Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Just nothing to write about,,, well, maybe one thing.  One of my son's cats was bitten a few days ago by a rattlesnake.  On his front foot, and it's still bad, despite the antibiotics.  He said there's a mobile home close by and he stays under it a lot so thinks that's where the snake was.  THEN he told me he had crawled all around under it looking for one of his cats once before. 

I've read or heard that coons over in the next county have been having distemper too.  Need to check and see if Jude is vaccinated for that.

I tried to play one of my recorded tapes couple of nites ago, and NOOO GOOO.  It rolled, it snowed,,it clicked, it clacked,,sooo,, yesterday, I ordered a new vcr/dvd combo.  And YES, I did clean it,  several times.  No help.  It will be here next week.  I looked and looked trying to find what I needed and wanted, and finally,,,i did.  It's a Toshiba and will do what I want.   It was 88.00, no tax or shipping.  And will serve my purposes long enough, (rest of my life).

N just called and asked if I had heard anybody reporting a fire out her way, and no, not.  She said there was a lot of smoke about 3 miles on past her, and I told her to call in.  I still haven't heard a word.

Yall tc, and


Monday, February 25, 2013

Lost Keys?

Meant to post this yesterday, after reading DDs blog.  A few weeks ago,,in a book I was reading, this man had to steal a car, a modern one, not an old one.  He took a tennis ball, cut a round hole in it to fit over the thing on the car door, held it on there with the hole around it, and hit the ball with his fist.  The locks popped open.  Ever since then, I've wondered if this will work, and J thinks it could, and said he would try it sometime, but he's not been able to.  SOOOOO,,,if any of yall wanna try it, let me know what happens?,,, This will drive me nuts til I know,,,lololol.

Think i'm gonna blow away today.   Wind gusts about 45 mph.  The rest of the dead tree is down,,,,toward the house on the E side, like the other part.

Gonna try this machine on Js back one more time, and just leave it for 15-30 minutes on low.  On the upper back.   The last time when it burned him, he had gone to sleep with it on, there, and when he woke up, it had moved over, directly on his spine, so maybe,,,that was the problem. 

Ok, yall tc, and


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just Lazing Around Today

Need to get into the shower,, but,,,heck, got all day.  Also, need to change my bedding,,,maybe later,,,

That Lotta Joy had me rolling again, today.  I've cooked steaks like that but never wrapped them in foil later.  HEY,,,don't mean to charcoal!! hahahahaha  Gotta be med rare.

On each side of me, the new neighbors are all working on their houses.  The ones to the E look like they tore most of the inside out,,after a water leak they didn't know about for a day or 2.  Maybe all the old carpet, and a lot of wood stuff,,,not sure what.

The ones on the W have so much to do,,,saw a man out yesterday digging a deep trench, maybe sewer line?,,, after taking most of the boards off the porch.  Every time I was up last nite, there were lites on inside.  After working that hard,,how did he stay up?   lololol.  About 4 AM,,,the whole house was lit up, could see it even thru the window coverings.  Confederate flags, mostly.  Don't care what they do as long as it's not dealing drugs like the last ones.

Yall tc and


Friday, February 22, 2013


Update on Js machine,,,it burned him!!  When he talked to the woman that brought it, she said STOP USING IT.  He has metal from his neck down, almost his whole spine is fused now, and that's why, just like xrays, and MRIs.

You were sure right BB, when they do things like that to you, do not use!  His feet are still numb, as of yesterday.  Haven't talked to him today.  I think it will take a few days now, to get back to where he was.  Horrible.  Will keep yall updated.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Don't Know Where I Am,,,

Someone was talking about shingles, on a couple of blogs.  You NEVER want to have them!!! EVER!  Cause I did.  I KNOW you don't want to have them.  I lived on Vicoden for days, 3 refills,,,got up at nite walking the floor til it was time to take some more.  I need to see if I've had a vaccine myself,,,sure don't want that ever again. 

Lost this, but,,it was in drafts,,,whew.

J got his machine that sends the electrical shots and he went,,,awwww,,,just what he's needed since the git-go.  BUT, when he put it on the lower back where there seems to be something wrong, he kinda dozed off, and when he woke up,,he had lost circulation down from there.  Bad.  He was dizzy, saying he never felt like that before.  We don't know what happened, but it's not gonna be put there any more for sure.  From the waist up is wonderful.  He won't see his doc til mid March. 

Kinda drizzling here.  Maybe it will rain later.    That East wind has been horrible all day.

