots of other places.  Not just for Walmart. 

Been a beautiful day.  Didn't take, nor need, a jacket.  Had to run the ac some, on the way back.  I was sitting in the sun.

Grabbed a few things in the grocery section, and i was thru.  Got the 2 things needed for that minestrone soup.  Too many leftovers still, so it'll be a few days before i cook it.

OK,,,outa here again,,,before dark.

Cya tomorrow.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Darn Fish in TX

Sure late today, getting this done.  Was reading the blogs, and my phone rang, was my friend, Sue, saying come on over for fish!!!,,,Didn't have to say it twice,,i was up and gone.  Best darn fish i've eaten in years.  Catfish, caught out of Lake Buchanan, and NOT filleted.  It's just better cooked on the bone.  So,,i ate,,,and i ate,,sat there a while with her, too,,and we ate some more. lololol.  We both have the lap band, and can't eat much, have to eat slow.  With that fish, tho,,was her home made rolls, (best ever), and a crock pot of beans with ham bone.  YUMMMM.  Plus a few left overs from Thursday.  Like slaw, jello/cool whip thingy.  They had even cooked the TAILS!!! OMG,,,I ate at least 3 of those.   She ate one later, and went, yummmmmm,,,so i'm not sure if she had ever eaten them.  Some had been filleted, but not close, so those bones were cooked too, and that was what i was eating,,had the tail on the pieces i got.

I needed a nap so bad, but,,,not this late.  So i'm sitting here, barely able to keep my eyes open. 

Saw where BB is ON THE WAY!....Wind will blow him down here fast.  I'm like that too, why wait??,,,Said he had everything ready when he first posted.  That traveling is lots better than sitting there waiting to leave.  Gonna miss his posts tho.

Gonna go out to the park, check up on the,,,they know me, come running, like i have food.  I do take some when i have it.

Yall tc,,and

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love These Bloggers, Can Make My Day

I had to laugh til i had tears, over those comments on yesterday's blog...lolololol.  BB and Hobo are truly fun people.  (And don't take me serious, TG)...

And Hobo, i really do remember that blog,,just had to say that. hahahahaha,,you know,,senile, at my age.  Well, half the time anyway.  hahahahaha.

It rained sometime last nite, i heard it, but didn't know what time it was, and don't know how much we got.  It was raining hard, and i just turned over and went back to sleep.  DARN,,need a rain gauge.   Wind's blowing pretty good now, out of the N.  Got my wind chimes singing.

BB was talking about his declawed cat.  Made me remember the first siamese i bought.  It was in Round Rock, and we stopped there on the way back from Austin.  The kittens were 8 weeks old and the lady told us it had had a bath, and it's nails clipped.  My 14 yr old son, muttered to me, that'll be the last time!!  We got the runt female, without the papers, i wasn't interested in that, just wanted the siamese.  (They raised show cats).  Well, anyway,,,we named her Sassy, and from that day forth, if she was in the bathroom with me, and i turned the tub water on,,she WAS GONE.  One time she was on my lap when i was painting my nails, and kept sticking her nose in,,so,,i painted hers!,, lololol,,From that day on, i just opened that bottle,,she WAS GONE.  Same with the water gun,,i used when she was really bugging me, runing under my feet with me trying to cook, tripping on her.   A one time shot was all i ever got,,just pump once,,gone.

Had that same blood line for years and years.  2 of them were the smartest cats i ever had, or saw.  One had cancer, and then his son,, just disappeared.   Just about killed me to lose him.  I know someone stole him.  He's the  one that would follow you like a dog.

My couch and chairs always had stuffing showing on the front of the arms.  But,,my cats kept their claws!  Now there's a spray to use to keep them off and it works.  I even put scratching posts in front of the couchs or chairs,,didn't work.  My little Jude is a good kitty, he doesn't do that.  He's so mild mannered.

No plans on for today,,and i know it's Saturday too!!,,(already looked). lololol.  Right now i need to get up from here and make a move.  Look like i'm doing something, u know.  Hear Jude knocking, wanting back in.

Yall tc,,and

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thank God, Back to Normal!!!

Back to normal, being Friday.  lol.  Not going near a store today.  Wanted to take my new glasses back, but,,,,,NO WAY.  It just has to wait til next week.

WELL, %^#^$%**, my news isn't even on, today!!!  NOT back to normal!! 

Kinda wish i'd watched that UT-A&M game, TX winning with the clock running out with that field goal.  Wow.  Coming on at 7 here, made it over past my bed time.  Which didn't turn out to matter, couldn't go to sleep again.  Got up and read a while, after taking an Aleve.

Had a good time with all the family yesterday.  Just lost $5 on moon.  LOL,,,that was just one game.  then they started poker and i never got the chance to win that back.  Didn't play poker, came home and took a nap.

In the paper today, there's an article saying it's better to shop in the coming weeks, not today!,,This study was done over a period of 12 years, to back the claim up.  Merchants will lower prices even more after today, to get rid of overstock, or things going out of date.  Today just gets the ball rolling, better things to come.  Since i have my shopping all done, doesn't matter to me,,,lol.  Did all of mine online, mostly from a big catalog i had gotten in the mail, Lakeside Collections.  Neat stuff in it.  Good prices too.

BB, i'm really trying to spell out everything so you can read it.  lol.  <<< but that is,,,laughing out loud... hahahahah.  Been doing the other for so long, just natural now.  Loved your blog today, since i never knew all your past history., 

Just had oatmeal, and,, i have a big plate of leftovers from yesterday for later.  There was a huge pot roast, a turkey, and a huge bone in ham my nephew smoked.  2 huge pans of dressing, then so many sides, have no idea what all.  Not for sure, but guessing about 40 there.  Took my camera and never used it.  It was always,,,over there.  Not handy.  And, i was way over in a place not easy to get to, nor out of.  So i never got the pics.  There were 3 tables, big ones, set up for food.  And ,,,filled up too.  All this will be repeated for Christmas, but at the other bro's house.  Lots more room there.  It was my house for lots of years.  I rented it for several years, (don't ever do that)!!.  Then i finally sold it, then had to repossess it after a few years..  That's when he got it.  It was like home to him, since he had been there all the time in his late teens, early 20s.

One time,,they told me,,my older son and him,,that when they came in late the night before, they had raided the fridge and found some left over steak in there and ate it.  I told em, no,,no steak was in there.  They insisted,,yes it was.. I finally remembered about a month earlier, i had cooked some chicken fried steak, and maybe i had put leftovers in there.  hahahaha,,,They said they peeled off the green and white stuff, and ate it.  They'd found it way in back of other stuff.  LMAO...Well, from then on, they asked,,when did you put this in here?,,,   Then one time, i had put some leftover chicken livers in there, and my son got them out, took a bite, and spit it all over the kitchen.,,,thot they were oysters.  All my life i couldn't stand liver, then,,,one day in my 30s, my friend ordered liver and onions in a cafeteria and they sounded sooo good.  From then on, i have really liked it.  Smothered with onions,,maybe my fav.  Can't hardly beat chicken fried chicken ones either, tho.

