Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Was in Shock

When i read RVSue yesterday,,, was like i had lost my own pet.  Just caught me completely by surprise.
Been there, done that.  I've had some just disappear, and then you look and look, for a very very long time.  And i've never found those either.  That's what happened with a favorite cat,,, and i know someone had to have stolen him.

Took my son to a pain specialist yesterday, and he did a procedure that has done wonders.  Now, why didn't that doctor in San Antonio ever do that?  He went into the bottom of the spine with the medication and disabled (?) the nerves, like the sciatica,  then put some trigger point injections on the outside to release the muscles that were keeping it locked most of the time, causing horrible pain.  Just called him, and must have woke him up, said he's come by later.  No lock ups, but i couldn't tell how he was.

Chance of rain the next few days,,,yeaaaaaaaa.

Yall tc, and