Somehow this didn't publish, so here I go again,,,yall tc, and


Sunday, February 17, 2013

No Plans for Today

But i'm open for doing SOMETHING.  Get cabin fever way too much in the winter.  I've had breakfast, just need to get going. 

Got up last nite about 11, and the little house across the street had a lite on.  I knew someone was moving in, but didn't know they had done so, and there was nothing around.  Well,, I wondered if I should call and have it checked out, but now i'm glad I didn't.  The man that bought, or rented, it, is there today, and I guess he had his scooter inside...lolollol.  It's sitting there now, and the front door is open.  That's the only vehicle he has, and my dotter told me that a couple of years ago, he rode it to Houston for cancer treatments, back and forth..Wow.

I'm getting neighbors all around!   There, and next door.  The couple next door found a water leak inside, after they had it turned on and left.  So they've spent 2 days pulling out that old soaked carpet.  No idea what other damage tho.  I haven't bothered them, seeing how hard they were working.

The loose horse is still in the pen a block up the street, and I don't know if they've found out who the owner is or not.  At least he's safe.  A few weeks ago, one around here somewhere, got out, ran to the highway and got run over and killed.  It's just 3 blocks away,  so i'm sure glad this one stayed up on the hill here.  I saw Jude coming out of the pen up there!!,,,guess he went to visit...lolololol.  And the horse was here that morning too, before he got into the pen,,,maybe visiting Jude,,,,hahahahah.

Wild animals do not excite Jude, he will just sit and watch them, but,,you let a person show up,,he's GONE.

That's all I've got,,so yall tc, and


Friday, February 15, 2013

Here I Go Again

I did write a post yesterday, but in a flash, it was gone,,,no draft, no nothing.  Wasn't gonna redo.

J has been staying with me this week after he fell last Sunday nite, and broke 2 ribs on his lower right side, on the back.  Bruised everywhere too.  Then fell again 2 nites later, but not as bad.  Just wasn't safe to be alone.  Talked to his doc, then again late yesterday.  He's getting one of those thingys that send electrical charges into it, next Tuesday.  So far he hasn't fallen again. 

We think maybe the therapy might have caused it, and it was stopped by the doc.  He's been a little better today.  He taking medication different too.  The falls are NOT good!  Thank GOD he didn't do more than break the 2 ribs.

Just thot i'd let you know and i'll be back whenever.  Yall tc, and


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just a Little More

They were napping in the drizzle, and this was all I saw.


The old rodeo arena.


And,, the new enclosed one, I hate it.


Back to the old one, that’s being torn down.  You could park outside the fence and watch if you wanted to.  Or, there was a gate always open, way down the fence line, you could use to go in, if you wanted.  I just liked parts, so I sat in my car, then left when I got tired of it.



My dotter brought this to me, see the cup?,,,We had to have a good laugh, when I told her to look over on my kitchen counter,,,where my coffee mug, minus the handle, was.  The handle just came off when I barely bumped it in the dishwater.  Then here she came with a new one!


We had such a good time at lunch.  Since it was 11:00 am,,I had breakfast.  They did too.  I rode to Kingsland with my dotter, L, and we went to the restaurant that was in the film “Chain Saw Massacre”  Well, the building was.  It was moved to Kingsland later.  At least, I think that’s how it goes.  It IS the same building.

I get so tired of hearing tv, I have to turn it off.  Just did, and the silence sounds sooooo good.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, February 9, 2013

This is the Last of My Tow Trip




That’s the Buchanan Dam, in the distance.  So little water above it.


This is some kind of spill way, just to the left of the dam.


This park is where I met the couple that had the motor home, and were the hosts. 

DD, that thing I was talking about, is an asteroid,, not a flare, read about it this morning.  It will pass between the earth and some of our satellites next Friday, but there is no danger of it hitting us.  It didn’t have a name, just a number.

My dotter is taking me out for lunch today, so yall tc, and


Friday, February 8, 2013

Still Around Tow


I finally found a few spots of water here.  Not sure if there’s any boat ramps useable tho.  Don’t think so.  I think the lake level is at 1992, and full is 1018.

It was after 5 pm yesterday, time for my supper, and I could NOT think of anything I wanted.  I drove by the fast food places,,nope.  Then, somewhere along the way, I remembered I had some wieners in the freezer, sooo,,,had one wrapped in a slice of bread.  (which reminds me,,I need bread now).

Now,,lololol,,I have the same dilemma,,,for my lunch today. 

Yall tc, and








Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rain!!! and a Little More

Found this when I drove into my driveway.