Enough of all my ramblings,,,yall tc (take care)
HAGD  (have a good day)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm So Thankful Today

Yes, i have had a lot of blessings.  I give thanks every day for them.  I have found a lot of new friends, here in the blogging world, and want to wish ALL OF YOU,,HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
 Will try to get back later, time to get up and go.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That Day, EVE

Gosh, don't wanna cook in the morning.   I don't get my get-up-n-go til i've been up a good while.  So, that means i gotta do all the prep and get those potatoes cooked before noon.  A few years ago, i decided to make this HUGE pot roast, and i cook the meat with some seasonings on top of the stove in my waterless cookware, in it's own juices, before u put it and all the veges together and bake them in the oven, still, very little water.  The taste is unreal.  My bro loves it so much, he does it now.  (hates turkey).  Way back, i would do a brisket on my smoker, to get something besides turkey.  YUMMMM.  An aunt and uncle were with us one year, said they were gonna buy a smoker as soon as they got home,,,lololol.  Mine was electric, u got it all set up, plugged it in, went back and took it off.   I also did capons,,back when the kids could still raise them.  They don't do that any more.  For FFA.  We would have some left over, made for gooood eating. 

Saw that recipe for minestrone soup on rvsue's blog, gonna sure try that one of these days.  lolo,, means grocery shopping.  Love boiled cabbage, so i can use the other half too.  Not much cooking either,,, lololol,,,my kind of recipe.  uh,,,hate to tell off on myself, but,,,during my purge on spices, i also found this bag of noodles,,that when i moved it, powder kept pouring out!,,,hahahahaha.  What a mess.  Bugs had a good time in there,,,lmao.  Last time i went thru the cans, some were stuck to the shelf...From leaks!  OMG,,gonna do that today!  Might find some of that stuff for the soup, that would still be good.  Yall trust me on this?  hahahahaha.  Haven't eaten anything that killed me yet.

Gosh, was a major effort to get my 2 pans out, to cook the potatoes in.  I can get them lined with foil, today.  Been a long time, using big pans. 

Ok, been just killing time,,putting off, but really need to get a move on, at least a little.  Yall tc,, and

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2 More Days!

Good Morning!,,Had a great electrical storm last nite starting about 1;30 am.  Have no idea how much rain, don't have a gauge set up.  My dotter asked for a list of things for Christmas and that was the first on it.   All i can tell you,,,for sure, is the ground is still wet.

I've gotta go to the eye doc's office today, and see what's going on with my new glasses. Right now i'm wearing my old ones.  Can read better.  I'll do that after i eat,,,something,lolol.  Think it'll be waffles.

It's NOT COLD,,,BB!! 

OMG,,,just 2 more days til Thanksgiving!  Not ready.  How do i always lose track of time?  All i can do with the potatoes i'm gonna cook, is wash them.  Can't even cut them up ahead of time.  So, probably won't be a blog that day.  There's a 5 lb bag to do.  Only major work is the chunking them up.  My carpal tunnel syndrome gives me all kinds of trouble, doing things like that.  Had to call my pharmacist,,AGAIN,,about the  pill bottles i've started getting lately.  Last week when i had to open one of them, my hand hurt for 3 days.  So, not gonna accept them any more.  They've just started doing that in the last couple of months.  So, i've talked to the man, now it's up to them.

This new throw rug i put down under this rolling chair, shows every little speck i drop.  Needs a brush off or vacuum every day, which it won't get. lol.  My housecleaning is random.  Not like my sis,,the clean freak.  It'll get done when it gets done,,that's all there is to it.  I've cleaned the inside of all my windows, except in the one room.  Someday.  Rarely in there, lol, so it doesn't bother me.

Caught up with my son late yesterday, gave him my donation for the kids.  Sure enough, lol, he pulled out an envelope with writing all over it, and put it in there. 

Ok,,gotta make a move, get on the ball, get my mojo working, so, yall

Monday, November 21, 2011


I can't believe all the bloggers that have BDs in November.  Now,,HJ.

Got my call in to the eye doc, gonna go in tomorrow and see what the deal is on these new glasses.. In the meantime, i'm wearing the old ones, because i can read good.

Nothing going on around here, it's tried to rain a little, but now looks like the sun wants out. 

Stopped by my dotter's yesterday, and she was cooking her stuff for Thanksgiving.  It's a snack thing, roll ups of some sort, u put all this stuff in a flour tortilla, then slice it up, bake it a bit,,,She has to work, so was getting them done.  Got my red potatoes, i'll chunk up and coat with onion soup mix and oil.  Bake.  Recipes on the box,,and yummmm.  They go fast.  At my bro's house, there will be about 50-60 people, and so much food.  I always loved our after church dinners.  This is like those.  Did i say?  My niece has a bakery?  Soooo many sweets.  We go around the food tables, sit wherever we can.  After we eat, there's games.  Poker is a big one, but there's others too.  He lives 1/2 block down the street from me. lol.  Then everybody kinda circles back by for supper.  His wife is hoping alll is gone!! lol. 

Did i ever tell you about going over to Lampasas one time, for this neice's 2 yr old dotter's BD party?  She had everything all ballooned up,,etc,,and her sis, the bakery one, and her Mom, were bringing the BD cake, the Mom had spent days on making.  Almost everybody was there, and when the bakery sis showed up, Mom said,,where's the cake??? huh?,,thot YOU were bringing it!  I couldn't help it, i started lmaoooo. Mom got all mad, said let's go back and get the cake!!!,,,50 mile drive.  They went stomping out,,,and i thot,,crazy,,so out i went and told her,,,just go to the HEB and pick up another one,,the 2 yr old won't care!!!  There was an HEB  there and they had cakes already made.  She finally agreed.  SOOO, now here's the main part of this story.   lolololol...We all got bored waiting, so we went out on the big screened porch and started a poker game...About 10 of us.  Little 2 yr old,,just sitting all alone at the table,,,just waiting... Somewhere along the way, someone dealt in between.  (dealer's choice).  We all anted up a dollar. and got the game going.  welllll,,,It kept going around the table, no one able to hit in between their 2 cards.  Pot getting bigger all the time.  You could bet whatever against the pot, but u put it in if you lost.  A couple of times,,someone would get this gooood hand,,,K-2,,bet the pot,,and lose!!!,,That's matching it.  This went on,,for a long time,,pot kept growing.  A-A,,,lose!  You could call your first A hi or lo.  Lo A to hi A,,,perfect,,right?,,,nope, not if you draw another A!!!  Pot kept growing,,now up to like 150.00.  2 yr old still sitting at the table,,,waiting.  Only balloons on there.  Somewhere along the way, the cake shows up,,,but,,,no one will go in.  Heck, we have a pot out here with about 160.00 now!!! hahahahaha,,,Her dad was out there with us!!.  I would bet and win like 20.00, but was no way i would bet the pot.  My bro B, finally said,,,let's put a hold on here, and go in for little 2 yr old....still sitting there, waiting.   Soo,,,we did, sang happy birthday,,,watched the present opening, then alll took off back to the poker table!!!  Everybody finally started making smaller bids, and winning them, got the pot down enough it could be won with a bid,,of POT!!  Don't remember who won it,,, but i'll never forget little 2 yr old's BD party. lololol.  Hope she did.  Me bad.

