Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wasps, Yellowjackets, Thingys

Gosh, i have dawdled all morning.  Just now got thru with the paper, and it's nearly noon.  I did stop long enough to eat breakfast, wash up the dishes.  Not in any hurry anyway.  Had kinda a mess when i picked up my coffee pot, it was sitting in some coffee.  WTH?  It had stopped up enough to let it leak over when it made, but i still had enough for my wake up.  AFTER i cleaned up the mess.

Ok, u know that crazy wasp/yellowjacket thingy i was talking about?  Turns out, it really is a cross between the 2!!!  Has coloring like the yellowjacket, personality, (Not aggressive) like the red wasp.  That's why it's not in my insect book.  My son said he had seen them about 15 years ago, there where he works, out back when they had an huge pear tree.  These i have are a first for me.  I had looked at one about a week ago, while it was drinking out of the water container i put out.  Noticed the strange coloring, size, then.  Fascinating!!  He showed me something he had that he had found, never seen before either.  Not a wasp, bee, or anything, and strange coloring.  It had had a 1/4" stinger sticking out when he found it.  Mean thingy!!  I was in an HEB one time, and picked up a head of lettuce, and something stung me on the thumb.  I slapped it, and did look at it laying on the floor, but didn't know what it was.  It hurt so bad, and in just a minute, i had red streaks starting up my arm. I went straight to the fish dept in back and they gave me a bag of ice to put on it. They ever offered to send me to a doctor, but i told them no.  Wished i had later, that hurt so bad i could barely drive home, and continued for about 2 weeks!!  I could barely use that hand on the computer at work, or to drive.  Would have to quit and hold it up.  And yes, i did take antihistamines.  Anyway, that was a mean little sucker.  Didn't know about holding a penny on it for 10 minutes back then.

We have a chicken place!!!  Chicken Express.  Getting uptown now. lololol  B said he was crowing one morning.  Ate there at least once a day. hahahaha,,,I told him the livers were extra good, he said he'd pass.  I would almost gag, even thinking about liver, til i was in my 30s, and a friend ordered them at a Luby's, and wow, they sounded sooo good.  From then on, i loved liver.  Smothered with onions is hard to beat.  But the chicken livers are too.  lol, Just might have to go get some later.  That would mean getting in the shower, making a move tho.  Lots later.

Time to take leave, HAGD