Thursday, January 23, 2014

What a Day

I haven't been out, and about an hour ago, could hear it sleeting, but just for a few minutes.  Not even any on the ground. 

I cooked some stuffed peppers this morning, so had good eats.  lol, just had a second one for supper.  It's all my dotter's fault,,she brought me 2 last week,,,soooo good, had to make some.  Got everything cooked, putting it together, and,,,, NO tomato sauce!  Had 2 cans of tomato soup, so thot,,hmmm, i'll just use that.   HA!  The first one didn't look good,, kinda dark colored.  Got to thinking,,, better not use it, so opened the second one,,,even worse...  Didn't want botulism so I threw them out the door, almost got cold,,,  Called my dotter, see if she had tomato sauce, and nope, she was out too.  hmmmmm, not going to the store.  She suggested, use some ketchup.  Well,,,ok,, so I did, and it worked fine.

I cooked in spurts,,lol.  Can't stand on my feet very long, so I have to have a quick easy recipe.

Yall stay warm, and tc,