Gosh, about sausage wrap time.  Never did have one yesterday.  Oops,,got leftover chicken too.  That's why.  Well, hmmmm,,now what?  Usually don't have all these decisions to make...Toss a coin?,,,draw straws?,, eeny meeny?,,,Both?  Yall have an opinion? 

Let you know later,,, so,,HAGD

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Anybody Out There?

Not getting any feed back.  Does that mean no ones reading these, or just not saying anything?  I try to let others know i've read theirs, but gonna quit that.  Except for you DD.


Thank all of you so much.  I spend a lot of time on the blogs, and expecially doing mine. 

I was sitting here this morning,,probably reading other blogs, when i heard something,,started looking out the door, and wow,,,it was raining,,it would rain hard, then lightly, back and forth for about 20 minutes.  Even heard it thunder once.

I've been cleaning on this today, changing email over to hotmail, but it still comes thru verizon just like always, i just got rid of windows live mail.  Tired of all the spam and junk, and hotmail has better ways to handle all that.  Already had to reset a setting,,lolol,,was putting MINE in junk. hahahahaha  I also took some things off, well, uninstalled.  Ran my smart defrag, which is better than the one that comes on here. 

Getting hungry, just had oatmeal today.  Might have another sausage roll up.  Need to cut up that MS mud cake and put part of it in the freezer.  Don't want it getting old.

Haven't been wearing the new glasses, phone calls on the agenda for tomorrow. lolol.  I can read better with the old ones.  Also, the right eye sees blurry in either one.  That's with the left eye closed, with both i'm fine.  Why is it always ME that has to complain?  Is everything made shoddy now?  Just sent off an email about a foam pillow that started coming apart, and it shouldn't have.  I know most clerks, etc, have no idea what's going on, and the younguns can't make change.  You give them a 20 and 22cents for a bill that's 10.22, they have no idea what to give you back!  One at the chicken place doesn't even know how to ring it up, so it can tell her how much change....hahahahaha.  I just tell her,,,

Not watching any more of this animal planet today, about snakes.  Know my son won't listen to me about handling that coral one. 

Couldn't find him yesterday.  I always donate a little for his "kids".  That's where my donations go, to him, because i KNOW where it will be spent.  He buys or does things for so many, a little help is always welcome.  He does without, personally, because too many need it more than he does.   He keeps it separate in his pockets, in an evelope just for the kids.  I have let time slip up on me, need to get it to him.  Maybe he'll be at the shop today.

Welll,,,i've decided on chicken for supper, so,,again,,HAGD

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lots and lots of Gooood Blogs Today

Gotta read Ol Jules today,, tells it like i tried to, about being sent to homes.  I SOOO agree with him.  If it's in my power, i won't ever be done that way.  Family care is a thing of the past, gotta face that.  Your kids grow up, and there's never a thot any more about taking care of elderly parents.  My Dad sat down in his chair, fell out and was gone right then.  That's how i wish it.  My Mom chose to go to the Nursing home where she had worked for a lot of years, but didn't last over 2 weeks there.  She HATED it tho.  I did my training for my cna license in one, and it's a horrible place to think of having to live.  Being able to stay in your home with home health care was the best thing ever!  And i loved doing it.

Ok the next thing,, i said i would post a cure for sinus on here, so here it is.  I read this in a yoga book way back when i was having it so bad i would be sick all the time with it.  Taking the meds just dried my mouth out horribly.  So, when i read this, i was the kind of person that would try anything,,and this was simple.  All you do is put your head upside down for 10 minutes each day.  Won't take over 3 either.  I laid off a bed with a pillow under my head, but,,,BE SURE to have plenty of Kleenex when you come up, it's gonna pour out.  Common sense really. Your sinuses are pockets and when you turn them upside down, they drain.  The first time might make your head hurt, but that will be the only time, won't do it any more.  And you're probably having headaches anyway.  OOO,,,don't mean it will give you a headache, just might hurt for a few minutes.  My Mom's doc told her to do that to drain her lungs, she was so prone to pneumonia.  My son had ear and throat infections all the time, lots of antibiotics given, before he was trying to learn to stand on his head,,,lololol,,,and he did that so much he got rid of the ear, throat stuff!!  Back then, there was no vaccine for mumps,,so when my dotter brought them home from school, and he got them 3 weeks later,  the doc said to just keep him from jumping.  WELLLL, i gave THAT up after 3 days!!! That kid was jumping, running, standing on his head,,,constantly on the go.  I just knew i'd get them, but,,when i didn't,,i sure got the vaccine when it came out.

My best friend and i had the boys within 6 days, and when neither one had married and had kids,,,we both started wishing some kid would walk up and say,,hey, your my granma,,,hahahahah.  Never did, and they still have never had any.  Mine says why bring another one into the world, when there are so many needing families now.  He works with lots of kids, thru the church, thru mentoring at school, everywhere he can, and he does take the precautions that go along with that, knowing how the world can be.  He knows all the needy ones, and makes sure they can have something ,(supposedly from their parents) for Christmas... That's why he shops at so many Goodwill stores.  For kids mostly.  He went out to the dump one year and got 4 bicycles and redid them for some kids.  Said he had to quit that ,,so many were donated the next year. lolol,,,New looking ones at the Goodwills.

Had to laugh when he told me last nite, he got a call from some city policemen,  about 10:30 a few nites ago, that they had a coral snake in the park down by the river.  The kids there with their parents were playing basketball, and saw it,,,called 911, and the 2 cops showed up.  They said the kids were jumping up and down yelling,,,call the bug man, call the bug man,,,and they finally figured out who they were talking about, and called him,,,(that's what the kids call him at school, he does show and tell). He went down there and caught it, put it in an aquarium, and made his speech about being careful, and they had done the right thing.  It's a big one too.  He had welder's gloves on, and it bit him on those gloves a few times.  He had taken a coral snake up there last year for show and tell, and all those kids saw it crawling around with that little white mouse...Btw, i put that on youtube,,,look for TROUBLEnTX videos,,,it's the Best Friends one.  Then.. i got to make the MOM"S speech......Do NOT handle that thing, there's no antivenom in the US any more!!!  The drug company quit making it, was used so rarely.  There's another one of my bro Bs rattlesnake pit.  Just in case you want to see it too. hahahahaha.

What am i forgetting?,,,My glasses aren't right.  GRRRRR... Don't know if it's the prescription or the making of the lens.  My right eye sees blurry at a distance.  Checked that out this morning.  Did the same with my old glasses, soooo,,,who knows?,,,Something's not right. 

Wish i had something around here to eat.  LOLOL,,without cooking i mean. 

