Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yada Yada, all About My Job History,,,Sorta

SS about my blog yesterday.  Blogger does that sometimes, just loses it, not saving into draft stage.  When that's happened, i've taken the time to redo, but not gonna anymore. 

DD, keep atrucking.  Maybe u will make it home in time for the storms, woooohoooo.  I can't wait.  Here we will get rain too, don't know how much.   Hope it hits on up the coast a little.  I remember Carla, way back about 1960, not sure what year.  We had refugees here, was the first time i had seen that.  Then we got the wind and rain.  Would love a rain thing like that.

I stayed in all day yesterday.  Never left the house.  Was tired, and wanted to stay cool.  Besides, i have a good book,,,lololol.  I'm still reading on the series about Joe Pickett.  Great books.  Hard to put down.  When i couldn't sleep last nite, i was up reading it.  Took a unisom, and maybe it helped.  lol, Not sure about that either.  My dotter got one of those nook readers.  I'm gonna look into them.  She said there's lots of books u can get free.  Not gonna get into one where i have to buy books.  I have the library! lol, I've used that since i was in about the 4th grade.  I was doing volunteer work in it, when all the kids had finally started school and i had lots of time.  The librarian told everybody i could do twice the work in 1/2 the time as anybody else.  lololol,,,One she told that to, ended up asking if i would come to work for them, her hubby being a new CPA in town.  And, i did.  Numbers were my thing, so his double entry bookkeeping system was easy to learn.  I used that for lots of years, in other jobs here.  The last one i had learned to use a computer for it, and that company's books were in horrible shape. OMG,,,the woman that had done them, had no idea how to balance anything!!  Took me a long time, but i finally got them in good shape, found 1000s of dollars of mistakes too.  When i went for the interview for the job, i was asked if i knew computers,,,yes,,had just finished classes.  Did i know how to file insurance claims,,,yes, had worked in insurance doing that too.  Did i get along with old people,,,,yes, had worked in home health care..  Next ?,,,when could i start? hahahahaha  They had a new computer sitting there, never been touched.  ahahahaha.  The "old people" was one woman that had been there forever, was in her 80s, and did NOT like change.  It was gonna be the ruin of the business, using that computer, but she sure liked it when i printed out the balances owed on the hundreds of accounts, just by clicking a button.  Could update them daily.  Stupid me, i started right at the end of March, just in time to do the weekly payroll, the monthly mail outs of 100s of bills, and the end of a quarter!  I went home the first day, not gonna go back.  But, i did.  The billing was all done on a typewriter!!!!, The owner's wife helped me, or there would not have been any done that month.  There were about 500 small accounts, then about 300  notes, with monthly payments.  I worked like crazy for the next month, getting all of that into the computer.  When i printed them all out, i had to go thru them all by hand, and separate the notes, from the other.  Using the program i had, it wouldn't separate them.  Quick books.  I was there about a year and a half, and had just gotten all of those balanced.  Found one account with a 5000.00 error.  Boss just said, OMG.  Then he had to call them and tell them,,,but THEY KNEW.  They sure hadn't corrected it.

About time for my late lunch.  Gonna look into those book thingys.  They had a segment on the news just now, comparing them.  Kimble, Nook, Kobo, and others.  They're all about the same price.  Will see what consumer reports have to say.