Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Not Up to Par

It's getting so late i didn't think i'd make it. And there were lots of new blogs to read today too. Learned something new,,,you can make your own brown sugar! lol,,,Love it that at my age i can still do that.

Haven't had much get up and go the last 2 days, no idea why. Just not up to par. Did make myself walk a bit yesterday, was forcing, but didn't the day before. Sometimes when i miss a day, i can walk more the next. It's always been that way with exercise for me. Just need that day of rest, i guess.

I know that link i put in that other post wasn't clickable, but,,, you could copy and paste. Still don't know why you couldn't click. I do that on other blogs if i have to. Guess i could have changed it, but,,, just didn't. hmmm,,, Just discovered i can't make a clickable link... Used to just use the www and it would...Doesn't work now. Will have to look into that. All this new blogger,,,do NOT like it.

Yall tc, and