My friend S called and told me she got a turkey at the store for a total of .11.  Yep,,11 cents.  They have a coupon today that gives you  7.00  off.  I told her i would go get her another one.  I sure don't want one, don't like turkey anyway, without cooking in a smoker.  So i'll do that and pick up eats at the same time,,,

Yall tc, and HAGD

Friday, November 18, 2011


This doesn’t include the ones I emptied.  I kept some of the bottles to put other things in, like, salt I keep on the stove.
I couldn’t sleep last nite, got up once for a while.  My hand/wrist hurt.  2 of the prescription bottles had to be pushed down and turned and that’s what did it.  I have asked them not to use those.  From now on, I’m gonna return them!  I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and try not to aggravate it any more than I have to.
I have so much space left in my pantry now.  Just didn’t know what to put in it! lol.  Need to go thru the canned stuff now, get out the rusty, or swollen ones.  That’s right.  Somehow,, they get that way after time goes by.  I could almost quit shopping. 
I’m NOT liking X Factor’s choice last nite.  2 went thru that I sure could do without.  Then that Astro acted like a spoiled brat, and didn’t get kicked off….GRRRRR  I’ve never seen anybody do like he did last nite.  Says,,why should I perform for my life, if I’m already in the bottom 2?  Then didn’t even try.  I will never vote for him again.  Yeah, he’s 14, but,,,so are some of the others.  Simon jumped all over him, but then, voted for him.
Don’t know where these clouds have come from, but it sure is chilly.  Not sure how cold it got last nite. 
Got my oatmeal done,  cya later, maybe.

Close to 2 PM

HA,,,fooled ya didn't i?,,,Been mechanic-ing on a floor lamp, decided to not go get a switch, just throw it away.  Think i put one it before, it looks new.  But, it was smoking and i took the wires off, put em back good, didn't help.  All inside somewhere, so out it goes.  I have a little desk lamp, just right to use.  I've had it in a closet to see with, so,,,all's good.

OK,, just got a call, my new glasses are in, so adios...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Talk About Outa Date!!! NOT ME EITHER

OMG!!! You would NOT believe how old some of my spices are!!!  That has been my project for today.  How could i have moved 3 times, and not thrown them away then???  Mercy!!  Now i sure can't cook, threw almost everything away,,,hahahaha.  When did i ever use lemon peel?  Must have been a one time thing,,My favorite of all is the Mrs Dash lemon pepper.  Makes everything good.  Kept all of those.  White pepper?  Who knows.  Had to use 2 bags to hold all of them.  Even have red pepper,,,kept that, for some unknown reason,,,maybe because it's not outa date yet. lolol.  That darn flour and powdered milk,,,it's all their fault.  Now, if i do make that deer chili,,sometime in the future, i'll probably have to buy lots of spices,,,That is not a good thot.  Haven't looked at my receipe to see what all i use.  O well, another time.

See how i can procastinate?  Yall do that?  Didn't used to, but,,i gained the right,,,back there somewhere, on one of the birthdays.

Hey, got up at 8, and by 9 i was at the doc's office to get those fasting blood tests done.  No problem, since they told me i could drink my coffee with sweet and low, and that was ok.  So,, had my coffee, then got them done.  Funny, they won't tell me the results,,,i have to call the doc.  I want off some more pills!! lol.

Getting a hair cut at 2,,,just the sides and part of the back.  Have done my own for years, but with it cut this way, i can't.  But it goes a long time in between.

They've packed up and moved all the stuff from the site of the F1 race track,  there in Austin.  Not gonna happen.  Well, would take a miracle now.  All about money.  Thot that was all worked out, but,,, nope.  Idiots.  Why did they start the work, without the agreement done?,  Signed, sealed, delivered.

Sure miss that HJ,,,But everybody needs a day or so off,,,don't we?,,,lol.

Well, i think it's dry enough in my pantry to put everything back.  Won't take long, now.  So, yall tc,,,and

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Yearly One

Always great to hear from ur heart doc, that ur doing fine, come back in a year.  wooohoooo.  I've never had any heart problems, but when i had lap band, that was a requirement, a check up doing it all, even a stress test, before i could have the surgery.  So now, i have them yearly.  Not the stress test, not gonna do any more of those.  Had 2, both were normal, that's enough.

X Factor comes on tonite.  All of the 10 left are great, so it's  really bad to hear which one is eliminated.  Still can't pick just ONE, to win the 5mil.  I vote for about 6 or 7, lololol.  This is lots worse than Idol even.  Any of yall picked one yet?

OK, guess yall can tell, i don't have anything to blog about.  Sooo,,,is it better to just be here, saying nothing, or ,,,,just not do one?  My dilemma, today.

Had waffles for breakfast before i went to the doc. and gosh, already hungry.  Have leftover venison, gravy and biscuits, so i think i'll warm some of that up.

BBL, maybe,,,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Great Trip,,,

Did a lot yesterday.  Besides the grocery thing.  Got new glasses ordered, and did it thru Walmart.  Checked another place, and for the exact same lense, they were over a $100 higher.  So,,back to Walmart and got those ordered, takes a week.  O well, i don't care, rather do that than make a long trip.  No emergency anyway.  And,,,got new frames too!,,,They have frames from $9 up!!!,,Good looking, good ones too.  Mine were $25, but geezz,,i love em.  Wasn't planning on getting new frames, because of the price, and these are just 3 years old, and still great frames, but,,i really liked the others.  They're a dark copper color.  I've worn glasses since i was 14.  Tried contacts once, but,,,they felt glued onto my eyeballs, when i was in a car.  Just didn't work.  Besides, i was outside a lot, playing softball, practice, doing all the stuff i did back then.

Went to the famous Bluebonnet Cafe for lunch, had fish fillets, with pinto beans, fried okra, and spinach.  They always serve big homemade rolls, and cornbread.  I always debate whether to get the fish or the chicken fried chicken livers...loooooveee them too.  Then almost always, i get the fish, and with the 2 fillets, was enough left for my supper.

All that promising!!! from our dear ol weathermen,,for rain, and all we got was less than a 1/4".  Very little. 

Stopped on the way back at my g/dotter's.  That's why i got back so late, lol.  There had been an article in the paper about home mortgages not being filed, going thru i think,,MERS, and people don't know it until they try to sell and then find out it's never been filed as being theirs.  It's everywhere, not just here in TX.  I had cut it out for them, and it told how you could check online.  And i guess you could just call the county office and ask too.  Anyway, they had gone thru a mortgage company buying their home a few years ago, and it needs to be checked out.

We had spent a couple of years back in the 70s, looking for another house, then my real estate agent called and said she had it.  Long story short,,it was THE ONE.  Since it was on a Saturday, and we needed to put earnest money down, i just called our banker and asked if they would finance another house for us,,,lololol,,and he said yes.  So,,i gave them a check, went in on Monday and got all the paperwork done, and that's all it was to it...Reason it was 2, is, we hadn't sold the one we were living in yet and still owed some on it too.  That was how our small town business worked.  I could always go in and get a 3 month or a 6 month loan, no ?s asked.  They would hold a car title, but not put a mortgage on it.

Hey DD, looks like WEATHER is headed your way.  Hope it's at least some rain, darn it, i miss your swamp.  lol.

You know, i tell these younger people not to lay out in the sun, or use tanning beds, it's like talking to a wall.  My g/dotter won't, and would never, get out without protection.  She took it serious.  Said she didn't want skin cancer.  I stopped by one day, hot hot hot, and she was out with a long sleeve shirt on, and a cone shaped hat, working in her yard.  About like my son wearing that huge sombrero, and a white long sleeve shirt when he has to stand out on a parking lot at the auctions.  They all laughed at him the first time, but,,the next week, a lot of em had those on. lololol.

hahahahaha now there's a tampon recall.  lmaoooooo.  Bacteria on the tube.  Remember one time, my cousin was down here to hunt, and was asking all the females if they had any used ones.  hahahahaha,,,said it attracted bucks.  Well,,,okkkkk.  But nobody had any. He was the one that was out all nite partying, then went hunting with the others, but stayed in the truck passed out or sleeping,,said he raised his head up one time, and there was this big buck standing over there, so he raised his gun up and shot it,,left it laying.. When the others came back to leave, without anything, he told them there was one laying over there.  They didn't believe him but went and looked,,and sure nuff,,,there it was..  That's how you hunt?,,,,lololol.   Not gonna get into all the stories i could tell about him.  Never a dull moment.

