Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Times

Did i really hear that weatherman say it could get into the 30s tonite?  About 9:30 today, i had to go into front of the house and close the windows.  Got a north wind blowing good out there.  These cool nites makes for a good nites sleep.  Last week i was running the ACs to get that.  Couldnt get to sleep last nite, so i got up and ate a bite, did a puzzle, then went back to bed about 1, went rite to sleep then.  Slept straight thru til 8.  Unusual for me, im usually up 2-3 times.  For some reason, i have always woke up like that, for no reason.  i think i used to wake up for a cig, and now the habit continues.  I go rite back to sleep.

I made the mistake of driving out to the park yesterday, the big one.. OMG,,,had forgotten about the crawfish open this week end.  People were already piling in.   I used to go out for the washers, would be 20-30 teams, B included and usually running it,  and the zedeco music. But last year, u couldnt drive into the park, had to park miles off, and since i cant walk very far any more, i just turned around and came back home.  Theres about 15000 ppl that will be around on both days,,, a huge golf tourney,,hey BB,,,where r u?,,,(18 holes),,calf roping (huge affair, huge purse), and live bands.  Lots of booths set up for all sorts of things.  Im just not into that any more.  Got too old n decrepit.  (Notice i didnt say, too heavy).  lololol  O yeah, forgot to mention the tons of crawfish and bar b q to eat.  Ate those the first year, decided it was wayyyy too much trouble for that tiny little nibble to fool with.  This is the largest thing done here all year.  Years ago, used to be the chili cook offs.  Then for a few years it was the wild game cook offs.  One time, i raided the freezer for friends that were entered, and found one! squirrel, my uncle had left it with me,  and gave it to them.  They told me later they threw it on at the last minute just because it was there.  hahahahaha,,,,it won first place!!! out of the hundred entries!!!  There was a limit of 100.  That was the first time i had tasted of rattlesnake,  goooood... (tastes like chicken),,,hehehehe,,,NOT