Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love These Bloggers, Can Make My Day

I had to laugh til i had tears, over those comments on yesterday's blog...lolololol.  BB and Hobo are truly fun people.  (And don't take me serious, TG)...

And Hobo, i really do remember that blog,,just had to say that. hahahahaha,,you know,,senile, at my age.  Well, half the time anyway.  hahahahaha.

It rained sometime last nite, i heard it, but didn't know what time it was, and don't know how much we got.  It was raining hard, and i just turned over and went back to sleep.  DARN,,need a rain gauge.   Wind's blowing pretty good now, out of the N.  Got my wind chimes singing.

BB was talking about his declawed cat.  Made me remember the first siamese i bought.  It was in Round Rock, and we stopped there on the way back from Austin.  The kittens were 8 weeks old and the lady told us it had had a bath, and it's nails clipped.  My 14 yr old son, muttered to me, that'll be the last time!!  We got the runt female, without the papers, i wasn't interested in that, just wanted the siamese.  (They raised show cats).  Well, anyway,,,we named her Sassy, and from that day forth, if she was in the bathroom with me, and i turned the tub water on,,she WAS GONE.  One time she was on my lap when i was painting my nails, and kept sticking her nose in,,so,,i painted hers!,, lololol,,From that day on, i just opened that bottle,,she WAS GONE.  Same with the water gun,,i used when she was really bugging me, runing under my feet with me trying to cook, tripping on her.   A one time shot was all i ever got,,just pump once,,gone.

Had that same blood line for years and years.  2 of them were the smartest cats i ever had, or saw.  One had cancer, and then his son,, just disappeared.   Just about killed me to lose him.  I know someone stole him.  He's the  one that would follow you like a dog.

My couch and chairs always had stuffing showing on the front of the arms.  But,,my cats kept their claws!  Now there's a spray to use to keep them off and it works.  I even put scratching posts in front of the couchs or chairs,,didn't work.  My little Jude is a good kitty, he doesn't do that.  He's so mild mannered.

No plans on for today,,and i know it's Saturday too!!,,(already looked). lololol.  Right now i need to get up from here and make a move.  Look like i'm doing something, u know.  Hear Jude knocking, wanting back in.

Yall tc,,and