Ok, been longwinded today, must be cause of yesterday, but,,



Monday, November 14, 2011

BBL Maybe

Going to Walmart, long list i need.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where is Jo?


I’m talking about JoJo, that I see on HJs blog all the time.  Does she have one?  I sure hope so.  If anybody knows, plz let me know.

Gosh,,,I’m just a little sore today,,,and my cut finger is just a little sore,,,too.  Was getting kinda bad last nite, so,, neosporin and band aid time. 

My BD flowers are looking kinda sad today.  Wish they were like these in my bathroom., Stays forever.


And I did get a fairly good pic of the window,,so maybe you can tell how,,,sparkling,, it is.  lolol.



Gonna cook another pan of venison,,back strap, today.  And made sure I will have good gravy and biscuits this time. lolol,,,Got a couple of mixes for the biscuits, and not gonna use that powdered milk I did before.  I don’t drink milk, so for cooking I keep powdered, and I did not know, it could get out of date, but it was, and tasted bad.  Think I just might go ahead and cook the meat, nibble on it.  After all, I just finished my oatmeal,,,But geeeezzzz,,,talk about that venison, I’m hungry again!

BBL,, probably,,,but, if I’m not.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Short on Time

Gotta be short right now, N called, 2 more deer to cut up.  2 doe.  That was from this morning,,,and he's going back later.  Told her, i had just got up, so it was gonna be a while.  I was still on coffee and paper, and now i'm eating my oatmeal, going after that.

Saw a couple of bloggers back, briefly.  Hobo and a Day in my life.  They've been gone a long time.  GOOD to see yall back!!

I'd better get up and git.  N will think i'm not gonna show up.  So,,will try to bbl

6 PM

Talk bout,,,worn out.  We cut on that deer til 4 PM.  I brought home a large bag of ham, which i divided up, and 2 small bags of back strap.  Divided those up too.  Ok, let me ask yall something,,,what is the ham?  To me, and everybody i've ever known, it's the 2 back quarters.  The one that shot em, said he had always called the front ones,,(we call shoulders) the hams.  The front and rear hams.  N and i said,,,never heard that, and then she said she was labeling them accordingly,,,lololol.  Ham, shoulder, back strap, etc.  We just threw the tenderloins in with the back straps.  Was gonna keep something, we called it the flanks, for chili, but it smelled a little, knew i'd never eat anything made out of it.  I'll use the ham for chili.  Someday, lololol.

Read Hobo's new blog, and i'm just kinda sick for him.  What a situation.  And being the honorable man he is, he has no choice.  I look at him, and all the other bloggers as friends.  Well, the ones i can talk to.  (Referring to the ones not on blogger, that i can't).  Hope things all work out for them, and they will be in my prayers.

Yall remember when i said how sore i got when i cleaned out my outside watering thingy?,,,That i wouldn't do that again?,,,well,,,hmmmm,,,guess what.  I am fine today,,if i don't try to get up and walk.  Did the exact same thing,,,aaaa gain....Do i ever learn?,,,,Looks like,,,no.  I've moaned and groaned all day, good thing i could sit and cut out there.  Just nicked one finger a bit, just bled a little while.  Had to wrap paper towel around it.  Didn't want my blood mixed with the deer's.  Who cares about paper towel.

Going to go kick my feet up, hold that remote, and not move til bed time. well, almost.  Movie coming on, i'll watch.  So,,,yall tc,,cya tomorrow.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What A Great Day


My son brought these by late yesterday.  I think he dyed em himself, I know he does that.


Yesterday was my BD,,,yeah, made it another decade.  My bro G came by and stayed for a couple of hours, which we both have always enjoyed.  Always something to talk about.  His BD was the 6th.  2 years younger than me.   My sis N called, and her dotter’s bd is today,,,isn’t that wonderful!!! 11-11-11!!!!  She’s 18.  Then later, my dotter, and g/dotter showed up.  OOOO,,,G/dotter brought me all this mexican food!! I will have eats all day today. lololol.  My dotter finally asked,,where are the flowers?,, I told her they were in there on the table, J had brought them by earlier.  She said noooo,,,the ones I ordered yesterday to deliver today… OOOPS,,,Somebody screwed up big time!!! She was ,,,uhhh,,,a little upset….or more….

OOOO Just went to the $ Store, got my niece a little something.  THEN, I cleaned out the water container outside!  OOOO,,,Still huffing and puffing,,have to scrub with a brush and soap to get rid of that green stuff.  Maybe now in the winter it won’t be there.  I tried to take some pics of my sparkling windows, but,,,just can’t get em to look the way I see them.  Everybody that has seen them, is gonna get some of that stuff.   They look like I hand washed them. Inside and out.  Was thinking of going to Walmart today, but after not sleeping much last nite, forget that.

X Factor turned out good.  Eliminated one I never voted for.  Again.  I recorded it, so I had it to watch later.

Just so yall know, YES,,,I know it’s Veterans  Day.  My bro was in Viet Nam, Da Nang,,way back there.  The one I was talking about, G.  Was a horrible time, for him,,and us,,Was nothing like the relief when he came home.  He was there when they were using agent orange.  He gets a little bit for his loss of hearing, but nothing for his eyes.  He has macular degeneration, and maybe was nothing to do with the agent orange. 

Gonna be a beautiful weekend.  Maybe get my Walmart trip over with tomorrow.  lolololo,,,Or,,maybe not. 

Ok,,time for that mexican food,,,got it warmed up.  Sooo,,,

Yall HAGD 






Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's Going On?

OK,,gonna agree with BB, where have all the bloggers gone?  And why?  Do i have any followers left?,,Who knows, get very few comments.  I see the numbers but do they like what i'm doing?  I think that's the main thing,,kinda need to know, cause it's really discouraging to not know.

Like, my niece told me she would let me know, after she read my blog about her a few days ago,,,and,,,NOTHING.  Did she read it, or not?  I have no way of knowing.

Does it matter that i'm not an RVer?  I love reading about their adventures, and sure wish i could do it too.  That was something that never entered my mind,,,til i started reading all these blogs.  How much i would have loved it!!!  I was always a do-it-yourselfer, loved adventure, doing new things, never had any fear of it either.  And like rvsue, there would never have been any fear.  What will be, will be,,  Only difference there, lmao, would be my cats!

