Friday, April 29, 2011

Gooood Day,,,all

Yall catch any of the wedding?? hahaha,,,if u had the tv on,,u did.  Between that, n the nest of eagles, took me til now to get the paper read.  Its wonderful,,being retired, not tied down to time. wooohooo.  Did take time to get lunch cooking in the microwave,,a bag of cheddar chicken potatoes,,sound good? yummmmm,,,does to me.  Cooked a bag of sweet n sour chicken a few days ago, made 3 meals.  Lots better than those frozen dinners i got so burned out on.    Cant slice my Italian loaf,,frozen.  Betcha next time i do it before i freeze,,

Yall c DDs pics of that tree with the lips?  wow,, think someone made those when that tree was young?  Doesnt matter, still wonderful.   And DD, thx for letting us know ur plans,,not ,,wondering,,,haha,,about what happened to u.

Just heard NASA has canceled launch.  Wasnt the weather either.  hmmmm.  Talk about last minute. 

Been trying to get in touch with a niece that lives in Birmingham, since yesterday.  Still havent. Even got on facebook, lol, hate that place.    Her cell rings, n i can leave a message, but dont know if that means anything r not.

That lying weatherman is predicting rain,,,hahahahaha,, and lots cooler temps.  Sounds great!  Guess i wont wash n put away my jackets just yet.  And,,ill keep that quilt handy too.

Ok, guess yall can c, i dont have anything to say today, might bbl,,who knows.