This was so dark and wide, but the pic didn’t do it justice.


Total,,,so nice.



Was this really weird cloud afterwards, but beautiful too.

This caught me by surprise.  A little cloud set there and built up to a good one.  Never too much rain.

Had to put these up today, and will get back to Tow on a later post.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Out and About, Around Tow


Fall Creek Vineyard




Dry Lake



Community center,  location of the biggest fish fry, bar b q ever.  They got to squabbling among themselves, and it is no more.  They fed 1000s of people, benefiting the volunteer fire dept..




Tow is located in the NE part of the county, at the head of Lake Buchanan.  Where the Colorado River flows into it. 

I took lots of pics, but I’m gonna add them each day, not overdo.  I really enjoyed getting out and doing this, been a long time.  I even stopped and visited g/dotter and stayed too long…didn’t get home til 7.  Intended to go to Kingsland and eat mexican food, but was too late.  They get too busy after 6 or so, would have had to wait on a table,,etc.  So I skipped that.  Had some frozen entrees, and that’s what I had. 

I went thru a park later, and will get the pics on later, but,,,while I was stopped taking them, a man drove up on a golf cart,,,was the park host.  AND A FULL TIME RV’ER,,,was there in their motorhome,,with his wife.  After he retired, they sold a 4-3 house, his tools, and did this!  He said they had an “away” sale…lol.  Sold-away, give-away, throw-away,,,etc.  I told them how many bloggers I read that have done that too.  His wife walked over, and we talked a long time.  Just might go back and visit them again, they were great.  I didn’t get pics of them, nor their motorhome. Maybe next time.  Kinda hate to ask strangers to do that.

It’s that time again, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Found a Few

I was so glad to find these out at the town park.  Hadn’t seen any for a while, and wanted some good pics with my new camera.  I thot they would finally come closer but they didn’t.  Had to do the best with the zoom.

The turtles have reclaimed the rock,,,lololol.  About 20 of them took a dive off for some reason, but the rest stayed.  All those heads were floating there by the rock. 

Monday thru Thurs are good nites on tv, for me.  I have to record some too, because they overlap.  I still like the Biggest Loser, so I record 4 sitoms on another channel.  More new ones coming on this week too. Like, Smash.

Ok, I’m wandering,,,so yall tc, and


PS,,, my 7 kept coming up, and my nephews 4, all thru the game Sunday.  Then bro Bs 5 won it,,,lololol

Monday, February 4, 2013

Did Someone Say,,,SNAKES?






This is about 21 ,,, so far.  My bro Bs.  There’ll be more.  I just didn’t want to stretch over very far cause of that one in the corner.

Back in working Home Health Care,  I was sent to a neighbor about 2 blocks from me.  Before I got there, they beeped me to go somewhere else that day, so I didn’t get to see her until the next.  And actually, it was her son with MS? or something, that was the patient.  Her door was unlocked and I went in, her son sitting there in a recliner twisting and turning.  I called out and could hear her from the bathroom, and I walked that way, and was horrified when I glanced in the door and saw her feet in the floor, then looking on in, her too.  She had fallen between the tub and commode and couldn’t get up, and it turned out, she had been there for 2 or 3 days, and the son in that chair too.  He had to be helped up, and helped to walk, so no food, water, zip.  I had wondered why her papers were in the front, because she always got them and her mail.  The worst thing was,,,her older son lived a block away, went by several times a day, and hadn’t even checked on her.  I called him, and he did come but he couldn’t get her up either, called an ambulance, I got the son up and into the bath, cleaned him up while they took care of her, fed him.  She ended up with a bad kidney infection, and the son stayed with his brother until they could get them into a nursing facility where one of her daughters worked, and they both were moved there.  It was in another town, so I never got to see them again.  It was time.  The house sat there empty for a long time, but then one night it burned to the ground.  Think they said it was electrical.

Enjoying the pics?  lololol

Yall tc, and




Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Surprise


This is my screen saver, and J took this around here somewhere.


The tree laying across the drive next door.  It’s the 2nd one from the left, and the next one is a big limb sticking up.


This is what the camera is, the 2300.


And this is what it looks like.


I got it yesterday, and had to charge the battery before I could do anything. Took a few hours, then,,,had to figure out what I needed to know, which I’m still doing,,,lol.  But maybe these pics will be ok.  After all those fuzzy ones of the pelicans, that was it!!! with the old one.  If I get a chance I will get some more of them too.  Haven’t seen them in the big numbers like before, but still seeing a few at a time.

So again, yall tc, and