 Back around 90, had one that i took everywhere.  One time, had my young g/dotter and him with me, and we went to Zilker park there in Austin,, just killing time.  We got out of the car, with me carrying him, til he fought his way down, and took off running ahead, right up a tree.  He was about 1/2 grown at that time.  Well, he wouldn't come down, so i told N,,,let's go.  We didn't get 20 feet down the trail til here he came.  Trotted along with us just like a dog would have.  Had him there another time, walking out with crowds of people and he would keep up, stop and smell something, then run and catch up.  He got too interested in one place and we had to walk away, and he came flying past us right to a steel pole,,and realized it wasn't a tree, just in time.  Then he found a man he loved,,,lol,,was rubbing on his legs, didn't want to leave, but did when we got too far ahead.  People stared at us, couldn't believe this cat!  No leash,,,nothing.  Most amazing cat i ever had.

Gosh, was cleaning the last windows in the living room, and when i opened the door, there was a package on my porch.  Wow,,all kinds of goodies from that niece i was talking about.  And,,got here on my BD...So,,, had to text her,  and we texted a bit.  Flat forgot to ask her is she had read my blogs.  Sent the addy in an email to her.  She sent this Video that u use, looks like a real fireplace ,,,on ur TV!!! Can't try it yet, have one in to record tonite.  See, i used to have a fireplace.  Then there's the long scarf, warm one, gloves, which i needed bad, slip on warm looking shoe thingys,,holiday dish towel, and a couple of  Magnetic hooks, hangers.  She can still do it.  The card made me cry,,,lol.  Her kids signed it, and the 5 year old , well i can read the F,,,and the H,,,but,,,i know it's her!  Have to laugh every time i look at that one.

I just have windows to clean in one more room.  So rarely in there, might be a while.  It's where my desktop is.  Should go in there to use this laptop, it has lots more windows, and it's in the front.

Checking out for today, and not sure when i'll be back.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Rest of the Story

BB, does Andrea, and Uri, have a blog?  I think she would be wonderful to read.  Come from Minn. to the TX coast? Wow. 

Ok, done my first sentence, and i'm still blank.  hahahaha,,Nothing to say.  Thinking how much more interesting Andrea's blog would be, traveling like that.  Not even sure if she reads mine, but wish she would and let me tell her,,PLZ PLZ,,do blogs.  lololol.,, the rest of the story.  Sure like this man.  He has a web site, but i couldn't find it earlier.  Maybe yall can.

My friend S, gave me a big bowl of chicken and dumplings yesterday.  yummmmm.  Enough for maybe 3 meals.  Had one of those for supper last nite.  Also some egg salad, and bite size snacky stuff.  (different meat ones).  We called and canceled our Dec 6 appointment in Austin, put it off til Jan.  I'm not sure what will happen when i get my band tightened again, even a tiny bit.  Don't want to have to do another emergency run.  And sure don't want pneumonia again.

Talk about moving South, we are getting lots of snow birds here too.  There's a new park going in, that will hold a lot, don't remember the number, but i would guess about 50-70.  It's also on the river, before you get out to the city park 2 miles W of town.  It's a shame there's not a state one here.  Well, for RVs.

Just got my delivery from the Drug Store, my refills.  They are in the new building, and have 2 lanes for drive thrus, but,,,,,last time i used the main one, was just 1 vehicle ahead of me, and we both sat and waited, and waited, then,,,i did the same when it left.  Took over 20 minutes to get thru the drive thru!!!  Told em, that's it for me.  Just go back to delivery.   There was never anyone in the other lane, just so that's clear.  Found out later, there was just one clerk working the inside counter, and the drive thru.    She couldn't help it.  Need me to get that place organized, hahahahaha.. that was always my thing.

Been cleaning the inside of my windows today, for SOME ungodly reason.  But,,woooohoooo, do they look good!!!!!!!!  Still like the front 2 rooms, that's 6 big ones.  That windex stuff works so good on the outside, looks like i did them by hand, like i used to do.  Remember that stuff i showed yall?  They are easy to clean now, without the smoke grime.  And stay for a long time.

Told you, i can just talk about nothing,,,,lolololol.

The left side of my face hurts.  When i rub it, there's a sore spot somewhere around the jaw joint.  O well, guess i'll just keep cleaning windows..  Even up high on my cheekbone.  Got any ideas?  Pretty sure it's not a tooth, just got thru with all of that earlier this year. 

Bbl,,gonna clean a window, take an aleve.


Got all the windows done, but one room.  And,, the new doors.  Then,,know what i said?,, It can wait til tomorrow!!  My favorite words.  lololol.  Maybe even the next day. 

Got a complaint.  Why do people put all the pickles right in the MIDDLE of a burger???,,Stacked, right there in the middle!  I have to pull em out, toss em.  (forget to tell em to leave em off).  I've finally found a fairly good burger, and you're not gonna believe where,,but,,i'll tell you anyway.  It's at the Sonic,,,but u have to get the double meat, double cheese one to get a juicy one.  Bun was cold, but in that foil package, it kinda warmed up.  I can just eat half, but eat the rest tomorrow.  Or maybe some chicken and dumplings,,,or,,, hahahahaha.  All kinds of choices.

Well, i'm just killing time til the X Factor comes on.  I'll watch the end of the CMA awards after that, then,,,nighty nite.  When i vote on X Factor, i vote for about 6,,,lololol,,,can't make up my mind.  Too many gooooood ones!  Besides, i like Simon Cowell.  There will be one voted off, tomorrow nite.  Tell me which ones you like.

Ok,,back tomorrow,,,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Tuesday? Are You Sure?

What day is it?,,,that's what i woke up wondering.  For some reason, thot it was Saturday.  I'm still in my nothing to say funk, and it's just Tuesday.

I tried to change this font, and it didn't work.   Was gonna make it a little bigger, but,,,, Went thru all the steps to do it, then,,,get here and it's not changed.  If i do it above, it's TOO big.  OOO What to do?,,what to do?  Now it'll bug me til i get it done.  I can spend hours, days, doing something like this, then i finally call for help.  lololol.  Well, won't for this, but i mean stuff on the puter.  Found it's the quickest way to get a problem fixed. 

Heard rain when i woke up this morning,,lasted a whole 2 minutes.  But it did get my paper package wet.  The carrier always puts them in a plastic bag, so the paper itself is never wet.  Nothing of interest today, who cares about Dr Murray, and the OK earthquake is still undecided what caused it.  They say all the drilling didn't. lololol.  The fracking stuff.

Today is just a good day to finish my book.  Found a couple more James Lee Burke ones i hadn't read.  The Dave Robicheaux ones, set in Louissssianna.  Had read them all, but in the few years since, there's some new ones.  Mentions zydeco music,,,which i LOVE.  Mentioned it one time and they had never heard of it, and this was supposedly a music connoisseur.  There was a band that used to come out of Austin and play at a bar in Marble Falls.  Really good one.,,,Then they always have one at the crawfish open here in April.  What was the name of the one way back, did cajun music?  Jim Kershaw?  Liked him too, still have an album of his.  Butterbean couldn't understand how i wasn't into country, i think,,but WTH wants to hear that depressing cry in ur beer stuff?  Give me something with a beat, makes me MOVE. Aaaaiiiieeeeeeeeee

Well, got music, books covered...hahahahaha,,nothing to say.  Told ya,, just type that first word,,,it just takes on a life of it's own.   See how far i got from,,,what day is it?  lmaoo... know you can do it too, soo,,,get on that keyboard.

Sure miss all yall, taking all this time off.  And i don't think Hermit ever reads my comments, cause i catch his blog lots later than the others.,  Anyway, Hermit,,i'm there every day to enjoy.  Just wanted you to know that.

Bye yall,,,HAGD

Monday, November 7, 2011

Guess What I Have



Don’t know if I should keep carrying my camera around in this bag or not. lololol.  I’ve always kept my poker change in one too.  Sorry about the blur,,really wasn’t a bottle in there. hahaha


This is what I saw facing me when I got out to Ns house.  Had been an 8 point one, and one shoulder was ruined, not there.


This is the finished product,,,a couple of hours later.  All bagged, marked, ready for freezer.  I brought one home with me, will be cooked TODAY!


Been doing this since wayyyyy back, when I was first married.  We lived on venison for a long time.  Illegal ones,,but,,we went out and got one when we needed the meat.  I still love it.  I learned way back then, how to cut one up.

When I was cutting on something, this little black thingy showed up, sticking out a little bit.  I showed N, and then,  I kinda pulled on it,,then when I pulled harder, it came out,,,it was a thorn! about an inch long.  OMG,,,never had seen something like that.  No telling how long it had been there.  I was just amazed!  Have no idea what part I was cutting, think the shoulder.  When something like that is in somebody, it will eventually just go away, so this one hadn’t been there all that long.

With weather like this, today, I should be outside, if nothing else, reading or something.  Got my oatmeal ready, not gonna cook the venison til later.  Gonna cook half that bag, which will do me for at least 2 meals.  N kinda divided it up to make one meal for them.  That was a really big buck, but that meat was so tender, like a spike.  You could tell.  The knives had been sharpened really good, but still, it was tender meat we cut.

Talked to that niece yesterday, twice, lol.  When I first called, they were at a Chunky Cheese with a big bunch of kids, doing something, so we talked later.  Planning on going over to Goldthwaite, to visit when they come down in a couple of weeks.  That’s about 60 miles from here, within a day’s drive.

You know, I  never did see hunters around this time.  Just don’t know what to think.  Saw more late yesterday, leaving, than any other time.  Just didn’t have em this year.  Unreal!

Ok, enough rambling,,,


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Saving Time,, Leave Us Alone!!!

Need to call my bro G, today is his BD.  He's off hunting up there by Menard, on his place.  Hunting, huh!,,sitting in his stand, waiting on them to come eat.  Better keep quiet, lol, he always give me some.  AND, i'm darn sure ready for it.  Now, that sounds good!!  Good ol chicken fried venison, with gravy, biscuits.  oooooo,,,mouth's watering already.  Gotta have onion with it, too.

How'd yall make it this morning?,, Gosh, i was up an hour earlier!  Got my last clock set a while ago.  It's the bird one, i look up from here, to see.   Think i got the bird sounds right.  I got this for my Mom one time, long ago when they first came out, knew she'd love it.  My niece called from High Island, saying she had found the perfect gift for Granma,,,that clock! hahahaha,,,I told her i already had gotten one for her...Beat her to it.  She couldn't believe it, hahahaha.  After Mom passed away, i brought it home with me. 

 She's the one that can, and has, give you a perfect gift,  and it is always just for you.  With 3 little girls now, she doesn't have time to make things like she used to, but still can pick up some little something that is just right.  I lugged her around all the time, when she was little.  One time we were in Austin, and drove by a huge church, and she said,,,oooo,,,,there's a Jesus house.  It had the stained glass windows and that's how she knew.  lololol.  Her mom told her, after a bath one time, to come on and get her drawers on,,she laughed and said,,,those aren't drawers, those are panties.  Mom said, you can call them drawers sometimes if you want to,,Her answer?  Does that mean i can call my dresses closets?  I'm gonna call that girl today,,,Miss her terribly.  She and her hubby teach up there at Lake Worth.  If i were able i would drive up there and visit, they are always telling me to come.  They have a bedroom and bath, just for me. lol.

Well, got my oatmeal cooked, cooling now.  AND,,,dishes done. lol.  Getting around that hour earlier.  The way i adjust is,, i just don't think about it, i look at the time, and that's what it is.  So, i'll go to bed tonite like always, at 10, lay there and not go to sleep, but,,,hahahaha, after a few nites, i will.  How do yall adjust?  Got any good ideas?

I looked up the nearest places i could get new glasses, and no matter which way i go, it's about 60 miles.  That's the Lencrafters, Eyemasters, etc.  Not sure if i will get new frames, these are just about 3 years old, still really good, but maybe, if i find some i like the looks of.  Also, not sure when i will go.  I never make plans,,gotta be spur of the moment.  I'll probably go on 71, to Bee Cave.  The other choice is Cedar Park., on 29.

When i was out and about yesterday, it's still not the hunters around.  I drove by the processing place, and ,,,nothing there!  Maybe the ranchers have just priced themselves out of a living.  I know that's the main income for them.  (Used to do tax work for a CPA).  So many around here are selling off their places, and then it's being turned into these little parcels of a few acres.    Who can blame them,,they can't afford to keep them up any more.  Then you bring in something like this disaster, the drought, and bam.  they're ruined.  Some sell off what they have to, cattle, keeping a few for now.  But, they have to feed and water them.  So, that won't last long.  Only thing that will help,,is rain.  Something we all need to pray for.

Ok,,Yall HAGD

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just Aint Here

WELLLLLL,,, I know i said i was gonna get some pics of the madhouse here, yesterday.  AND, i went out, camera in hand,,(well, on the seat beside me),,and there was NOTHING!!!  And get this!!!, Just a few vehicles at the favorite bar in town!  Regular number of customers at the grocery, and dollar store.  This is a first in my whole life!  Is everybody in the world suffering in this economy?  Did the drought have anything to do with it?,,,Gosh,,beats me.  If i find out what's going on, i will post it for sure.

Dug out leftovers for lunch, yuk.  Little bit of chili, 1/2 of a bar b q bun.  Still trying to think of SOMETHING that sounds good to eat.   Late yesterday, bacon and eggs did sound good, but didn't want to wait to cook them.  lol.  Anybody have any ideas?  Cmon,,tell me something.  Limited choices here on take out, or dining out.  Overrun with barbq places.  After this bun, might not want that for a year! hahahaha  Good thing i've got an iron stomach.

Been changing clocks since i got up.  Now i don't know what the real time is.  Mercy.  Every time i look, i have to think,,,did i set that one or not?  MAIN one is on my coffee pot.  Just set it, now do i need that little red dot by the 12, or not?  Wow, a window just popped up with the clock on it, for this laptop.  How neat is that?  Said it would reset tonite.

Found a new blog, well ,,for me,, to follow,,Occupation of Independence.  Why i'm so late today, was reading back on it.  First, he said he was alone,,no dogs, no nothing, then,,he has 2!,,Gonna try to find where he changed his mind and came up with them.  Curious now.

Ok,,yall tc, and of course,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Just a Little Bit More

 1. Money cannot buy happiness but its more comfortable to cry in a
Mercedes than on a bicycle.
> 2. Forgive your enemy but remember the bastard's name.
> 3. Help someone when they are in trouble and they will remember you when
they're in trouble again.
> 4. Many people are alive only because its illegal to shoot them.
> 5. Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk.

Just Realized,,,I Piddle

Here it is almost 11:30, and i'm just now eating my oatmeal.  I've piddled away the whole morning.  Just for all yall that's interested,, I DID MY DISHES!  First, i piddle with a pot of coffee, while reading the paper.  That can last a LONG time.  I glance up sometimes to see what that tv is saying, listen a little.   Then,, I start reading all the blogs.  Now, that takes time!  And i have to make a few comments, like to that OLD Hobo,,,saying "60" is old!!!!,,,Can you believe that?  Just what's he gonna say when he gets to where i am?,,,and adding another one on the 10th.  Here we are, BB, Hobo, and me,, on the 2, 4, and 10, getting OLD.   What comes after old,,,increpid?  That might be what i will be.  I can tell ya for sure, i'm way past that 60 mark,,the OLD one.  hahahahaha  And just for all of yall to know, i even still feel frisky every once in a while,,,hahahahaha.

Ok, let's see, now what is going on?,, O yeah,,the day before.  I'm going out later and get some pics for yall, gets really interesting around here about 5 pm.  Streets clogged, stores swamped.  Well, that's how it's always been before, so we'll see for this year.  I'll be taking my life in my hands,,you know.  I'll definitely have that seat belt fastened,,,lololol,,, i put a clip on it, and lay it over my shoulder to look like i'm using it most of the time.  But,,i will fasten it today!

I felt sorry for little Jude last nite, so i decided to let him stay in.  Not that he wanted to, but he's getting
"OLD",,loll Hobo,, and it was gonna  freeze.  Well, he got on the bed by my feet, and stayed good, until i had to get up, then here he came, just had to go eat a few bites.  OK,,so, he can stay in the front of the house, no problem.  HA,,I get back in bed, all covered up, comfortable, and,,MEOWWWW,,,MEOWWW,,,at the door.  I think, well, won't print what i think, but thot he would shut up eventually,,,HUH!!  I kick that cover off, get up and open the door, and the flash goes thru.  We both get settled again, and are good, til the next time,,,same thing.  Only this time, i make him come back with me.  This goes on all nite, til i'm up at 7;30, and when he runs to the outside door, I think,,gosh, colder now than all nite, and he's wanting out.  Well, out he goes.  I go back to bed.  Now, i remember why he stays out.  lololol.  When i got up later, here he came running, wanting back in.  Silly cat!  He stays under the house, and it's warm enough under there for him.  Enough heat seeps thru the floor to keep it that way, and that's why i've never had any pipes freeze.  I'm surprised i've never had other things stay under there.  Like skunks!  I went traipsing out early one morning, and just about stepped on one going around the corner, surprised it as much as me, and we both ran different directions. lololol.  Now, where did i see that mixture that takes that stuff off?  Knew i should have written it down.  Wasn't tomato juice.

Ok,,yall tc,, and ,,,HAGD

Thursday, November 3, 2011

And, the Way It Is

GOOD MORNING!!!...Sorta.   Got a brisk breeze, enough for a little heat in the house, feels GOOD.  Sorry about my blog yesterday, had it all ready, and hit something on the bottom of my keyboard, and bam,,,all gone.  When that happens, i have been re-doing it, but yesterday,,nope, just didn't feel good, and let it go.  Guess i'm gonna take up DDs suggestion and do it in works.  BUT,, it might happen there too, and give me the same results.  So,,,just wait and see.

Tomorrow is THE big day,,,If you don't need to get out, then you don't!  It's THE day before deer season opens.  And this town is the deer capital of TX,,,used to say "of the world". lol.  But anyway, it's a total mad house in town, hunters everywhere, and THEY have the right of way, no matter where, what, when, so you are taking your life in your hands if you get out there.  LOLOLOOL  I will, just for yall, and take pics to prove what i'm saying.  I used to tell my home health ladies, i had to be home right after lunch, not driving on the highway later.  You DO NOT try to go to the store, there's no parking spaces.   And of course, they've jacked the prices up.  Tomorrow nite is the deer hunter's ball, started way back when we had the ol Rambling Rose here.  It's still in the same building but now it's the home of turkey sausage, Inman's Kitchen.

BB, wish i had thot to get some of that for you, when you were at Inks.  Have you ever tried it?  You just wrap a slice of bread around it, eat with onion.   yummmm.

Gosh, still haven't done the darn dishes!  I do them once a day, and there they are.  lololol,,,now i'm hungry for that turkey sausage!!!  hahahaha. 

My bro G is leaving today, to go to his place up by Menard,,,can you imagine, leaving here, to go there, to hunt?  hahahaha,,,But he will be taking some of that turkey sausage.  It's not HUNTING any more anyway.  It's killing the ones you've lured there by feeding them a long time.  How can people do that?  Feed them for months, sit in a stand and wait for them to come eat??? NO WAY.  They have learned to go to the feeders when they hear them go off.  To me, it's murder.  Not sporting.

We don't have quite as many hunters now, with the economy like it is, and it costs a LOT.  That one little ol white tail deer will cost you an arm and a leg.  Most of them aren't here to hunt anyway, they're here to party. 

Ok, doing dishes time, lunch time,,yall


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lost It

I just lost my whole blog i had just done.  I hit something, and now the whole thing is gone. 

My eyes have changed a little, and i'll get new lenses later, no hurry. 

Not gonna even try to re-do this.  so,,,yall HAGD

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hey, We Are in November!

OO WOW,,,i'm ahead of just about everybody this morning!  lolol.  Got up at 8, cause of this eye apt.  It's at 11, so i still have a little time.  I think i need to eat something before i go, but i'm just not hungry yet.  I think i'll just cook some oatmeal, eat some of that before i go.  The place i go is about 7 blocks from here, so even with my eyes dilated, i can drive home. 

Remember to change ur clocks this week end.  When i got up this morning, i was thinking,,next week it would be 7 am, lol,  way too early for me. 

I didn't hear much on my scanners about going ons last nite.  A quiet nite for Halloween.  I closed my blinds, and sure didn't turn on the porch lite, so i didn't have anybody.  Before dark, my friends little g/dotter came by to show me her suit,,,was precious.  A Dallas cowboy cheerleader, but with her stick horse dressed up too.  And guess what,,, lol,, i didn't have anything.  Mercy!,,, Never even thot about having just a little bit.  I kept little Jude in, til i went to bed.  Noticed his ears perking up sometimes. lol,,,he stayed on my lap.  One year, i took the kids around, in my car, (that was mine and my Mother's,,lol), and we went to this house that was on the main street for kids to be, and the porch lite was on, so here they all jumped out and took off running up the sidewalk, steps, to the door, and about that time, here came a BIG dog, acting ferocious, and they headed back to the car walking backwards, with that dog chasing them, my bro B running around and around a big bush, dropping his candy.   About the time i was fixing to get out, he ran and jumped in the car,, the rest were already in by then.  I was FURIOUS!!!  For someone to have left that dog loose, and then leave their porch lite on, was horrible.  I drove straight home, got my HUGE german sheppard that would kill that dog, and went right back.  No dog!  From that year on, i took her with us, to her huge delite. lololol.  And the kids felt safer too.  Nothing would have hurt the kids with her around! 

Ok,,time to eat, get dressed and get outa here.

Yall tc,,and HAGD